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"The world is choking due to the outdated, backward and unfit for purpose monetary system our so-called ‘leaders’ insist on operating by. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. It’s not ending anytime soon unless enough of us act to bring about real change. " - Asil Purcella day ago
Maria izabel Coelho Gonçalves2 days ago
Catherine Michels3 days ago
"Rispetto per la Vita e Libertà... Perfetto " - Emanuela Fiorenzi3 days ago
Evangelos Vlachakis3 days ago
"Non c'e' salvezza per l'umanità se non si rispetta la natura l'ambiente e la libertà di ogni individuo. La collettività e la conoscenza spirituale salverà il mondo." - Tiziana Callari3 days ago
john ashley4 days ago
"I am just interested to understand this more, but I am too old to participate other than helping to promote this information:" - Yvonne Gordon4 days ago
"El cambio de la realidad exterior comienza en la realidad interior. Hasta que la ultima persona no piense de la misma manera vamos a seguir caminando a oscuras, desde el vamos hablamos lenguas distintas, si dos personas que hablan el mismo idioma a veces no se entienden porque hablan desde el lado de los prejuicios y el miedo, eso multiplicado a muchos idiomas y muchos puntos de vista, aleja muchisimo a llegar a esta valoracion por parte de todos. Lo unico que se puede hacer es predicar con el ejemplo y contagiar esa semilla de iluminacion interior con la gente que lo rodea, si todos hacemos eso es posible llegar a un mundo ideal." - Leandro Fernandez4 days ago
Hans Hellberg4 days ago
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anthony smithSigned: 02:01, 21/06/2012
Jenny Copley-ForsterSigned: 19:01, 20/06/2012
"If we are to have a future - this is it."
Erika van der WesthuizenSigned: 08:45, 13/06/2012
Yashika BennieSigned: 08:44, 13/06/2012
Lindie BinnemanSigned: 08:40, 13/06/2012
"We can take care of our planet and enjoy our lives while we do it!"
Eduan HaasbroekSigned: 08:21, 13/06/2012
"Let's do this! Come on everyone! :-) "
Frans van WykSigned: 08:19, 13/06/2012
"If we want to make this work it CAN! With Love and Selflessness!"
Leon HaasbroekSigned: 11:29, 12/06/2012
"Let's do it, we've been doing it the other way for 6,000 years and look where it got us!"
Lionel BisschoffSigned: 16:00, 05/06/2012
Kornell RheederSigned: 11:44, 04/06/2012
Stephan AnnandaleSigned: 12:49, 30/05/2012
Jo-Anne CrankoSigned: 01:16, 25/05/2012
Candice LudickSigned: 08:21, 23/05/2012
Wayne MunroSigned: 21:30, 20/05/2012
"It is great to find people who care about the world and the future."
Julie VaccalluzzoSigned: 11:04, 19/05/2012
"If you really want a vote, vote, with your money. "
jonathan wadeleySigned: 15:51, 01/05/2012
"it starts with us all or it ends with us "
Geoffrey HartySigned: 19:27, 29/04/2012
Helena SaaymanSigned: 16:32, 19/04/2012
Robin BeckSigned: 17:16, 07/04/2012
"Do what you will, but harm no one."
Nadine MaySigned: 17:27, 05/04/2012
"What we can imagine we can make real"
Desmond LephuthingSigned: 13:52, 02/04/2012
Maurice de St PernSigned: 12:48, 30/03/2012
johann nortjeSigned: 16:21, 27/03/2012
"thanks for this. it's about time. and may it flourish and become the standard."
Brenton WattSigned: 10:42, 26/03/2012
Jenna NelSigned: 09:22, 26/03/2012
Franco TanzarellaSigned: 09:22, 26/03/2012
Sue LeymanSigned: 07:31, 26/03/2012
carina claassens zegwaardSigned: 22:59, 25/03/2012
"Yes and yes again! Let's do it!"
Renier le RouxSigned: 21:35, 25/03/2012
Gideon JoubertSigned: 13:12, 25/03/2012
Lawrence StrydomSigned: 17:43, 18/03/2012
Charles HarveySigned: 09:10, 11/03/2012
"This is a wonderful idea. I really hope I live to see something like this happen!"
Stephanie BuchholzSigned: 19:07, 10/03/2012
Brendan BakerSigned: 13:57, 06/03/2012
shane smithSigned: 11:56, 06/03/2012
"Money is what defines our seperateness and perpetuates our slavery to a system designed to serve a small minority."
Fredrika ScheepersSigned: 05:00, 01/03/2012
Kenneth StrangSigned: 12:22, 28/02/2012
"The time is NOW."Come gather round people wherever you roam, and admit that the waters around you have grown . . . for the times they are a'changing!" With thanks to Bob who saw these things a long time ago."
Sherise SteytlerSigned: 11:25, 28/02/2012
Janine KeyserSigned: 10:43, 28/02/2012
"How do i connect this to my website "Akashic Knowledge Trust" ? sums it up wonderfully! :-)"
Ignatius van ZylSigned: 05:19, 26/02/2012
Aldous ErikaSigned: 08:27, 25/02/2012
William DunnSigned: 16:54, 23/02/2012
Kamil GovenderSigned: 16:53, 23/02/2012
Micheal VlotmanSigned: 10:25, 23/02/2012
""This sh!t has got to go!" No more will we be divided, no more will the "rich" rule over the "poor", the truth is not hidden, it is in plain sight, most just choose to ignore it. Let us be the voice of the world, let us not fear to to bring an end the evil of men, men who is just like us, but think of themselves better because they have more money. I support this cause with all my heart and my soul, and if I have to go to war to fight for a better future, I will lay down my life. "
Angilo WijnbergenSigned: 09:03, 23/02/2012
Adolf DiekmannSigned: 05:08, 23/02/2012
"Ich bin dabei. Lasst uns weiter aufbauen, und die Bankster ins Gefaengnis."
Davida Athena WestmanSigned: 06:14, 20/02/2012
calvin machitjeSigned: 06:48, 18/02/2012
Virginia LouwSigned: 12:42, 15/02/2012
Darius de WittSigned: 12:31, 09/02/2012

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