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Martyn JelfsUnterzeichnet: 07:15, 26/08/2014
Vivienne JohnsonUnterzeichnet: 23:53, 25/08/2014
Gillian Andrew Unterzeichnet: 19:22, 25/08/2014
Josh JosephUnterzeichnet: 12:08, 25/08/2014
"Money needs to abandoned all together. Due to money Human values have already lost...."
Matthew WattenUnterzeichnet: 16:19, 22/08/2014
"This is a wonderful Philosophy that needs to be spread though out the world. More resources need to be produced to educate and inform. There are many examples on youtube explaining what's wrong with money but hardly any on how to bring about a transition to a moneyless society. This is where we need input from great thinkers to give ideas on how to bring about such a change. We get that the current system is broken, now we need solutions, practical solutions. My personal idea is to phase in a free state of mind. Start with food, free food for everyone. Start with the basics, Fruit and veg and work up from there. After food comes housing and power. At this point most peoples wages will now allow them to work part time for the same standard of living. "
Dale Young Unterzeichnet: 22:39, 21/08/2014
Laura JonesUnterzeichnet: 23:08, 20/08/2014
Stephen ThompsonUnterzeichnet: 15:18, 17/08/2014
Graeme HamlettUnterzeichnet: 16:51, 16/08/2014
Simon ColleyUnterzeichnet: 03:57, 15/08/2014
"One World, One People. Peace, Love and Unity"
Michael AffleckUnterzeichnet: 15:53, 14/08/2014
"I have been putting this idea forward for many years now in conversations with many people all over the world. People are always assuming that more money will solve our problems despite the overwhelming evidence that it causes most of them. This is a great and powerful idea and I have been thinking about making a film or documentary about this and the world that would follow, if you would be interested in collaborating on such a project please contact me and I think we can make something wonderful to spread these ideas. Peace, love and freedom to you all."
samantha kempUnterzeichnet: 23:16, 13/08/2014
adam parsonsUnterzeichnet: 10:57, 12/08/2014
George CumminsUnterzeichnet: 21:18, 08/08/2014
Eva Machado Unterzeichnet: 19:59, 08/08/2014
"I agree with all these statements, and wish we could all be driven by simple principles like love and logic , I hope that through sharing these proposal extends all over the globe, and more people will be willing to live on those same principles. Unfortunately the things happening in the world right now make me not so optimistic about this being a real option on a large scale, on an individual and small scale, I will be working everyday of my life towards it. LOVE "
Ryan DaviesUnterzeichnet: 19:20, 08/08/2014
Kevin O'HaraUnterzeichnet: 19:15, 08/08/2014
Craig TestrowUnterzeichnet: 19:01, 07/08/2014
Pablo BertassoniUnterzeichnet: 15:42, 07/08/2014
William WrightUnterzeichnet: 23:47, 05/08/2014
Jacqueline MillerUnterzeichnet: 16:10, 04/08/2014
"I so wish this would happen one day soon, i really cant take anymore!"
John ManganUnterzeichnet: 08:46, 01/08/2014
James CooperUnterzeichnet: 00:09, 31/07/2014
"Lets bring about the real freedom that we deserve!"
JASON OWENUnterzeichnet: 20:29, 28/07/2014
Harry TeynUnterzeichnet: 12:23, 28/07/2014
Ian GormlieUnterzeichnet: 06:57, 28/07/2014
Emma ManchesterUnterzeichnet: 04:32, 28/07/2014
Lesley RodgersUnterzeichnet: 02:51, 28/07/2014
Douglas OgisiUnterzeichnet: 14:16, 27/07/2014
"Indeed, This charter is a bold step in the right direction. There are many skeptical questions about how this would work but those questions, in my opinion, represent the living challenge of controlling our own socioeconomic evolution."
Harry TeynUnterzeichnet: 09:53, 27/07/2014
Joshua austinUnterzeichnet: 21:34, 26/07/2014
Sean WhitfieldUnterzeichnet: 11:30, 20/07/2014
Shaun McPhersonUnterzeichnet: 11:29, 20/07/2014
michael beckUnterzeichnet: 11:22, 20/07/2014
Jeremy ShoosmithUnterzeichnet: 10:21, 20/07/2014
Ricardo AlarconUnterzeichnet: 19:50, 17/07/2014
akos nagyUnterzeichnet: 14:57, 17/07/2014
"Got rid of the banking system and money based economy. "
Sarah BettanyUnterzeichnet: 17:30, 14/07/2014
Louise FaircloughUnterzeichnet: 13:38, 10/07/2014
Catherine GreenallUnterzeichnet: 11:24, 10/07/2014
"This is the most logical, fair and sustainable set of principles that I have ever encountered. It should be implemented now."
Steve MoyesUnterzeichnet: 09:43, 10/07/2014
Richard A. VickUnterzeichnet: 06:56, 10/07/2014
Neil KirbyUnterzeichnet: 20:53, 09/07/2014
Ash FranklynUnterzeichnet: 20:01, 09/07/2014
"I couldn't put i was from planet earth , so i suppose i had to put where i currently live, anyway i have been trying to get this message across to a lot of people for along , but i have never been able to get it across properly, this is perfect thank you keep it up , if this spreads use it wisely "
Gavin AnthonyUnterzeichnet: 23:41, 08/07/2014
"Things must change. The world is broken and we need to unite for change, we are change. We need to live in balance with Mother Nature. Our roots need nurturing, we need to become human beings again and stop acing like animals."
Derek ShielUnterzeichnet: 17:51, 08/07/2014
David WindleyUnterzeichnet: 22:46, 07/07/2014
andre kumUnterzeichnet: 17:26, 07/07/2014
"The Free world charter is more than a document it is a way to a better future .Akum."
Connor ShepherdUnterzeichnet: 23:27, 06/07/2014
John LangfordUnterzeichnet: 23:17, 06/07/2014
"dreams can come true"

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