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Vizzy SagarUnterzeichnet: 14:58, 22/09/2014
Andrea YoungUnterzeichnet: 17:20, 21/09/2014
Alan BinmoreUnterzeichnet: 11:34, 20/09/2014
"I have been waiting for such a proposal for my entire life and I hope at the age of sixty five, that I shall live to see it become reality."
Lee ChangUnterzeichnet: 11:30, 20/09/2014
Ash ClarkeUnterzeichnet: 00:08, 20/09/2014
Magnus CromartyUnterzeichnet: 23:50, 19/09/2014
Ivan IlkunUnterzeichnet: 22:09, 19/09/2014
Helen DitchburnUnterzeichnet: 21:21, 19/09/2014
Joseph ManUnterzeichnet: 20:44, 19/09/2014
"I would give my life to make this happen"
Peter WilsonUnterzeichnet: 11:28, 17/09/2014
Stephen MolsonUnterzeichnet: 21:55, 14/09/2014
"Remember, they had no money in Star Trek and that looked pretty awesome!"
Ian TusonUnterzeichnet: 10:56, 14/09/2014
william mckeeUnterzeichnet: 14:33, 13/09/2014
Nick FoskinUnterzeichnet: 13:24, 12/09/2014
sharon carrUnterzeichnet: 10:40, 12/09/2014
Tyler BirdUnterzeichnet: 10:52, 11/09/2014
"I think humanity as a whole will benifit from a new resoursed based economy, but we all need to join together as one."
Mark JohnsonUnterzeichnet: 00:16, 11/09/2014
David McCreadyUnterzeichnet: 15:52, 09/09/2014
Jane DaleUnterzeichnet: 00:38, 06/09/2014
Lucy FuadUnterzeichnet: 19:30, 03/09/2014
Hayden StobbsUnterzeichnet: 15:23, 03/09/2014
"The sooner this change takes place the better, for all man-kind, animal-kind and the Earth itself."
jonathan MitchisonUnterzeichnet: 13:59, 03/09/2014
alan corryUnterzeichnet: 11:56, 02/09/2014
Sigrid UnterwegerUnterzeichnet: 16:36, 01/09/2014
Richard JarvisUnterzeichnet: 15:04, 31/08/2014
"Hello, my name is rick. I fully agree with your philosophies here and I am more than happy to sign your charter. I myself am about to embark on a moneyless journey from Manchester to bangkok, thailand to prove to myself and others that sustainable travel is possible without any money at all. Also my girlfriend lives there and i am going to surprise her :) thanks for your time guy's, i shall keep you updated on my journey if you wish? I am a seasoned traveller who is completely disillusioned with society and im screaming for change.... rick."
Martin SpearmanUnterzeichnet: 12:11, 31/08/2014
"Spread the word, we all need this RIGHT NOW. "
Pete HamiltonUnterzeichnet: 09:04, 31/08/2014
karl morganUnterzeichnet: 20:38, 29/08/2014
Paul LongmateUnterzeichnet: 18:27, 29/08/2014
Noah EdwardsUnterzeichnet: 18:19, 29/08/2014
Sally ShakespeareUnterzeichnet: 18:18, 29/08/2014
Leah DeaconUnterzeichnet: 14:21, 29/08/2014
Amanda LEWISUnterzeichnet: 10:05, 29/08/2014
"Yes please this life is too stressful"
Rosie CopelandUnterzeichnet: 09:18, 29/08/2014
Meera MahadevaUnterzeichnet: 09:46, 28/08/2014
"Human intuition is also a powerful tool, but not well understood. We don't have to reject scientific logic in order to benefit from the use of intuition, however to be able to use both capacities as human beings is also worth exploring."
jonathan fawcettUnterzeichnet: 09:20, 28/08/2014
Sylvia MatthewsUnterzeichnet: 23:46, 27/08/2014
"UK is supposed to have Common Law which says Keep the Peace and Cause No Harm. This seems to me to be very sensible. "
Bryony GurminUnterzeichnet: 23:07, 27/08/2014
joshua cainUnterzeichnet: 15:24, 27/08/2014
Dan Alexandru BelciugUnterzeichnet: 13:54, 27/08/2014
vk oxUnterzeichnet: 08:18, 27/08/2014
Dan ValenteUnterzeichnet: 21:45, 26/08/2014
Ella CantlowUnterzeichnet: 19:40, 26/08/2014
"I would like the world to protect each species of living thing and live sustainably. To put this above individual greed. To take power from those who help to destroy our biodiversity. Eg oil companies. "
Neil ColebeckUnterzeichnet: 17:44, 26/08/2014
Paul MannUnterzeichnet: 17:20, 26/08/2014
Richard WestUnterzeichnet: 14:20, 26/08/2014
"Long before I found out that anyone shared my views on this thing we call 'money' I used to ponder a world without these constraints. I used to try and explain to people what it would be like and what was possible. Most simply wouldn't understand, and a typical answer would be "yeah, but you need money to do this or that". And others that did understand my point of view couldn't see us recovering from what we have become, and I agreed to a certain extent. Many years later, someone introduced me to Zeitgeist and the Venus project and I simply couldn't believe that my trail of thought and understanding on how bad things are for humanity was shared by others. Since then, I have watched many videos and read many articles on money and how it has come to control humanity. Your video is a near-perfect representation of how I used to ponder this issue many years ago. A great introduction to the subject and one that I will share freely. Thank you and you have my full support."
Stefanie-Faye HobsonUnterzeichnet: 13:32, 26/08/2014
neil moranUnterzeichnet: 12:56, 26/08/2014
"global capitalisation is a vile and cruel way of life and ideology I have been trying to resolve for some time governments can no longer be trusted without balance humanity has no hope I have a solution but is far too complex and my typing skill leave much to be desired ! "
Sophie LovesayUnterzeichnet: 11:28, 26/08/2014
Anthony DukeUnterzeichnet: 11:09, 26/08/2014

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