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cyd parkUnterzeichnet: 19:46, 25/10/2017
Genevieve FlightUnterzeichnet: 00:08, 23/10/2017
"Genevieve Flight is the Priestess of Lunar Logos & Ancient Healing Initiator @ Shambhallah Healing Center.. "
Frank BowmanUnterzeichnet: 07:28, 20/10/2017
"RBE Off Grid Farm Renewables Durables infrastructure Co-operative held for Transition to Moneyless Culture."
Susan CunninghamUnterzeichnet: 00:03, 20/10/2017
Laurence SlavinUnterzeichnet: 13:54, 18/10/2017
Lynda MurrayUnterzeichnet: 14:49, 07/10/2017
Nicola WallaceUnterzeichnet: 15:35, 05/10/2017
Josh EasthamUnterzeichnet: 14:00, 25/09/2017
Gary ScottUnterzeichnet: 14:38, 21/09/2017
Jane RichardsUnterzeichnet: 17:47, 20/09/2017
Phoebe ShoreUnterzeichnet: 07:53, 20/09/2017
Michael GunnUnterzeichnet: 16:37, 19/09/2017
Mark JonesUnterzeichnet: 18:05, 18/09/2017
Naomi MurphyUnterzeichnet: 20:19, 15/09/2017
"Beautifully optimistic "
Andrew RoninsonUnterzeichnet: 15:35, 14/09/2017
"This is the future"
Nick SellenUnterzeichnet: 12:42, 14/09/2017
Rachel WardUnterzeichnet: 20:55, 11/09/2017
Rebecca GibsonUnterzeichnet: 01:55, 09/09/2017
Steven HarryUnterzeichnet: 20:12, 06/09/2017
James GundryUnterzeichnet: 12:47, 31/08/2017
"Imagine you've gone for a stroll in vest and shorts. The weather becomes blistering hot as the day goes on. You have no cash nor card on you for a cold drink, so you wait until you get home all hot, bothered, dehydrated and exhausted. Now imagine the same stroll where the weather gets really hot really quick. You walk into a supplier (not a store) and greet the shelf-stacker...you grab a cold water from the shelf and consume it. You say goodbye to the shelf-stacker and continue on with your day. Just a silly example...but is it really that silly to imagine a circumstance like this? #FreeWorld "
Kate TalbotUnterzeichnet: 18:23, 30/08/2017
Joanna GodolphinUnterzeichnet: 15:01, 30/08/2017
Angela DunningUnterzeichnet: 20:28, 28/08/2017
gary cheshireUnterzeichnet: 17:07, 27/08/2017
"If not you then who"
Heather HattersleyUnterzeichnet: 21:09, 26/08/2017
Genevieve AsseoUnterzeichnet: 18:41, 20/08/2017
Shelley LondonUnterzeichnet: 20:26, 15/08/2017
"Love Peace Truth "
Lesley BurdettUnterzeichnet: 21:11, 14/08/2017
"Little steps #beleive "
Seanna RockUnterzeichnet: 13:47, 14/08/2017
Rose OkeefeUnterzeichnet: 11:58, 09/08/2017
David WinterUnterzeichnet: 15:27, 08/08/2017
"If we all strive at least, in everything we do, to produce more that we consume, we're more than half way to a world of achievable abundance."
Lina Bruzaite Unterzeichnet: 14:34, 06/08/2017
Darren CurtisUnterzeichnet: 23:15, 04/08/2017
"A kind and gentle guide sharing love, light and healing"
George HattersleyUnterzeichnet: 17:43, 04/08/2017
"Can't believe I haven't signed this yet haha. Should've done years ago"
Giedrius SarkaUnterzeichnet: 23:44, 27/07/2017
Karen ReevesUnterzeichnet: 15:05, 25/07/2017
Noreen GriffithsUnterzeichnet: 22:31, 23/07/2017
"For the survival of future generations."
Rob JamesUnterzeichnet: 01:49, 23/07/2017
"Wakey wakey...it's time for change folks!"
Kenny ClarkUnterzeichnet: 07:06, 22/07/2017
Kirsty MacRaeUnterzeichnet: 20:51, 17/07/2017
Beverley RobertsUnterzeichnet: 20:10, 17/07/2017
melony gallagherUnterzeichnet: 17:18, 17/07/2017
"I am hoping to create a Ubuntu Contributionism circle in Plymouth, Devon, UK. Find me or Ubuntu Plymouth facebook group or email for more info. The world is awakening!"
Reuben PuddyUnterzeichnet: 09:16, 17/07/2017
Lee WelchUnterzeichnet: 11:54, 16/07/2017
"Building community through labours of love with other conscious individuals and groups"
ricky linsdellUnterzeichnet: 09:30, 16/07/2017
Jordon Annon Unterzeichnet: 06:35, 15/07/2017
Stuart BrassUnterzeichnet: 21:11, 14/07/2017
"Firmly believe that the economical, ecological and social paradigms will have to be (or indeed maybe forced to be) changed."
Suzy EcclesUnterzeichnet: 20:58, 14/07/2017
Nadia JamesUnterzeichnet: 00:01, 27/06/2017
James GreenUnterzeichnet: 20:00, 07/06/2017

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