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Laura Lumachi HuntonUnterzeichnet: 15:02, 31/05/2017
"I do welcome this Charter and its founders' enterprising spirit in getting it together and circulated thus far. Whilst I agree with all the principles in it, the 8th one is worded a bit ambiguously due to its reference to 'progress'. The 'pursuit of progress' has been the shallow mantra of Western civilisation for the last two to three centuries and has been used to promote & justify an iniquitous economic system that has brought our precious planet to the current brink of collapse. I would prefer for that much abused word to be taken out of the Charter. I have a further problem with the application of 'logic' and 'knowledge' being used as criteria to promote the so-called progress: who defines logic and knowledge? Human beings squabble constantly about such concepts! I would personally redefine this principle less ambiguously. Principle 9) is so much clearer and unambiguous. "
Rishi Mehta Unterzeichnet: 00:23, 31/05/2017
"So strange, literally this morning I drafted the following and know stumbled across your site: (Re)Investment trumps saving (hoarding of wealth by the rich and corporations means capital is not being re-employed) Free Markets/Trade trumps corporate tax cuts as it gives rise to competition and best deal for consumers (requires regulators to prevent monopolies forming) Economic growth requires prosperous employment (not zero hour contracts, sub-living wages, in-work poverty) Economic growth requires value creation, i.e. both creativity and making something of value (all else will be automated) Economic growth with prosperous & sustainable consumption per citizen trumps GDP (wasting stuff makes GDP go up, and also doesn't take into account environmental costs or population growth) (There are more points I can't fit...) "
Nathan MccarthyUnterzeichnet: 05:25, 30/05/2017
Stephanie LeatherUnterzeichnet: 07:48, 26/05/2017
Chris SetzUnterzeichnet: 12:57, 25/05/2017
Chris AllenUnterzeichnet: 23:30, 24/05/2017
Steven Blackwood Unterzeichnet: 22:06, 11/05/2017
Samuel EcclesUnterzeichnet: 10:36, 11/05/2017
Julie JohnsonUnterzeichnet: 10:28, 08/05/2017
Diana Da SilvaUnterzeichnet: 19:42, 06/05/2017
Julie WaitUnterzeichnet: 07:04, 06/05/2017
linda RobinsonUnterzeichnet: 11:54, 05/05/2017
richard blongUnterzeichnet: 14:07, 04/05/2017
Manuel AssisUnterzeichnet: 00:33, 02/05/2017
Michael WoodUnterzeichnet: 22:28, 30/04/2017
Michael SweetloveUnterzeichnet: 10:53, 27/04/2017
Sean WallaceUnterzeichnet: 00:56, 26/04/2017
Peter Paul ParkerUnterzeichnet: 15:47, 19/04/2017
"I ca see the world needs to change and people need to cooperate and not compete to build the world we all want to live in."
Matthew LuscombeUnterzeichnet: 15:41, 12/04/2017
"I have been lending my artistic skills freely all my life, most recently to the Ubuntu Movement. Sharing my gifts freely has always made sense."
Patsy RobinsonUnterzeichnet: 21:54, 09/04/2017
Mark PrestonUnterzeichnet: 18:15, 05/04/2017
Cheri ScottUnterzeichnet: 10:23, 02/04/2017
Christina stainton Unterzeichnet: 19:54, 31/03/2017
"Hi I'm Christina "
Oliver FreemanUnterzeichnet: 16:17, 31/03/2017
Susan LandUnterzeichnet: 01:32, 30/03/2017
Carol MansellUnterzeichnet: 16:17, 25/03/2017
"Likes meeting people. Loves music from earlier times. Is limited by work requirements. Has a disability but loves life especially my dog. "
Siobhan JoyceUnterzeichnet: 20:52, 24/03/2017
"See it.. Breathe it.. Live it.. Love it.. LIFE!!"
Heiko VermeulenUnterzeichnet: 18:37, 24/03/2017
Stephen PeoXhaUnterzeichnet: 13:05, 20/03/2017
jack underwoodUnterzeichnet: 19:43, 18/03/2017
Emma RobertsUnterzeichnet: 13:39, 16/03/2017
Alison ChurchillUnterzeichnet: 13:33, 15/03/2017
"And no religion please"
issei sawadaUnterzeichnet: 09:16, 13/03/2017
"If we can envision it, we can achieve it. Cutting the middleman had always been the business acumen and doing away with money will be for the greater good of all and not just for the few. Brilliant idea! This will take mankind to new heights of consciousness. No more falsified authenticity behind pretenses but real authenticity at its core values based on real care."
lee wetherallUnterzeichnet: 21:56, 28/02/2017
Deborah HallUnterzeichnet: 21:19, 28/02/2017
Luke HarvellUnterzeichnet: 14:12, 28/02/2017
Laura RusinaiteUnterzeichnet: 22:07, 16/02/2017
"Sadly point nr. 7 is based on a false and limiting belief that natural resources are limited. We were tricked into believing it by the elites/greedy corporations.The reason for that is to make us feel guilty for the damage caused to our planet, which is actually caused by them, not us. Another reason is to create more taxes (for example, tax cars for CO2 emission) in order to keep the majority poor. Having said that, I do believe that we should use just the right amount of what we need - not too much and not too little."
Afeni NevilleUnterzeichnet: 06:47, 16/02/2017
John-Paul MarlettaUnterzeichnet: 21:35, 15/02/2017
Aida IszattUnterzeichnet: 10:15, 06/02/2017
"Money is just a tool used to exploit the majority of population by the small number elite. So lets live a different way without the use of money. Its a key to our own personal internal revolution. Try and you might enjoy the journey. It might be scary but love the fear and it will go away. "
Catherine HughesUnterzeichnet: 14:19, 03/02/2017
Lauren OttewillUnterzeichnet: 14:40, 02/02/2017
"I will sing anywhere at any moment as singing to me is breath for a free home and food organic and meditations I will offer free life coaching sessions for petrol and heating and water and I will offer interviews on my tv station on YouTube to be able to to have massages and physio and travel That's my offers Can we do this? I will also run meditations and fun groups for a car and central heating costs and anything eise people want to offer "
Barbara Anne RobertsUnterzeichnet: 19:45, 01/02/2017
Zuzana GlosovaUnterzeichnet: 14:29, 31/01/2017
Ann BywaterUnterzeichnet: 23:10, 29/01/2017
Steven BennettUnterzeichnet: 18:28, 27/01/2017
Michael GroveUnterzeichnet: 10:07, 26/01/2017
"”THERE IS nothing more difficult to carry out, nor more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to handle than to initiate a new order of things. For the reformer has enemies in all who profit by the old order, and only luke-warm defenders in all those who would profit by the new order” ~ Machiavelli - The Prince - 1513 BY effectively taking down the historic 4th WALL that kept us separate from NATURE and BY embracing the very fact that What IS Possible NOW, was never possible before - the passengers of Spaceship Earth in Freespace 4D, are embarking on a new collective relationship with NATURE, which establishes a timeless zone for communication and commerce in4D™ by realising the dream of a common language in4D™ and the whole IDEA is to reclaim y[our] species lost relationship, as a constituent component of NATURE, through a permanent manifestation of the original concept of The ART of the POSSIBLE. CARE OF EARTH • CARE OF PEOPLE • FAIR SHARE "
Edward HardingUnterzeichnet: 22:37, 23/01/2017
"Let's do it. Loving your work!"
Eva FernandesUnterzeichnet: 17:52, 22/01/2017
"Being the change I want to see in the world"
Monique Klang-VovesUnterzeichnet: 23:09, 20/01/2017
"Time to get some values back "

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