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Visualizzazione 75 firmatari da Puerto Rico

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Joshua CampbellFirmato: 00:15, 03/05/2020
Joel LopezFirmato: 23:35, 29/12/2018
Kavier SanchezFirmato: 13:11, 30/11/2017
Enrique Rodríguez Firmato: 19:31, 02/12/2016
Richard SantiagoFirmato: 12:59, 07/06/2016
"Keyword into the future: Optimization."
Juliandra Del MoralFirmato: 03:55, 07/06/2016
David DunphyFirmato: 04:27, 24/04/2016
"We owe mother nature everthing for life on these planet the least we can do is conserve it."
Maria Luisa RodriguezFirmato: 01:59, 26/03/2016
Ana NoriegaFirmato: 12:03, 21/03/2016
Samuel cabanFirmato: 04:08, 18/12/2015
Jarosław TurkowskiFirmato: 16:59, 17/12/2015
Juan CarlosFirmato: 13:56, 06/05/2015
"I don't know if humanity has reached this level of evolution yet, where the common good is greater than greed and power. Lets hope so."
Wilberto Claudio Firmato: 19:40, 17/01/2015
"Anteriormente había comentado, pero se me olvidó marcar los encasillados."
Ricardo Nater LebronFirmato: 22:03, 19/06/2014
Ernesto TorresFirmato: 21:08, 19/06/2014
Jorge ReyesFirmato: 17:43, 13/03/2014
"I run several pages on the net, we also create a manifesto that is pretty much like this Idea. I like to help in anyway I can."
Danny SnowFirmato: 02:21, 16/01/2014
Hector VazquezFirmato: 01:57, 16/01/2014
"Lets do whats moral for THE WORLD :)"
Max ZechinatoFirmato: 15:50, 10/01/2014
"Living in Paradise with the one I Love."
Gianfranco SantalizFirmato: 03:08, 20/12/2013
carlos torrensFirmato: 19:30, 12/10/2013
Noris V. MaisonetFirmato: 02:43, 27/09/2013
Luis RodriguezFirmato: 06:49, 13/08/2013
"Amor sobre todos y todo lo que nos rodea es la total naturaeza del ser humano..."
Alexandra SalcedoFirmato: 17:38, 15/07/2013
Julio MarínFirmato: 17:38, 15/07/2013
Luis Medina RamosFirmato: 20:09, 07/07/2013
"lo que no comprendo es como le van hacer para unir tanta gente en un lugar para poder formar esta sociedad?"
Liz PaganFirmato: 19:11, 30/06/2013
Pedro LopezFirmato: 15:30, 16/05/2013
JAVIER BONILLAFirmato: 18:05, 24/04/2013
"Un mundo de igualdad. ¿Acaso no fue así que Dios lo intencionó? Beli"
Jose NegronFirmato: 10:52, 04/04/2013
"Freedom peace and love harmony for all"
Javier Torres EspinoFirmato: 23:27, 26/03/2013
Kavier SanchezFirmato: 18:22, 21/03/2013
"I cant wait for this day to finally be free. :) "
Juan RiveraFirmato: 23:57, 28/01/2013
"If we all do what is need it from all of us to beter the world and thous that live on this planet live as we know it will be much beter. Please do you part and protect planet earth. Lets love and enjoy a life please."
RALPH OBERHUBERFirmato: 18:34, 16/12/2012
"This would be the ideal Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.(living for the sake of others)"
Heed LeonFirmato: 02:31, 01/12/2012
Manuel SilvaFirmato: 21:51, 14/11/2012
"I would like to be an active participant and contributor to this cause. Please, count me in. Due to the world's financial crisis, I've had to live abroad and have seen so much intustice. We will need to outgrow many cultural and philosophical barriers. I would like to --- I need to help."
Eladio FelicianoFirmato: 12:25, 25/10/2012
Lourdes HernándezFirmato: 18:44, 28/08/2012
Christian LopezFirmato: 17:22, 09/08/2012
Heriberto RodriguezFirmato: 19:52, 06/08/2012
Marlon AntonioFirmato: 08:49, 25/07/2012
"yes i hate money it corrupts us and ruins our society i hope we can have a world where we are not bound by economic fees "
Marlon AntonioFirmato: 08:42, 25/07/2012
"yes i hate money it corrupts us and ruins our society i hope we can have a world without money a world where we are not bound by taxes or by economic fees"
Jose SanchezFirmato: 05:44, 19/07/2012
Luis Del MoralFirmato: 12:55, 13/07/2012
Andres VargasFirmato: 22:59, 08/07/2012
Grisel RodriguezFirmato: 06:31, 25/06/2012
Jose PabonFirmato: 11:34, 08/05/2012
Eric RochetteFirmato: 14:22, 05/05/2012
"I am very pleased to see that the brewing of thoughts within our collective consciousness finally pushes us to sketch fundamental laws encompassing mother earth and us, as One. Even though the application of such laws would probably remain a tremendous challenge, we have reached a point of no return where this radical step might just be the only option for our survival. "
Ismael GeligaFirmato: 21:55, 08/04/2012
Manuel VelazquezFirmato: 07:59, 20/03/2012

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