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Diane DrakeUnterzeichnet: 10:14, 10/02/2015
Joy WilliamsUnterzeichnet: 09:59, 10/02/2015
"Thank you. I think this is long overdue."
Charlotte BrookesUnterzeichnet: 08:57, 10/02/2015
Anna ScrivengerUnterzeichnet: 08:51, 10/02/2015
"Like many of us must, I feel locked into a way of life that I would never have chosen. Forced to earn and spend 'money'; restricted to certain areas of the planet and certain schedules. I am an unwilling cog in a machine that is destroying everything I value. There must be a more meaningful way to live. I am sure there once was."
Taylor PyneUnterzeichnet: 00:06, 10/02/2015
Robert CallardUnterzeichnet: 21:52, 09/02/2015
peter rusbridgeUnterzeichnet: 20:08, 09/02/2015
Amanda HodgsonUnterzeichnet: 18:43, 09/02/2015
Jess AdcockUnterzeichnet: 18:23, 09/02/2015
"I don't necessarily agree that consumption should be pushed down to an absolute minimum - whilst it is true that the pursuit of consumer goods above all else is an unhealthy practice and a throw-away culture should be abolished, it is the constant drive for cheaper production and higher profits that have made goods-producing-industry the environmentally disastrous monster that it currently is. Forcing people to forgo their possessions and denying them ability to engage with new products, I believe, is oppressing their right to choose how to live. Let's at least see what the abolition of profit maximisation could do for the world without making people to change so drastically."
Peter BottomleyUnterzeichnet: 18:03, 09/02/2015
"We will never progress while facts and figures on a sheet of paper are more important than people."
Sara WalshUnterzeichnet: 17:38, 09/02/2015
Noel WalshUnterzeichnet: 17:23, 09/02/2015
"Happy to sign and glad to see so many signatories already. Push harder. Grow faster. Become the norm. "
Helga RobinsonUnterzeichnet: 16:59, 09/02/2015
"This is how it was meant to be. Greed and blindness have taken over our amazing Earth, but it is not just humans who suffer. We are destroying the only world we have. We need to wake up, and wake up NOW! Let peace rule. "
phil hemburyUnterzeichnet: 16:54, 09/02/2015
Michelle JeffreyUnterzeichnet: 16:21, 09/02/2015
Colin LockyerUnterzeichnet: 19:03, 08/02/2015
alex BartholomewUnterzeichnet: 15:19, 04/02/2015
Susan WaylandUnterzeichnet: 14:12, 04/02/2015
fraser jenkinsUnterzeichnet: 23:22, 30/01/2015
"i strongly agree... to give freely we must have an abundance and that implies working to understand nature. I am currently doing a "Back to Eden" garden with wood chips. The idea being that in a small area you grow more food than you or your family can eat. The remainder you just give away. Can you imagine if we could get hold of land and grow food so abundantly that whole villages could get all their food for free... no more rubbish and plastic. Giving would be contagious, but not only that, it would be cheap... really cheap and people would start to come back to nature and their senses. I think what you are doing is brilliant, I fully expect that the world will be giving freely to each other within the next 5 years. Good luck to you, your a great example! If you havn't seen these guys..... http://vimeo.com/28055108 "
jessica birdUnterzeichnet: 22:58, 30/01/2015
Anne BullenUnterzeichnet: 16:44, 30/01/2015
Vanessa ClaireUnterzeichnet: 10:30, 29/01/2015
Robert FlintUnterzeichnet: 16:46, 26/01/2015
"Have to remove religion !"
evan evansUnterzeichnet: 14:30, 26/01/2015
Anna MaciejewskaUnterzeichnet: 06:50, 25/01/2015
winnie durdant-hollambyUnterzeichnet: 19:42, 24/01/2015
"I believe that humanity must be willing to trust each other for this to work. Money is a symbol of our mutual distrust."
Joe HackingUnterzeichnet: 03:25, 22/01/2015
Kevin SparkesUnterzeichnet: 19:04, 19/01/2015
"Very honourable and exciting,lets all play our part."
Kerwin MedwynterUnterzeichnet: 16:46, 19/01/2015
"I totally believe in what the charter is aiming to accomplish, and hope that the rest of the world can successfully move away from greed and politics, after all the first humans who walked the face of the earth did not posses a passport were able to freely move across the vast continents to explore and share each others knowledge. this can be achieved today if only we can get away from a society based purely around the use of currency"
steven knibbsUnterzeichnet: 08:02, 18/01/2015
Lyn WinterUnterzeichnet: 23:15, 17/01/2015
Inga LightleyUnterzeichnet: 23:02, 17/01/2015
"I think we need to act fast, before we polute and damage the planet irreversibly. We owe it to mother nature and to ourselves. There is a better way."
Mark LightleyUnterzeichnet: 22:52, 17/01/2015
"We must give ourselves a goal to free and be free, a direction and a way of thinking that means that everything we do contributes toward the greater good. The road may be long and hard, but nothing worth doing was ever easy, and although it scary it may just be the biggest leap forward in the history of mankind."
Nathan MasseyUnterzeichnet: 22:20, 17/01/2015
"I object to the notion of specifying a country when signing this charter as the notion of distinct nation states is in direct contradiction to the charter's goal of the inhabitants of Earth being part of one global community."
Zoe JukesUnterzeichnet: 08:08, 17/01/2015
helio cardosoUnterzeichnet: 13:25, 15/01/2015
Matt DunnettUnterzeichnet: 11:56, 15/01/2015
Julie GunnUnterzeichnet: 02:14, 13/01/2015
Paul RookesUnterzeichnet: 00:18, 08/01/2015
Daniel GravilleUnterzeichnet: 09:14, 06/01/2015
"This idea of a free world has controlled my mind for the last month. It's great to see that you have had the same thoughts and actually put something into action. Thanks for your work. Dan"
reshae henryUnterzeichnet: 02:15, 06/01/2015
Al HillUnterzeichnet: 21:33, 05/01/2015
"99% of people have a duty to stop the 1% from distroying our lives and our world."
Jeremy HanshawUnterzeichnet: 21:04, 05/01/2015
Michael LambUnterzeichnet: 12:28, 05/01/2015
Atanas HristovUnterzeichnet: 04:50, 04/01/2015
Sarah HarrisUnterzeichnet: 18:08, 03/01/2015
Frantisek UrbanUnterzeichnet: 12:37, 03/01/2015
Alpha JallohUnterzeichnet: 08:57, 03/01/2015
"I strongly believe in the guiding principles of the free world charter.We humans should work for the common good of humanity and care for the natural resources given to us free of charge. Money as we know it today, is man made and not a natural resource thus humanity is born free and money has turn us into greedy,selfish and killing machines of one another. Free humanity and let share the bountiful natural resources. Moreover,humanity is here only for a very short time. we were born with noting and will die carrying noting into the next process of life."
Travis CookUnterzeichnet: 20:17, 01/01/2015
"Love the idea of this"
Gavin LawleyUnterzeichnet: 15:50, 31/12/2014

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