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Clare SweeneyUnterzeichnet: 08:38, 28/09/2014
Steven MullinsUnterzeichnet: 17:14, 27/09/2014
Deirdre KingsmanUnterzeichnet: 16:54, 27/09/2014
"The world is in a mess because we’ve allowed something that doesn’t actually exist – money – to become an essential prerequisite for life itself. People need to see how immoral it is that losing a job can lead to losing one’s home or even life itself."
luke pikeUnterzeichnet: 16:18, 27/09/2014
Elliot O'LearyUnterzeichnet: 12:23, 27/09/2014
Bryan ChapmanUnterzeichnet: 00:59, 27/09/2014
Paul BivortUnterzeichnet: 20:08, 26/09/2014
Marcos LeeUnterzeichnet: 18:12, 25/09/2014
Helen CromarUnterzeichnet: 17:54, 25/09/2014
martin clowesUnterzeichnet: 06:55, 25/09/2014
Chris WicksUnterzeichnet: 04:12, 25/09/2014
"Your optimism is refreshing indeed in these current times. Good of you to shine such light in the darkness :-) Don't feel disheartened if people think this is impossible, we just have to reach critical mass...!"
Dale AllenUnterzeichnet: 22:19, 24/09/2014
"Beautiful idea that has fundamental truth at its core. What more can be said? THE way for all on this planet to live in harmony. "
Gigliola BerguecioUnterzeichnet: 21:00, 24/09/2014
Pat BlankUnterzeichnet: 20:00, 24/09/2014
Jan OwenUnterzeichnet: 16:56, 24/09/2014
Peter ParkerUnterzeichnet: 15:35, 24/09/2014
"This is much like Michael Tellingers idea of contributionalism. If we were to work together rather than in competition, just imagine what we could achieve. We all have the right to a good standard of living, and share our talents with everyone. It would inspire real creativity and a spirit of togetherness. The time has come to rid humanity of the chains we have lived with for too many years. "
Saima WahidUnterzeichnet: 14:36, 24/09/2014
Samuel BroughtonUnterzeichnet: 12:55, 24/09/2014
"Tell me what to do to make this happen! The people with power will NOT give it away!"
FLORENTINA DIACONESCUUnterzeichnet: 12:49, 24/09/2014
Timothy OrtonUnterzeichnet: 12:26, 24/09/2014
Mark TattumUnterzeichnet: 11:18, 24/09/2014
Richard HealeUnterzeichnet: 11:08, 24/09/2014
wayne dysonUnterzeichnet: 11:01, 24/09/2014
"Im so glad there are others out there that understand a free world built on group input can exist. You have explained the founding principals, the need and the working mechanisims of this so well. I hope there are enough open minded people out there that we can make this a new way of living together and florishing as a global family. Much love wayne"
Emily HollyUnterzeichnet: 09:49, 24/09/2014
"This would be an ideal world , thankyou for opening my mind "
pauline vatandoorUnterzeichnet: 09:29, 24/09/2014
"the only way home"
ross lardnerUnterzeichnet: 09:19, 24/09/2014
Susan CottinghamUnterzeichnet: 09:10, 24/09/2014
"This is my dream coming into reality"
Andy FoxUnterzeichnet: 08:56, 24/09/2014
"What a great idea. No money no worries. I think people will be scared because of its simplicity and their conditioned beliefs in the current monetary system. The current system is going to fail, history shows that it will and we then have a great opportunity to usher in a free world, free of fear, poverty and full of love and abundance. "
Claire FeekingsUnterzeichnet: 07:48, 24/09/2014
Matt KempUnterzeichnet: 03:17, 24/09/2014
"Amazing!! I've recently woken up to what is really going on in the world and this would be great if we could actually change tho world for the better."
Dervish DervishUnterzeichnet: 02:52, 24/09/2014
tam o'kaneUnterzeichnet: 00:42, 24/09/2014
"Makes sense if we have replicating machines to deal with all needs and wants!"
Brian BarkerUnterzeichnet: 00:03, 24/09/2014
Dana DankovaUnterzeichnet: 21:50, 23/09/2014
Diana Renshaw Unterzeichnet: 18:51, 23/09/2014
Ann HornUnterzeichnet: 16:43, 23/09/2014
"Great principles. The new science discoveries in quantum physics indicate how our world is made from thought. These are great thoughts and uplifting to have. Perhaps some consideration can be given to that in education for all ages. So to bring about this new world community, our thoughts and happy imagining will allow us to relax more and expect manifestation. Perhaps. We acknowledge the mess we've made of things, by believing we can do it all without God. Where is God anyway? Within, its said. Not in our thoughts, although these inclusive thoughts may be Her/His/The guidance. It is certainly time for trust in that Loving Power within which must be common to all. That is the lesson. feels right and uplifting I hope we can know we're on the right track. to show us the way,"
Ruth BrownUnterzeichnet: 14:35, 23/09/2014
Alison BinnieUnterzeichnet: 14:29, 23/09/2014
"In addition to the issues in the video - I also see the huge cost of managing money as a major issue, twist mindsets away from the actual use of resources, eats up resource in accountancy with no useful product (look at fraud and big business and welfare systems costs) and delivers few if any benefits other than some pointless work. Distorts the economy as only what is money profitable rather than human/planet beneficial is supported by it."
Kevin BradyUnterzeichnet: 20:46, 22/09/2014
Angie WoodUnterzeichnet: 18:56, 22/09/2014
Vizzy SagarUnterzeichnet: 14:58, 22/09/2014
Andrea YoungUnterzeichnet: 17:20, 21/09/2014
Alan BinmoreUnterzeichnet: 11:34, 20/09/2014
"I have been waiting for such a proposal for my entire life and I hope at the age of sixty five, that I shall live to see it become reality."
Lee ChangUnterzeichnet: 11:30, 20/09/2014
Ash ClarkeUnterzeichnet: 00:08, 20/09/2014
Magnus CromartyUnterzeichnet: 23:50, 19/09/2014
Ivan IlkunUnterzeichnet: 22:09, 19/09/2014
Helen DitchburnUnterzeichnet: 21:21, 19/09/2014
Joseph ManUnterzeichnet: 20:44, 19/09/2014
"I would give my life to make this happen"
Peter WilsonUnterzeichnet: 11:28, 17/09/2014

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