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Tertius van der MerweUnterzeichnet: 12:06, 13/05/2013
"This is also what we are doing @ http://www.ubuntuplanet.org - goes to show, a good idea will have the tendency to pop up in more than one place :) I support this charter 100% Thanks for the great work...! "
Leigh BrodieUnterzeichnet: 21:32, 11/05/2013
Dominic PawinskiUnterzeichnet: 03:18, 28/04/2013
"This is the consciousness needed to be adopted by our society for humankind to have any chance of delivering the custodianship we are signature to."
Theresa van GysenUnterzeichnet: 09:10, 04/04/2013
Linda JohnstonUnterzeichnet: 08:58, 04/04/2013
Darren IsaacsUnterzeichnet: 13:16, 02/04/2013
"This is what humanity needs"
Hannes BreytenbachUnterzeichnet: 19:41, 30/03/2013
GERT CHRISTIAANUnterzeichnet: 09:19, 28/03/2013
"We need a new economic system now. The old one is not working any more, we all know that. "
Surprise MhlabaUnterzeichnet: 14:11, 27/03/2013
"This is signification, please don't stop this type of initiative we will support in whatever way until humanity is free from the monitory system..."
Mark KisoglooUnterzeichnet: 12:55, 27/03/2013
"Funny thing is the ones that are the biggest culprits will not read or sign this!"
Simon HillionUnterzeichnet: 12:11, 27/03/2013
"It's better to dream of what could be than just accept what is, even if it's only a dream we remain positive!"
Paul PereirinhaUnterzeichnet: 11:47, 27/03/2013
Jane PayneUnterzeichnet: 10:27, 27/03/2013
Beverly EngelsUnterzeichnet: 07:25, 27/03/2013
Coenraad RallUnterzeichnet: 06:48, 27/03/2013
Aidan John WalshUnterzeichnet: 12:26, 25/03/2013
Anton CloeteUnterzeichnet: 11:51, 25/03/2013
Carl st MichaelUnterzeichnet: 11:46, 25/03/2013
"lets do it, free is long overdue and the only way forward for all species, it is gods will we are all equal before the lord."
Christina KingUnterzeichnet: 20:14, 23/03/2013
"Sounds like heaven. "
Dinesh PillaiUnterzeichnet: 14:11, 23/03/2013
"This is precisely what's been going through my mind all through my life. "
Kisten MoonsamyUnterzeichnet: 12:38, 16/03/2013
Patrick KellyUnterzeichnet: 08:40, 08/03/2013
Michelle ColandraUnterzeichnet: 16:44, 04/03/2013
Carene CoetzeeUnterzeichnet: 15:46, 14/02/2013
"Way overdue! Let us unite and thrive in love and light!"
Shaun VogesUnterzeichnet: 14:28, 14/02/2013
Dylan RuppingUnterzeichnet: 07:43, 14/02/2013
Willem van DeventerUnterzeichnet: 05:25, 14/02/2013
Debbie SchulmanUnterzeichnet: 20:39, 14/01/2013
paul masenyaUnterzeichnet: 15:25, 11/01/2013
Kim McAdamUnterzeichnet: 10:18, 10/01/2013
Domingo da SilvaUnterzeichnet: 01:41, 10/01/2013
Sammi WickensUnterzeichnet: 20:18, 09/01/2013
Hazel SayerUnterzeichnet: 17:49, 09/01/2013
L LabuschagneUnterzeichnet: 16:41, 09/01/2013
Brett MitchellUnterzeichnet: 16:33, 09/01/2013
Silke M. Raven Dreyer-WickinsUnterzeichnet: 07:58, 09/01/2013
Rebecca DixonUnterzeichnet: 06:07, 09/01/2013
Liz KirstenUnterzeichnet: 08:44, 05/01/2013
Michael TellingerUnterzeichnet: 05:46, 05/01/2013
"Please align yourselves with the UBUNTU Liberation Movement. Our manifesto follows the same principles of consciousness. http://www.ubuntuparty.org.za"
Louise ClarkeUnterzeichnet: 06:32, 04/01/2013
"I support wholeheartedly the principles of a free world. In South Africa, we have started the Ubuntu Liberation Movement that upholds this vision and is working toward a sustainable free world for all. Please see http://www.ubuntuparty.org.za, and the work of Michael Tellinger in his war against financial enslavement. Love and gratitude for this work. We will share through all of our channels."
Jan van VuurenUnterzeichnet: 12:09, 03/01/2013
"Here in South Africa, I have joined a brand new political party called "UBUNTU PARTY", established by Michael Tellinger. The phylosophy is "CONTRIBUTIONISM", which is the same as what is proposed here as well as what is being proposed by Jaques Fresco. Very glad I found this."
Angie CurtisUnterzeichnet: 16:10, 02/01/2013
Grant Scott-WilliamsUnterzeichnet: 04:18, 30/12/2012
Schalk BassonUnterzeichnet: 21:26, 28/12/2012
"Contributionism is the way forward. I have believed this as a child and now as a man. How can I help?"
Milla TheronUnterzeichnet: 12:00, 22/12/2012
JC MelletUnterzeichnet: 22:15, 20/12/2012
Damian WyattUnterzeichnet: 17:46, 19/12/2012
Sello(Steezy) MokheleUnterzeichnet: 09:43, 19/12/2012
Venessa BrinkUnterzeichnet: 10:43, 26/11/2012
"By standing together we can make it happen!!"
Adriaan van ZylUnterzeichnet: 10:30, 22/11/2012

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