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Megan LangeUnterzeichnet: 14:08, 13/06/2019
"Planting the seed of hope for one beautiful world🌱💞 together we grow"
Melvin SitholeUnterzeichnet: 14:28, 07/06/2019
Athena DiakosUnterzeichnet: 09:12, 28/05/2019
Debra NathansonUnterzeichnet: 13:54, 04/05/2019
Katleho MotloungUnterzeichnet: 20:09, 11/04/2019
Faye NaidooUnterzeichnet: 20:58, 22/02/2019
Henry ThomasUnterzeichnet: 10:07, 01/02/2019
"Money is the root of all evil and this world will be a much better place if there was no division between humans. Remove the weaklings and let this planet breathe for once"
Prenashen AnkiahUnterzeichnet: 14:52, 18/01/2019
"Very interesting and promising look to the future. "
Cindy Moahloli Unterzeichnet: 14:35, 29/11/2018
Nhlanziyomlilo Sgubh'samafuUnterzeichnet: 22:45, 07/11/2018
Daniel EhrkeUnterzeichnet: 12:19, 15/08/2018
"I support this ideology, however the implementation will not be easy. "
MBUSO MAZIBUKOUnterzeichnet: 03:22, 06/06/2018
Erroll NortjeUnterzeichnet: 23:05, 15/04/2018
Mohamed MoosaUnterzeichnet: 13:56, 04/04/2018
Clive DobsonUnterzeichnet: 13:23, 04/04/2018
Sharon PeersUnterzeichnet: 16:37, 27/03/2018
"Yes, our planet is in dire need of an inclusive moral compass."
Stephen SelamolelaUnterzeichnet: 22:34, 21/02/2018
"Money and self interest - the twin evil of poverty and inequality! Worldly riches are not forever...(but our Lord) by His divine power has (freely) bestowed upon us all things that pertain to life..."
Janzee MeyerUnterzeichnet: 19:24, 19/02/2018
Tlotlo SefolosheUnterzeichnet: 05:07, 13/02/2018
Rassool SnymanUnterzeichnet: 08:36, 07/02/2018
"the principles are great and will lead to a balance and harmonized existence on this journey we call life "
Theresa MullerUnterzeichnet: 09:55, 31/12/2017
"Thank you for doing this important work. "
Rodgers DitseUnterzeichnet: 14:25, 11/12/2017
Rodgers DitseUnterzeichnet: 14:16, 11/12/2017
Kim FergusonUnterzeichnet: 11:55, 03/12/2017
Deon van BiljonUnterzeichnet: 20:05, 06/11/2017
Kallie Zwahlen Unterzeichnet: 14:09, 06/11/2017
sharon ollewagenUnterzeichnet: 16:43, 03/11/2017
Morena Makade Unterzeichnet: 19:55, 29/10/2017
"The Companion of justice and unity"
Izak KrugerUnterzeichnet: 19:21, 29/10/2017
Marc KotzéUnterzeichnet: 21:04, 26/10/2017
Morrison Mzwandile Nxele Unterzeichnet: 03:03, 26/10/2017
seymour howeUnterzeichnet: 07:10, 17/10/2017
Jill HoganUnterzeichnet: 16:05, 16/10/2017
"I sign with grateful thanks and relief...."
Jimi GlenisterUnterzeichnet: 12:53, 16/10/2017
TONY TaneUnterzeichnet: 07:00, 16/10/2017
Kim UnserUnterzeichnet: 04:43, 16/10/2017
"Gratitude for this hopeful charter. Lets strive to thrive alonside our Blue Planet."
Grace GouviasUnterzeichnet: 02:12, 16/10/2017
Khotso KhoabaneUnterzeichnet: 21:34, 07/10/2017
"The only direction we should take, to prosper into the future and for future generations to thrive."
Lawrence QholloiUnterzeichnet: 14:03, 15/09/2017
Sven FautleyUnterzeichnet: 10:30, 05/09/2017
"I believe that ALL sentient beings can co-exist harmoniously on this planet :)"
Elizabeth KahnUnterzeichnet: 15:22, 29/04/2017
Ren SkycladUnterzeichnet: 09:34, 15/04/2017
"Be the change you wish to see in the world... "
Anthony RockliffeUnterzeichnet: 06:56, 14/04/2017
"It's your world, create it!"
Bradley BennellUnterzeichnet: 17:00, 12/04/2017
"Wishing for a new start, a new world we all know is possible - one in which all people are truly treated as equals, and are given free and fare opportunity to live their lives to the fullest - for the greatest good of all. Let's create it! :)"
Penny KlannUnterzeichnet: 12:19, 12/04/2017
"Hoping that there is a way to find an alternative world view which does not harm the earth, nor animals, and which benefits everyone."
Bruno LopesUnterzeichnet: 22:43, 27/03/2017
Wayne MackrillUnterzeichnet: 22:32, 14/03/2017
"Hi, I followed a similar path to enlightenment via the zeitgeist movement and have been searching for like minded people. To say I'm excited about finding you is an understatement. I hope with all hope that we'll get there within our lifetime. Thanks for reaching out."
Khotso Khoabane Unterzeichnet: 20:38, 12/03/2017
"Resource Based Economy is the Future... Ps. #WeAreInTheFuture #RBENow "
Nicolas ZaronisUnterzeichnet: 21:48, 27/02/2017
Sharvari JoshiUnterzeichnet: 09:05, 14/02/2017

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