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John EvansUnterzeichnet: 17:41, 22/03/2016
"Sounds like a wonderful way of life"
Karla BeecroftUnterzeichnet: 18:47, 20/03/2016
Richard Scott Unterzeichnet: 18:28, 20/03/2016
Sandie PerrinsUnterzeichnet: 09:28, 20/03/2016
Edward HammondUnterzeichnet: 21:19, 19/03/2016
Jamie ReevesUnterzeichnet: 15:44, 18/03/2016
Rudi AffolterUnterzeichnet: 10:10, 15/03/2016
"Unless we adopt this charter the world will be finished by the middle of this century."
Peter FrenchUnterzeichnet: 16:58, 14/03/2016
Vivienne MyrotiUnterzeichnet: 14:36, 14/03/2016
David BurgessUnterzeichnet: 23:13, 13/03/2016
Brian OlleyUnterzeichnet: 17:47, 12/03/2016
Elliot BrittonUnterzeichnet: 12:50, 12/03/2016
lloyd brittonUnterzeichnet: 11:12, 12/03/2016
Glenda DolmanUnterzeichnet: 10:13, 12/03/2016
"I agree with the principal, but no2 concerns me. The food chain and life is food comment. You cannot exercise the rights of all species to live equally on the planet if some are still used as slaves in the meat and dairy industry. Maybe you are trying to encourage veganism without actually saying it, but it is a bit confusing when you read point 2 in comparison with the other points."
Leigh DalgarnoUnterzeichnet: 07:47, 12/03/2016
Tim SandersonUnterzeichnet: 19:15, 11/03/2016
Stuart WelbournUnterzeichnet: 17:18, 11/03/2016
"Fide Tibi Et Semper Pete Veritatem"
Adam DitheridgeUnterzeichnet: 17:05, 11/03/2016
georgina mironUnterzeichnet: 01:14, 10/03/2016
Kit FrieryUnterzeichnet: 15:04, 09/03/2016
Kevin CamargoUnterzeichnet: 09:49, 09/03/2016
Rebecca GoldsmithUnterzeichnet: 02:21, 09/03/2016
"What I have been dreaming of. This way is the only way that's ever made sense to my soul."
Hannah WatsonUnterzeichnet: 11:55, 08/03/2016
Alex O'ConnorUnterzeichnet: 11:28, 08/03/2016
"Finally someone has thought about taking a step to creating a planet where everything is how it should be"
Elliot WilliamsUnterzeichnet: 11:02, 08/03/2016
Adam VaughanUnterzeichnet: 19:36, 01/03/2016
"A 3 year Ecology degree learning about environmental destruction, the anthropocene and humanity causing the 6th mass extinction, mixed in with stumbling across the Venus Project and the Zeitgeist movement during my studies has led me to this way of thinking. Only a drastic overhauling of our current socioeconomic model will work to fix the mess we are causing. "
Graham SageUnterzeichnet: 04:54, 29/02/2016
peter archikovUnterzeichnet: 00:19, 29/02/2016
Teresa BeddoeUnterzeichnet: 21:46, 26/02/2016
Elliott WilsonUnterzeichnet: 19:48, 26/02/2016
"Could be a potential AI project to manage Earth's resources."
Phil SmartUnterzeichnet: 19:50, 25/02/2016
"Please learn about how a RBE can change lives on the planet."
Linda RobinsonUnterzeichnet: 16:58, 25/02/2016
"Easy going sovereign being. Happy to volunteer around the world last 10yrs. Now in London until Oct 2018"
Joe DayUnterzeichnet: 07:57, 25/02/2016
Monique RyanUnterzeichnet: 16:43, 23/02/2016
Bekki HoffmanUnterzeichnet: 22:41, 21/02/2016
"In full agreement!"
Mark BetsonUnterzeichnet: 20:37, 21/02/2016
Anthony YoungUnterzeichnet: 11:20, 21/02/2016
"An ecological world wide shared resources economy would truly define the meanig of humanity. "
Lynn JohnsonUnterzeichnet: 08:17, 21/02/2016
Jackie WyattUnterzeichnet: 05:40, 16/02/2016
Susan MerrimanUnterzeichnet: 23:18, 15/02/2016
James Richard Anthony WoodwrightUnterzeichnet: 22:40, 11/02/2016
"Don't we need world peace for this? "
Andrew RobinsonUnterzeichnet: 20:17, 11/02/2016
"There is more that binds us than divides us. we must evolve beyond money it's or best hope for survival"
Bobby MarnoUnterzeichnet: 09:27, 10/02/2016
Jacqueline JonesUnterzeichnet: 16:10, 09/02/2016
Sarbjit SandhuUnterzeichnet: 09:55, 09/02/2016
Bradley McClintonUnterzeichnet: 02:32, 08/02/2016
"I can only hope to see this happen in my lifetime but I very much doubt it will,,,,,keep up the good work"
Brigitte VerdiereUnterzeichnet: 09:49, 31/01/2016
Angelique RetiefUnterzeichnet: 12:56, 28/01/2016
Amber Galliers Unterzeichnet: 15:32, 27/01/2016

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