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Jillian FlemingUnterzeichnet: 17:52, 18/08/2015
Michael RodenUnterzeichnet: 20:54, 17/08/2015
Gonda BrincatUnterzeichnet: 09:54, 13/08/2015
Telsa de LangeUnterzeichnet: 16:02, 12/08/2015
Nevell MoletashopeUnterzeichnet: 14:00, 29/07/2015
"Outstanding lessons of life and it's moral value"
Michelle FourieUnterzeichnet: 12:01, 20/07/2015
Shane PenningUnterzeichnet: 20:21, 11/07/2015
lance le RayUnterzeichnet: 13:52, 11/07/2015
Lance connollyUnterzeichnet: 13:12, 11/07/2015
Cat BloodgoodUnterzeichnet: 08:24, 11/07/2015
Bolelang RakeepileUnterzeichnet: 21:20, 10/07/2015
"An Imagined World that we want to be in."
Adolf DiekmannUnterzeichnet: 12:14, 23/06/2015
"Well done. Lets DO it !!!"
Leslie WillmersUnterzeichnet: 09:13, 16/06/2015
Bongani HlongwaneUnterzeichnet: 08:41, 12/06/2015
"Thank you for this wonderful work."
maria clara keilUnterzeichnet: 19:48, 26/04/2015
Rosemarie OKeefeUnterzeichnet: 15:36, 26/04/2015
"Always wondered why money existed. I believe that sharing is caring and a money free world will save the world because it is at high risk with everything that's happening right now."
André BösserUnterzeichnet: 09:34, 29/03/2015
Henry MaraisUnterzeichnet: 13:18, 24/03/2015
"Fantastic! Just what I was looking for! Thank You!"
Linda StrydomUnterzeichnet: 09:40, 16/03/2015
Chanel VerweyUnterzeichnet: 14:45, 22/02/2015
Adolf LuderitzUnterzeichnet: 11:18, 10/02/2015
Hanloe MullerUnterzeichnet: 10:41, 10/02/2015
Hanloe MullerUnterzeichnet: 10:38, 10/02/2015
Gustav MulderUnterzeichnet: 10:07, 10/02/2015
"I am behind this 100%. Gone should be the days of slaving after money"
Janice HoltshausenUnterzeichnet: 09:09, 10/02/2015
Dinesh CopoosamyUnterzeichnet: 07:59, 10/02/2015
IMANUEL MULDERUnterzeichnet: 06:58, 10/02/2015
"Brilliant! Keep up the good work."
Altus WieseUnterzeichnet: 21:21, 09/02/2015
Sarah Trevor-JonesUnterzeichnet: 19:34, 09/02/2015
Ferdi HellerleUnterzeichnet: 17:36, 09/02/2015
ferdi viljoenUnterzeichnet: 14:20, 15/01/2015
Mario FaulmannUnterzeichnet: 23:02, 01/01/2015
"I have lived to see a charter of this nature brought to light. Awesome!"
Margaretha de WaalUnterzeichnet: 21:21, 28/12/2014
Pieter Willem van der MerweUnterzeichnet: 15:03, 22/12/2014
"Perhaps partnering with the smart guys at http://www.positivemoney.org may be a good first step in breaking away from the current monetary system. Allowing a transitional period between the current inadequate system and a truly free world."
Maranda TinklerUnterzeichnet: 16:27, 18/12/2014
Njabulo MaphumuloUnterzeichnet: 17:27, 12/12/2014
Cindy GairUnterzeichnet: 07:46, 28/11/2014
Nebojsa KramarsicUnterzeichnet: 22:16, 27/11/2014
"The Lion sleeps no more. We are All Earth citizens. End of all patriotic disease from fictitious Associations with fictitios Lands(countries)"
Maria Helena aka Marlena AzevedoUnterzeichnet: 18:41, 27/11/2014
"I feel like being in a dream as I observe the magnitude of the changes taking place on our beautiful blue/green mother Gaia. I am a 78 years of age very healthy woman (I am vegan) and since I became aware of myself I wished for Peace and Happiness. I am blessed to be able to witness the birth of a new era for earth. Indeed money is the cause of all ills. Let's do away with IT ASAP."
Warwick Meta TronicUnterzeichnet: 11:51, 27/11/2014
Mike StuartUnterzeichnet: 08:28, 27/11/2014
Bongani HlongwaneUnterzeichnet: 13:36, 26/11/2014
"I am really looking forward to these kinds of structures that will propel our world forward into a moneyless society."
Lousie LiUnterzeichnet: 10:48, 26/11/2014
Celeste krielUnterzeichnet: 15:24, 23/11/2014
Kallen WentzelUnterzeichnet: 15:22, 23/11/2014
SHILO BUNCEUnterzeichnet: 19:06, 19/11/2014
"No one is free until everyone is free!"
Sheldon RussellUnterzeichnet: 14:44, 19/11/2014
Susanna SwartUnterzeichnet: 18:59, 17/11/2014
Roan DempseyUnterzeichnet: 08:05, 13/11/2014
"We need to take back our freedom to life, and we must question everything in order to find the best way forward. We can not as a species continue to destroy our natural resources in this wasteful manner. Money creates all the opurtunitities to kill, destroy and device. We have the knowledge and power to live healthy, happy lives while co existing with all the other life forms on this planet. We are the worst thing to happen to this planet since religion and the monetary system was invented by man. The time has come to wake up and get angry."
Jaco StrydomUnterzeichnet: 13:06, 05/11/2014
"a council shout be put together to deliberate on new laws that are being written and that council must have the peoples best interests at heart!! have the power to reject laws that are of corporate/financial best interest that violates the birthright of its populace...who's decision is final. law enforcement officers that are accountable for their actions, and a council to oversee court/government/policy makers decisions and how it reflects on the well-being of the people that give their lives to build a city/continent to make their country great!"

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