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Peter SmithUnterzeichnet: 08:51, 31/12/2014
Dene ColeyUnterzeichnet: 01:31, 31/12/2014
"Let us progress as one...caritas, pax, gaudium."
David HollinUnterzeichnet: 21:17, 29/12/2014
Emma FawcettUnterzeichnet: 20:24, 29/12/2014
siana brooksUnterzeichnet: 12:40, 29/12/2014
luke gareUnterzeichnet: 09:43, 29/12/2014
John PercivalUnterzeichnet: 00:56, 29/12/2014
Namaa Al-MahdiUnterzeichnet: 09:27, 22/12/2014
Heather ParkerUnterzeichnet: 23:25, 21/12/2014
Sean RowellUnterzeichnet: 18:27, 21/12/2014
Alex NashUnterzeichnet: 17:07, 21/12/2014
Caroline SinclairUnterzeichnet: 14:14, 21/12/2014
"Not of these principles may need further clarification (especially regarding their implementation) but the idea is one that we should all be working towards!"
Michael PapadopoulosUnterzeichnet: 00:54, 21/12/2014
Joel YoungUnterzeichnet: 19:42, 20/12/2014
Mohamed DoukaliUnterzeichnet: 00:16, 20/12/2014
Antoinette EvertsUnterzeichnet: 21:41, 19/12/2014
RUTH SAINTUnterzeichnet: 21:29, 19/12/2014
Anthony WillansUnterzeichnet: 14:38, 19/12/2014
"I hope that we can combine efforts to bring forth this reality and make our progress apparent within our generation. Let us create a legacy of a more peaceful race and through a planet wide co-operative, create a more 'real' reality for our children, grandchildren and countless future generations. A society nurtured by compassion and empathy for fellow human beings. We are all cells of humanity and of the earth :) "
Ghassan HassanyehUnterzeichnet: 20:13, 18/12/2014
"Watching 3 of your documentaries, I was amazed to know that Iidentified in them my long time views on Religion, Countries, Inequality and most of all the crime of not fully extending the necessities of housing,education,medical care and nutrition freely to every human all over our planet"
James ColemanUnterzeichnet: 13:06, 18/12/2014
Lucy WoodsUnterzeichnet: 11:56, 18/12/2014
"I do not agree with no 9. 'Our community acknowledges its duty of care and compassion for members who are unable to contribute.' - I disagree as this somehow suggests that somehow there are people who contribute nothing, the elderly, infirm etc. still contribute (love, wisdom, laughter), it is just today's society does not count these contributions as worth while, and instead burdensome. In a planet where we all have enough, no one is a burden, no one is wasting time trying to survive or make money, so everyone has time to look out for each other instead; even the most "needy" are a joy just to have around, thus contributing to human hapiness. The pain that comes from "having" to look after others, is the pain of not being able to look after yourself or anyone else too, alienation, isolation, blame. In a fair world, everyone can look after themselves, and then some. It becomes easy to care for people: a joy even. "
Allan RowellUnterzeichnet: 07:11, 18/12/2014
Paddy VipondUnterzeichnet: 00:32, 18/12/2014
Heather CarterUnterzeichnet: 00:02, 18/12/2014
CHARLES BRITTONUnterzeichnet: 01:20, 17/12/2014
Tim RobinsonUnterzeichnet: 23:21, 16/12/2014
Charles W E LoftUnterzeichnet: 22:27, 16/12/2014
Andrew BruusUnterzeichnet: 17:29, 16/12/2014
Alec BruceUnterzeichnet: 11:46, 15/12/2014
Ian SandersUnterzeichnet: 12:42, 13/12/2014
Nadene CoetzeeUnterzeichnet: 09:01, 13/12/2014
Declan FieldUnterzeichnet: 18:54, 12/12/2014
Stafford ReynoldsUnterzeichnet: 11:55, 11/12/2014
Jon ShawUnterzeichnet: 08:01, 10/12/2014
"The time has come to end Debt Slavery."
Michael MarshallUnterzeichnet: 01:16, 10/12/2014
akos nagy Unterzeichnet: 17:37, 09/12/2014
Emma BrownUnterzeichnet: 12:15, 08/12/2014
john brownUnterzeichnet: 07:45, 07/12/2014
Chloe SmithUnterzeichnet: 21:35, 06/12/2014
"I believe this is the best way forward, who wouldn't like a world without the stress and burden of money! Let's be free, courageous, generous and share our humanity with the world and the living things that we share this world with."
Fin MatthewsUnterzeichnet: 13:26, 06/12/2014
"The reason our personal freedoms, environment and biodiversity have become critically endangered by our mismanagement of global resources, is due to the systems we have in place to support these, and right now these systems are totally inadequate and have no proper control or regulation. The current society is also driven by corporate greed (primarily shareholder gain), which in itself is not well aligned to that which promotes progress and technology, and guarantees a healthy, diverse and sustainable world for all species. This is a clear flaw in the current system, that is in serious need of addressing. "
Matthew nolanUnterzeichnet: 16:37, 04/12/2014
"I am in support of a world that accepts and makes efforts to encompass all if the above 10 statements that I have agreed with and hope to see this fundamental and much needed radical change within my lifetime. It's now time to mature as a species and live with the benefits in a more prosperous way that technology can allow us to do."
Anne DarbyshireUnterzeichnet: 16:33, 04/12/2014
wendy hansomUnterzeichnet: 09:12, 02/12/2014
chris buckleyUnterzeichnet: 07:14, 02/12/2014
"Its time for change ,get rid of greed false manipulative money making laws and ignorance and start looking after the Planet .Money has caused so much suffering and divide ,money is a thing that is useless in the dessert, its a tool of enslavement used by demented control freaks when in reality people are all born equal and should remain equal to share a planet that belongs to us all ."
Katherine MannUnterzeichnet: 19:33, 01/12/2014
Alfred ClarkUnterzeichnet: 13:20, 01/12/2014
Jonathan CramptonUnterzeichnet: 19:05, 30/11/2014
Rod ClarkeUnterzeichnet: 16:04, 30/11/2014
Dr. Chris Richardson DCUnterzeichnet: 22:14, 29/11/2014
Sue GatesUnterzeichnet: 21:11, 29/11/2014

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