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Ran KalifFirmato: 06:44, 08/02/2012
shai kuritzkyFirmato: 11:29, 05/02/2012
"A beautiful dream. I wish it could become reality."
ענת שחףFirmato: 14:48, 31/01/2012
Ben MizrahiFirmato: 21:26, 26/01/2012
"Well done! Now it is the time to unification all the relevant groups with the Zeitgeist Movement, So a real revolution will happen soon! This is a must step for the ultimate goal. Thank you..."
Sharbel MbarikiFirmato: 00:39, 17/01/2012
Onn BenyaminiFirmato: 09:35, 16/01/2012
Liran HatzavFirmato: 11:05, 17/12/2011
David D'JesusFirmato: 09:42, 15/12/2011
"I signed mostly because of the 10th principle from the list. "
adi florentinFirmato: 21:21, 12/12/2011
Jennifer TrifonovFirmato: 03:59, 21/11/2011
Daya TomFirmato: 02:41, 13/11/2011
chen ben mosheFirmato: 22:55, 06/11/2011
ואלרי מנגוניFirmato: 23:45, 03/11/2011
"האדם לא נברא לקנות הון ולבנות בניינים. אלא לבקש כל דבר שיביאהו ללמוד את החוכמה - איך לאהוב........"
נריה והבFirmato: 13:35, 03/11/2011
"בהקשר ישיר לאידיאל 4 הייתי מוותר על רישום המדינה במילוי הפרטים. "
שוק מקומיFirmato: 13:00, 03/11/2011
"לא ידח ממנו נדח"
dana shalitFirmato: 18:17, 31/10/2011
Shay SegevFirmato: 11:04, 30/10/2011
tomer amediFirmato: 19:17, 28/10/2011
Hillel HimovichFirmato: 16:47, 28/10/2011
Oz DavidiFirmato: 22:45, 27/10/2011
nick zukovFirmato: 21:35, 27/10/2011
nadav sagiFirmato: 21:32, 27/10/2011
Boaz DoronFirmato: 18:33, 27/10/2011
ניקיטה דיאצ'נקוFirmato: 18:15, 27/10/2011
aviad ben arieFirmato: 16:25, 27/10/2011
"beacus im vegan i cant agree Principle no 2 . i believe in Transhumanism .I believe that in the Future it will be possible to change all Organisms (Including humans) to Live in symbiosis Instead battle for survival. For more than fifty years of industrial agriculture continues to murder and torture tens of billions of animals (but I will support an artificial flesh = meat that does not involve suffering and torture) Movies about factory farming: 'Cept the food I support all other principles of Tziitgiits and hope even to establish an independent-style community in sustainable (So we can plan where the future of humanity (for the Venus Project))"
Abed El0kareem tarabihFirmato: 16:07, 18/10/2011
matan shilwanFirmato: 05:38, 16/10/2011
Eli SklarFirmato: 17:13, 13/10/2011
""We acknowledge the efficacy of the scientific method as our primary means of problem-solving." - I'm not a religious man, but I hope that "primary means" doesn't mean "the only means". What does happen when this reaches 10,000 signatures? what happens if 10,000,000 sign it? Good luck. P.S. I could help."
tal ronenFirmato: 07:51, 10/10/2011
"Go on! This is must be done!"
הראל נדבFirmato: 05:37, 28/09/2011
Daniel ShlomoFirmato: 02:04, 27/09/2011
gilat tohar ben-sasonFirmato: 19:27, 26/09/2011
"i am into it complitliy."
liav noyFirmato: 12:50, 26/09/2011
"I would like to see it happening !"
yechiel mannFirmato: 08:14, 26/09/2011
gaya orFirmato: 06:03, 26/09/2011
Dedi Arazi-RosenblumFirmato: 22:26, 11/09/2011
"Well i hope this idea will be live and alive. It realy goes well with the mesage of the Raelian movement which improud to be a member with. Thanks"
liav and ofra reuvenFirmato: 20:07, 09/09/2011
Ehud IlanFirmato: 22:07, 08/09/2011
stas arshanskiFirmato: 00:35, 03/09/2011
Eliran CohenFirmato: 22:01, 02/09/2011
moshe menkinFirmato: 21:02, 02/09/2011
paltiel arieFirmato: 15:10, 02/09/2011
Ja ManFirmato: 12:04, 02/09/2011
"Peace & Happiness to all :)"
tamar aviyahFirmato: 11:27, 02/09/2011
Dor StroulFirmato: 07:15, 02/09/2011
Ron LynerFirmato: 03:11, 02/09/2011
Yaara HFirmato: 13:22, 31/08/2011
veronica danilovFirmato: 13:21, 30/08/2011
orly hillelFirmato: 10:29, 30/08/2011
"This is the best thing that can happen on our plant i am So happey that im not alon an more pepole shering that filing Thank you orly"

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