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"Absolutely ..thank you gratefull for the change happening God Creator Source is the Almighty Glory and Praise to Him ..He Is the All Eye AM ..the BE-AM of Light Eye Shine..and all of us do in Unity Oneness in Trust to Lord God and Faith and Believe...we Protect Mother Gaia Earth and share sustainable living as 2nd nature...where ever we tread the earth. Unconditional Love to All of Humanity and All Entities EYE AM Lunessa of the Light. XXX " - Christel Minette3 days ago
"release technologies suppressed from us like free energy, replicators, and anti gravity" - Gary Ibranyi3 days ago
"Alles wäre so einfach" - Tanja Winter4 days ago
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Frank KnöfelSigned: 20:07, 11/03/2016
silvia wildenhainSigned: 20:05, 11/03/2016
Monika RitterSigned: 18:42, 11/03/2016
Bernhard GabrielSigned: 18:21, 11/03/2016
jan schumannSigned: 17:36, 11/03/2016
Sigrid MroskSigned: 17:33, 11/03/2016
Anita BellmannSigned: 16:21, 11/03/2016
Robert SchulzSigned: 16:11, 11/03/2016
Barbara ConradSigned: 16:03, 11/03/2016
Romana TepperSigned: 15:58, 11/03/2016
Dirk LükeSigned: 14:33, 11/03/2016
Peter UthessSigned: 08:04, 11/03/2016
"Super Idee. Da möchte ich mehr von haben :-) "
Karin Freifrau zu LichtlandSigned: 22:44, 08/03/2016
"I am here for you ..... aus der Tiefe meines Herzens fließt Frieden, Glückseligkeit und unendliche Dankbarkeit in den Ozean der LIEBE Karin "
Christof HarnauSigned: 10:18, 08/03/2016
Angelika HartwigSigned: 08:39, 08/03/2016
Manfred KrispinSigned: 19:12, 07/03/2016
Marion SantjerSigned: 12:10, 06/03/2016
"Super das habe ich mir schon immer gewünscht!!!!!!💚💛💜"
Ines AndreckSigned: 19:21, 04/03/2016
matthias helsenSigned: 08:42, 04/03/2016
"Ich würde bei jedem Punkt "im Sinne der Nachhaltigkeit" hinzufügen!!!"
Sandra SchwarzSigned: 09:52, 03/03/2016
"Wenn die Macht der Liebe über die Liebe zur Macht siegt, dann wird die Welt Frieden finden."
Tanja OesterreichSigned: 23:50, 02/03/2016
Michaela FischerSigned: 22:17, 01/03/2016
Anne BelzSigned: 21:52, 01/03/2016
"JAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Michael RathSigned: 16:19, 01/03/2016
Andra DattlerSigned: 06:47, 01/03/2016
Sabine Pongratz Signed: 05:58, 01/03/2016
Claudia PaasSigned: 22:30, 29/02/2016
Karin MagnusSigned: 21:49, 29/02/2016
Evelyn PatznerSigned: 19:55, 29/02/2016
Dana StechowSigned: 18:50, 29/02/2016
Petra MacriSigned: 17:44, 29/02/2016
Anja Sylvie Aude KlotzSigned: 17:13, 29/02/2016
Sandra MaierSigned: 16:45, 29/02/2016
Hildegard AustSigned: 16:00, 29/02/2016
Stefan TietzSigned: 15:45, 29/02/2016
Max randhahnSigned: 00:56, 29/02/2016
Jacqueline SalzmannSigned: 15:14, 28/02/2016
"Ich bin überrascht, wenn diese doch seit 1982 von vielen Ländern unterzeichnet wurde, das sich keine Politiker der Länder daran hält bzw. in den Ländern in ihrer innen und Außenpolitik nicht danach strukturiert und ermöglicht. Dies ist wohl ein missachtende Verhalten unserer erbärmlichen Politiker. Trotz aller Wissen und gegebener Möglichkeiten nicht entsprechend zu handeln !!!"
marijana lambtonSigned: 19:04, 27/02/2016
Robert WißlerSigned: 13:30, 26/02/2016
Hellmut SchönfelderSigned: 12:54, 24/02/2016
steffen reberSigned: 21:22, 23/02/2016
"as most of the devasating destruction in our environment and bio diversity derives from "modern logic and intelligent and sustainable science" i can not truly agree on principle no.8! most of our scientific achievements and so called common sense based decisions have created a world full of radiation, poisoning of water and bio diversity on such a global scale that i prefer not to think too much about it. leading scientists in all fields and countries all over the world, are far too scared/egocentered to truly reflect on how much veritable wisdom and knowledge they actually have! we are like beloved children that do not realise that we are responsible for our actions. science has to be free of lobbies and the necessaty of being profitable. when it is truly practiced under ethical and moral guidelines in order to achieve a sustainable wellbeing of and for ALL sentient beings i will gladly sign preamble no.8."
Matthias GlaserSigned: 15:51, 23/02/2016
Tayfun CeylanSigned: 13:11, 23/02/2016
Corinna von StehtSigned: 17:27, 22/02/2016
Sergej SteinbachSigned: 21:30, 21/02/2016
Paul ZiebartSigned: 21:07, 21/02/2016
Odilia WegenerSigned: 12:16, 21/02/2016
Sascha FehseSigned: 21:26, 20/02/2016
Marlene MärtensSigned: 18:53, 20/02/2016
Marianne GschwindSigned: 18:51, 20/02/2016

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