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"Laten we alles en iedereen vrij maken"

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Gabriele MichalkeGetekend: 10:30, 23/11/2022
Tony GelsthorpeGetekend: 01:26, 23/11/2022
"I have thought for a long time this kind of world makes more sense than any other, such a money-based Capitalism system which is now vastly out-dated and cruel and heartless. "
Donna MorrisonGetekend: 12:07, 20/11/2022
Wil PembertonGetekend: 14:19, 19/11/2022
Jane HamakerGetekend: 21:22, 17/11/2022
Inesita Carneiro DaitxGetekend: 12:51, 17/11/2022
Leslie MuseGetekend: 09:58, 17/11/2022
"I’m a content creator working with other solutionaries to usher in global sovereignty & this means I’m down to edify&collaborate with the likeminded to co create natural abundant lifestyles for All. HMU xL "
Ursula WallingerGetekend: 08:52, 16/11/2022
Paul ChristensonGetekend: 17:28, 15/11/2022
"My only concern regards energy. How will we continue to distribute energy?"
Andrea BozzettoGetekend: 13:31, 14/11/2022
Stephen ShenfieldGetekend: 17:31, 12/11/2022
"An excellent presentation. I am secretary of the World Socialist Party US, which is part of the World Socialist Movement. We also envision a world community without money, based on the common ownership and democratic control of productive resources. We all it world socialism. See,,"
HARDIK HARIYANIGetekend: 19:43, 09/11/2022
"i love your work keep it up Bro"
Zdeněk VebrGetekend: 17:39, 09/11/2022
"Děkuji, vize svobodného světa (života) dostává tvar."
Dannielle TalleyGetekend: 15:28, 07/11/2022
Gio PomGetekend: 10:45, 05/11/2022
Theresa AllisonGetekend: 20:48, 03/11/2022
Walter IglesiasGetekend: 00:36, 03/11/2022
Trent LarsonGetekend: 01:16, 30/10/2022
Kerstin AmelinGetekend: 19:26, 27/10/2022
Alex LaneGetekend: 08:59, 24/10/2022
greg connorsGetekend: 10:55, 23/10/2022
Jo Ellen KrengelGetekend: 16:40, 19/10/2022
Caroline SabourinGetekend: 05:02, 19/10/2022
Angela Wollscheid Getekend: 21:27, 18/10/2022
Bhavani BaiGetekend: 21:08, 18/10/2022
Lara BrownGetekend: 20:02, 16/10/2022
Aneeqa MalikGetekend: 09:32, 13/10/2022
"I recently witnessed 1000 youth signing a pact with Pope Francis to transform the world economy and now signing your charter does give me hope that maybe one day in far future we will have another world which was made possible by all of us dreaming of it together... "
Eric SchechterGetekend: 18:08, 12/10/2022
Mark StrakaGetekend: 14:42, 12/10/2022
Jack ButlerGetekend: 13:00, 11/10/2022
Paulo Fessel PauloGetekend: 07:47, 11/10/2022
David Assis Uchôa Getekend: 18:53, 10/10/2022
"Boa tarde, acredito e tenho esperança de que um dia isso se concretize, e podemos viver livres de verdade,como verdadeiro ser humano, de acordo com as leis universais. Com cuidado com todas as formas de vida.e principalmente da nossa amada mãe terra, que nos acolhe neste lado de nossa galáxia. Pá, e luz a todos e todas."
Alexandre Lussezano Getekend: 16:28, 10/10/2022
BRUNO DA SILVA PEREIRA Bruninho Getekend: 16:58, 02/10/2022
maggie reenanGetekend: 06:06, 01/10/2022
Danielle Nagreen Getekend: 17:23, 30/09/2022
Keely MaitlandGetekend: 03:04, 29/09/2022
L. M. GodboutGetekend: 01:39, 29/09/2022
Skip MendlerGetekend: 14:55, 28/09/2022
"I like it! We are thinking in similar terms. Could you please take a look at this and tell me what you think? Https://"
Jessica Dorico ChrisostomoGetekend: 21:37, 26/09/2022
Darol Sole Getekend: 02:57, 23/09/2022
"We can make sure that it is a free world everything free no charge whatsoever"
Antonio LongoGetekend: 22:13, 20/09/2022
"Un mondo senza denaro è il solo modo per non autodistruggersi "
جهينة محمدGetekend: 06:22, 17/09/2022
Gabriel Cardoso GabGetekend: 01:49, 16/09/2022
TJ OconnorGetekend: 10:50, 15/09/2022
Jordan HannGetekend: 10:51, 12/09/2022
Clara PGetekend: 18:36, 11/09/2022
Ajit HegdeGetekend: 18:43, 08/09/2022

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