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Gareth TaylorSigned: 07:32, 06/07/2011
Travis MockeSigned: 05:30, 02/07/2011
Alistair ThomsonSigned: 05:21, 02/07/2011
"A long time overdue but I am ecstatic that we are finally coming to our senses. Some simple common sense has, at long last returned..."
Wade WilliamsSigned: 09:12, 29/06/2011
Wesley MarkSigned: 12:37, 28/06/2011
Ann-louise van wykSigned: 11:50, 28/06/2011
"Time for drastic change is here!!"
Niel MeiringSigned: 09:44, 28/06/2011
Christo SnymanSigned: 08:22, 28/06/2011
Carol NelsonSigned: 18:31, 27/06/2011
"Why delay it, this is the only way forward that makes sense"
Samantha DredgeSigned: 18:15, 27/06/2011
"Yes, we need to establish a new society based on the concept of free exchange of goods, technology and knowledge. A society where each person contributes a certain aspect to the community and in return for sharing his goods/service/knowledge etc he will receive the same from his fellow community members."
Jodi Gordon-ForbesSigned: 16:37, 27/06/2011
Lebz LetsebeSigned: 14:29, 27/06/2011
""Where there is Love, Do what you will, It will be right action..." J.Krishnamurti"
Jody BlakeSigned: 14:16, 27/06/2011
"Power to the People!"
Trevor WilkesSigned: 09:39, 27/06/2011
"May a positive butterfly effect happen to this idea"
Donne van der MerweSigned: 19:25, 26/06/2011
vishal beeharieSigned: 15:00, 26/06/2011
"I believe that HUMANITY is the most important Religion on earth and when himanity is not being looked after.It is a dark day for the whole world.Money is hurting people.Its out dated and old fashioned.we can go beyond can quote me on this - VISHAL ANDREW BEEHARIE"
Marie van WykSigned: 19:46, 20/06/2011
"It's time for us to set ourselves free from greed, poverty and all forms of suffering. The only way to do that is if we let go of our old ways of doing things and start living in manner that benefits all!"
Joshua ClarkSigned: 18:59, 08/06/2011
"I have always felt the need for some sort of change in the world. Since i have been able to think for myself i have never been the kind to follow blindly or too keen on joining any particular religous and political group. they could never fool me. however i have always been looking for an answer...the right questions, purpose and meaning etc. when i found out about the VENUS PROJECT my hopes sored. now i am here hoping that i may be apart of something...significant, truthfull. i want to be apart of the change that sweeps the globe. i want to help free mankind."
Liesl Du PreezSigned: 20:45, 07/06/2011
Joshua Taylor EganSigned: 09:51, 01/06/2011
"I believe that this charter will help ameliorate many of the African countries -as well as the rest of the world- We need to end the hardships we live through each and everyday but maybe not the complete abolition of the monetary system- perhaps this is the answer????"
Melanie AnnSigned: 08:24, 24/05/2011
Eric BadenhorstSigned: 08:02, 23/05/2011
Fiona BrowneSigned: 07:46, 23/05/2011
Joanna BaikoffSigned: 06:30, 21/05/2011
Lynne GrantSigned: 19:27, 19/05/2011
Janine de wittSigned: 15:28, 19/05/2011
Mirella Lelia DoffiziSigned: 14:59, 19/05/2011
Allen LangeSigned: 12:52, 17/05/2011
"Its time for man to realise that everyone and everything is directly connected to him. If man becomes a human being he ceases to be a human doing...or a human being done, but to get there he needs to lose attachment to money "
Bronwen FletcherSigned: 12:52, 17/05/2011
Joshua RowlandSigned: 12:52, 17/05/2011
"There is no reason whatsoever to not implement this. We are savages until the day we do "
Deidre CareySigned: 12:52, 17/05/2011
mark popeSigned: 09:20, 17/05/2011
"Wish were at that point already in our evolution before we destroy ourselves"
Donovan DuffeySigned: 18:19, 16/05/2011
Gary UdemansSigned: 12:58, 16/05/2011
Kirsten KaySigned: 12:52, 17/05/2011
Makgethu SechabaSigned: 20:22, 14/05/2011
SHIARA VAN ASTSigned: 12:52, 17/05/2011
"This is merely an idealistic agreement to the principles I am sadly very cautious and skeptical about how it should be implemented "
Nicole Le TouzeSigned: 12:13, 11/05/2011
"yes let's do it all together.... everything free and everyone teams together for the Oneness that is given to us for FREE : ENERGY AND LOVE AND AIR.... ALL FREE.... Let's FREE ourselves of any burden..... Life is soooooooo beautiful.... we all know that"
Anthony KrugerSigned: 15:30, 08/05/2011
Madeleine SmithSigned: 08:38, 05/05/2011
"Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see. This can be and is the way of the future if we stand together in faith, hope, love and action"
Amanda MillarSigned: 08:56, 04/05/2011
Bronwyn MerleSigned: 09:23, 03/05/2011
"YES, finally something that actually makes sense"
DESMOND STAFFORDSigned: 17:08, 02/05/2011
"The carrying capacity of this planet is stretched waaaay beyond its limit. NO MORE BREEDING OF PEOPLE"
Brandon JoubertSigned: 11:44, 02/05/2011
Abdullah DamaanSigned: 18:15, 01/05/2011
James MillarSigned: 16:17, 30/04/2011
Michelle SaundersSigned: 11:02, 30/04/2011
Sheffield WakefieldSigned: 09:33, 30/04/2011
"This is the only way. By no other means will humanity see the proliferation or continued existance of sustainable life on our planet. I support this movement 100% Down with the economy! Down with the World Bank! Down with greed and monopoly"
Desiré LangeSigned: 09:31, 30/04/2011
"We are all one, connected in such an amazing way, I want to be free of the chains that have made us into uncaring and unloving creatures, my greatest wish is that we all reconnect to our core beings, which is without a doubt simply love"
Kim BakerSigned: 08:41, 22/04/2011

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