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Avi MeshulamFirmato: 15:08, 29/08/2011
"what about religion? the whole theme sounds kind of against it.. will that solve religion based conflicts? I love the idea and will do anything to realize it. but still, so many barriers"
ben melvilleFirmato: 14:30, 29/08/2011
guy lironFirmato: 13:14, 29/08/2011
Leonardo RingFirmato: 17:55, 27/08/2011
Michael LaffermanFirmato: 11:59, 27/08/2011
"We are so close to a new paradigm when will the 100th monkey appear? "
ori blass levineFirmato: 15:38, 26/08/2011
kobi droriFirmato: 15:30, 26/08/2011
Marcel JanneteauFirmato: 14:52, 26/08/2011
Sharon HazizaFirmato: 13:03, 26/08/2011
"just like our creators are living... www,"
esther peresFirmato: 07:45, 25/08/2011
Itamar NevoFirmato: 13:01, 15/08/2011
shahaf sagiFirmato: 15:42, 10/08/2011
ayman abu SleemFirmato: 15:00, 10/08/2011
Malak Bal'umFirmato: 11:56, 10/08/2011
hikmat jbaliFirmato: 11:10, 10/08/2011
אסתר גשרFirmato: 08:00, 08/08/2011
"Real Kibutz common Idea : One for all & All for One Thank you so much ~ I AM IN ! "
yossi gelbartFirmato: 10:38, 17/07/2011
"bless u all i will do evrything for succes "
Kay AvivFirmato: 19:40, 05/07/2011
Aviram BeckerFirmato: 01:33, 23/06/2011
Tom BeckerFirmato: 23:46, 22/06/2011
Dorin MandelFirmato: 16:01, 17/06/2011
"Imagine the fun we'd all have. No more stress, No more competing for our lives. Join us."
zohar nirFirmato: 15:33, 17/06/2011
"i dream of this united world without borders and limitations, without money or status to stop us from doing whatever it is we want. we are all the same. we are all different. we should learn to accept this and live together for the simple reason of LIVING, and not going to work doing mindless obligatory actions. peace."
hagai sunFirmato: 12:52, 17/05/2011
alon lhackFirmato: 12:52, 17/05/2011
"too many to rite here as ideal's, i agree, but there are many holes in this way of thinking (basic human nature for one "
gideon aronovichFirmato: 21:32, 16/05/2011
Daya TomFirmato: 01:25, 01/05/2011
Alex VassermanFirmato: 08:50, 30/04/2011
Yar FuntFirmato: 06:02, 30/04/2011
"Excelent idea, I completely agree with it, I just hope it will be able to put into use and that it wont end like like the Communism did"
shiri rosenFirmato: 12:52, 17/05/2011
Michael ManFirmato: 12:52, 17/05/2011
yosi blauFirmato: 12:52, 17/05/2011
eli mizrahiFirmato: 12:52, 17/05/2011
"i wish i would get the chance to see the change in my lifetime.. keep the good work.. we must make the world a better place for all people "
Alexander PutkovFirmato: 00:44, 06/04/2011
Stav GevaFirmato: 12:54, 03/04/2011
Eldad RFirmato: 22:35, 02/04/2011
Jonathan Gan-MorFirmato: 15:39, 28/03/2011
Max TkachFirmato: 18:59, 25/03/2011
"I'll be more than happy to see this in my lifetime. I wish us all a quiet and pacifist transition toward this, the greatest revolution of all. "My country is the world, and my religion to do good" (T. Paine) Love you all"
eran shaerFirmato: 18:36, 25/03/2011
"in order to make it work we must work against our ego against the will to recieve in one direction we must study what is godly inside us we must study the wisdom of recieving not in order to just recieving but getting in order to bestow -"
Tal HaleviFirmato: 17:05, 25/03/2011
oren blauFirmato: 16:44, 25/03/2011
Amit ShFirmato: 15:03, 25/03/2011
laurent nahraFirmato: 11:47, 25/03/2011
alon kfirFirmato: 20:00, 24/03/2011
Jonathan DavidFirmato: 17:07, 24/03/2011
"Thank you for publishing that. We need to have this as widely known as possible before a systemic collapse unfolds. We have all we need to make this a reality; the only obstacle is our own disbelief and fears. There are many of us that are waiting for this call, we just need to join our energies"
Galit GerimFirmato: 13:38, 24/03/2011
Yishai HalutzFirmato: 11:56, 24/03/2011
Yaniv ErelFirmato: 12:52, 17/05/2011
Leonid BotnariFirmato: 06:56, 20/03/2011

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