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shane vaessenSigned: 17:02, 03/02/2013
"we going to need Hemp in my opinion.. for paper food clothes houses and medicine. Its the most potential plant found on the planet.. really its unbelievable that this plant isnt been used all over the world to heal all our problems. its just an suggestion. but i think its great what u doing i know theres alot of anger and fear in the world nowadays. people are just to scared to let go of the program that they dont even think about whats happing anymore. I think im blessed with the knowledge that i think u also have.. to spread this knowledge and make everybody equal and happy again.. but we must move quick i see a dark futher if we dont do something.. they are going to move to iran soon. if they do that they will go with russia and china and we have ww3. then we have a change also in the system but that will lead to more domination on the regular human. i hope this will not happen.. let me know if u have more info about the free world i love to go to peace with the world."

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