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"Gostaria de um.mundo puro sem matar pela ganância do dinheiro" - Leonice VENTURA4 hours ago
"The world is choking due to the outdated, backward and unfit for purpose monetary system our so-called ‘leaders’ insist on operating by. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. It’s not ending anytime soon unless enough of us act to bring about real change. " - Asil Purcell2 days ago
Maria izabel Coelho Gonçalves3 days ago
Catherine Michels4 days ago
"Rispetto per la Vita e Libertà... Perfetto " - Emanuela Fiorenzi5 days ago
Evangelos Vlachakis5 days ago
"Non c'e' salvezza per l'umanità se non si rispetta la natura l'ambiente e la libertà di ogni individuo. La collettività e la conoscenza spirituale salverà il mondo." - Tiziana Callari5 days ago
john ashley5 days ago
"I am just interested to understand this more, but I am too old to participate other than helping to promote this information:" - Yvonne Gordon5 days ago
"El cambio de la realidad exterior comienza en la realidad interior. Hasta que la ultima persona no piense de la misma manera vamos a seguir caminando a oscuras, desde el vamos hablamos lenguas distintas, si dos personas que hablan el mismo idioma a veces no se entienden porque hablan desde el lado de los prejuicios y el miedo, eso multiplicado a muchos idiomas y muchos puntos de vista, aleja muchisimo a llegar a esta valoracion por parte de todos. Lo unico que se puede hacer es predicar con el ejemplo y contagiar esa semilla de iluminacion interior con la gente que lo rodea, si todos hacemos eso es posible llegar a un mundo ideal." - Leandro Fernandez5 days ago
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Donovan DuffeyUnterzeichnet: 18:19, 16/05/2011
Gary UdemansUnterzeichnet: 12:58, 16/05/2011
Kirsten KayUnterzeichnet: 12:52, 17/05/2011
Makgethu SechabaUnterzeichnet: 20:22, 14/05/2011
SHIARA VAN ASTUnterzeichnet: 12:52, 17/05/2011
"This is merely an idealistic agreement to the principles I am sadly very cautious and skeptical about how it should be implemented "
Nicole Le TouzeUnterzeichnet: 12:13, 11/05/2011
"yes let's do it all together.... everything free and everyone teams together for the Oneness that is given to us for FREE : ENERGY AND LOVE AND AIR.... ALL FREE.... Let's FREE ourselves of any burden..... Life is soooooooo beautiful.... we all know that"
Anthony KrugerUnterzeichnet: 15:30, 08/05/2011
Madeleine SmithUnterzeichnet: 08:38, 05/05/2011
"Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see. This can be and is the way of the future if we stand together in faith, hope, love and action"
Amanda MillarUnterzeichnet: 08:56, 04/05/2011
Bronwyn MerleUnterzeichnet: 09:23, 03/05/2011
"YES, finally something that actually makes sense"
DESMOND STAFFORDUnterzeichnet: 17:08, 02/05/2011
"The carrying capacity of this planet is stretched waaaay beyond its limit. NO MORE BREEDING OF PEOPLE"
Brandon JoubertUnterzeichnet: 11:44, 02/05/2011
Abdullah DamaanUnterzeichnet: 18:15, 01/05/2011
James MillarUnterzeichnet: 16:17, 30/04/2011
Michelle SaundersUnterzeichnet: 11:02, 30/04/2011
Sheffield WakefieldUnterzeichnet: 09:33, 30/04/2011
"This is the only way. By no other means will humanity see the proliferation or continued existance of sustainable life on our planet. I support this movement 100% Down with the economy! Down with the World Bank! Down with greed and monopoly"
Desiré LangeUnterzeichnet: 09:31, 30/04/2011
"We are all one, connected in such an amazing way, I want to be free of the chains that have made us into uncaring and unloving creatures, my greatest wish is that we all reconnect to our core beings, which is without a doubt simply love"
Kim BakerUnterzeichnet: 08:41, 22/04/2011
Felicity HumeUnterzeichnet: 05:37, 22/04/2011
Kim CoolsUnterzeichnet: 11:26, 21/04/2011
Thabo VictorUnterzeichnet: 08:49, 21/04/2011
Steve PUnterzeichnet: 08:25, 21/04/2011
Margaret BowmanUnterzeichnet: 20:03, 20/04/2011
Kgame MkhwanaziUnterzeichnet: 16:32, 20/04/2011
Samantha MiddletonUnterzeichnet: 16:21, 20/04/2011
"The world is for everyone, not just the "elite"
kefiloe tshabalalaUnterzeichnet: 14:36, 20/04/2011
Michelle AndersonUnterzeichnet: 14:31, 20/04/2011
Ilze VermaakUnterzeichnet: 14:29, 20/04/2011
Dylan MissingUnterzeichnet: 14:28, 20/04/2011
Felicity MolokommeUnterzeichnet: 14:28, 20/04/2011
"Viva the free world"
Floyd mandlaUnterzeichnet: 11:46, 20/04/2011
Andrew RobinsonUnterzeichnet: 11:43, 20/04/2011
"Its about time, logic prevails"
Zandile LethuleUnterzeichnet: 11:41, 20/04/2011
"May this be the future"
Adam BothaUnterzeichnet: 11:39, 20/04/2011
Natasha NelUnterzeichnet: 18:26, 19/04/2011
Dale BaxUnterzeichnet: 14:04, 19/04/2011
"This shit needs to end! We need to start living for each other instead of just ourselves"
Mike BeckerUnterzeichnet: 13:55, 19/04/2011
Malcolm KingUnterzeichnet: 13:53, 18/04/2011
Clint van der WaltUnterzeichnet: 10:40, 18/04/2011
Robert GardnerUnterzeichnet: 19:01, 17/04/2011
"Money is pure evil. Please look into your hearts and stop being so greedy"
Professor Brett BowmanUnterzeichnet: 16:55, 16/04/2011
Nichola BowmanUnterzeichnet: 16:11, 16/04/2011
"Viva the revolution"
simon vorwerkUnterzeichnet: 12:53, 15/04/2011
"this is so common sense but spreading this sought of thing seems to be impossible, humanity is retarded its a shame our retardation is gonna cause the end of this world"
Grant PengillyUnterzeichnet: 09:41, 15/04/2011
Danny BlumbergUnterzeichnet: 15:55, 14/04/2011
jay koppingUnterzeichnet: 10:50, 12/04/2011
"Evolution through science and the preservation of human freedom is key to the planets survival"
Tamaryn GoldinUnterzeichnet: 08:44, 12/04/2011
Dehon JoubertUnterzeichnet: 14:40, 07/04/2011
Tomi SvorinicUnterzeichnet: 09:20, 07/04/2011
Lester SmailUnterzeichnet: 00:26, 07/04/2011
"The difference between success and failure is action - Let's ACT"

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