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Vasily ZaglyadaFirmato: 10:43, 27/05/2012
Riaz UnwalaFirmato: 00:49, 26/05/2012
"This definitely should be THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!! Makes absolute sense........"
Diane EmersonFirmato: 00:43, 24/05/2012
Paul BraveryFirmato: 22:17, 22/05/2012
yanne loganFirmato: 11:43, 22/05/2012
Sandra O'BrienFirmato: 02:55, 20/05/2012
Joshua LoombFirmato: 07:07, 19/05/2012
Taeghan Magnus-ShortFirmato: 08:42, 18/05/2012
Daniel KellsFirmato: 09:30, 17/05/2012
Aleks DahlbergFirmato: 12:08, 15/05/2012
Louisa YoungFirmato: 11:17, 14/05/2012
Robin HoogenboomFirmato: 10:59, 14/05/2012
Kane LowrieFirmato: 01:06, 09/05/2012
Kyle WebsterFirmato: 03:00, 06/05/2012
Tim LooijFirmato: 13:28, 03/05/2012
Chalice MalcolmFirmato: 20:56, 02/05/2012
"I would like to see number 5 expanded to co creating with nature.. to educate humanity on her intelligence and how to work with it. thank you so much for this! "
Darryl NightingaleFirmato: 11:24, 21/04/2012
""The crisis . . . in the world is a crisis in consciousness, a crisis that cannot anymore accept the old norms, the old patterns, the ancient traditions, a particular way of life - whether it is the American way, or the European way, or the Asiatic way." "And, considering what the world is now, with all the misery, conflict, destructive brutality, aggression, tremendous advances in technology and so on . . . though man has cultivated the external world and has more or less mastered it, inwardly he is still as he was. The great deal of animal still in him is still brutal, violent, aggressive, acquisitive (and) competitive. And he has built a society along these lines." Jiddu Krishnamurti, 1966"
Stephen BlackieFirmato: 10:49, 17/04/2012
Luke BentonFirmato: 23:45, 12/04/2012
Alia Lilli StuitjeFirmato: 19:14, 12/04/2012
Rene StuitjeFirmato: 19:09, 12/04/2012
"Is there a way I can help to further advance this? I really believe in it."
Melissa BlairFirmato: 20:18, 09/04/2012
Tracey MilneFirmato: 09:06, 08/04/2012
Heather NeillFirmato: 08:49, 05/04/2012
peter richardsonFirmato: 08:06, 02/04/2012
Isa Isa LuerssenFirmato: 04:40, 02/04/2012
Daniel KingFirmato: 01:23, 02/04/2012
"It is time for a Change."
Sinisha Sruti StojchevskiFirmato: 11:15, 01/04/2012
Liam BoardmanFirmato: 11:00, 30/03/2012
ash forsmanFirmato: 11:13, 26/03/2012
jason coombesFirmato: 00:17, 26/03/2012
grace goldsmithFirmato: 12:16, 25/03/2012
chris harrisFirmato: 22:28, 24/03/2012
Sherri MainFirmato: 08:11, 24/03/2012
"We must connect. United We Stand. Divided We Fall. People are waking up, our consciousness is elevating, we CAN do this!......We can THRIVE as a species on this beautiful planet!"
Andre HoppingFirmato: 06:08, 24/03/2012
esther bruning Firmato: 21:46, 23/03/2012
Louis SchmidtFirmato: 01:50, 16/03/2012
Jason WilkinsonFirmato: 00:28, 11/03/2012
"Change starts with ones self"
Gee GeewhizFirmato: 09:19, 09/03/2012
David LucasFirmato: 07:26, 08/03/2012
Ute LambrechtFirmato: 06:55, 08/03/2012
Jason WakefieldFirmato: 09:25, 07/03/2012
Kataraina MateparaeFirmato: 08:53, 07/03/2012
Cillian WalkerFirmato: 00:38, 06/03/2012
patricia albarranFirmato: 20:26, 05/03/2012
Michelle OxenhamFirmato: 20:54, 04/03/2012
Che SilkerFirmato: 05:59, 29/02/2012
"I only agree that people that have real illness and unable to take care of them shelves should be helped. people who are just plain lazy need to do there bit. I live with to new world illnesses and yet still give back to society in many ways. Some people just take and take and never give back, we must all do our bit eg one person might be able to carry 50kg and someone else might only be able to carry 5kg, I have taken in people over the years that will sit in front of the fire but not go out to get any fire wood in, and then complain when the fire goes out. So yes everyone should be taken care of but everyone needs to what they can to help even if it's only a 5th of what some else can do. I had a friend who was dying of Cancer and right up to the end he did what he could for himself and hated asking for help to do what he couldn't do, on the other hand fit and healthy people has sat and watch me struggling to left some to heavy for me. So I don't agree with looking after those kind."
sonia forsmanFirmato: 03:50, 29/02/2012
Vicki HarrisonFirmato: 21:06, 26/02/2012
Makuini Ruth TaiFirmato: 19:29, 26/02/2012
"Absolutely fantastic"

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