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D. BourdeauUnterzeichnet: 22:53, 11/07/2015
Joan AlvarezUnterzeichnet: 21:09, 11/07/2015
Mike PorteousUnterzeichnet: 20:08, 11/07/2015
"The elite will fight this tooth and nail! This totally goes against their New World Order! I gladly sign this fully knowing that if the Elite get their chance...this registry will be a hit list for them! And they will try to kill us all!"
Tanya MatthewsUnterzeichnet: 17:54, 11/07/2015
Stacey Craig Unterzeichnet: 17:16, 11/07/2015
Tommy SavoieUnterzeichnet: 11:39, 11/07/2015
jeremy rafuseUnterzeichnet: 10:37, 11/07/2015
"When in doubt refer to rule number one. However I strongly feel that we have over looked preservation of culture. This should not be looked at as division of origin but as an expression of diversity that we can all gain valuable knowledge from. "
Jesse ForgetUnterzeichnet: 09:27, 11/07/2015
"I've always dreamed of a world that would be like this, but I only found this website today. I'm happy at least 50 000 people are with me on this! The more people realize, the faster the world will change."
Megan IrelandUnterzeichnet: 02:21, 10/07/2015
"Hello Friends, I have never given up hope that this may be actualized. I am a metaphysician and have relied on soul during my time on earth; I have begun everyday here with the attitude to share happiness, (but not annoyingly:) *While building this non monetary system in my head the major problem I foresaw was how do people get unique things they want, such as clothes, dishes and art if they have nothing to trade? This is my answer; If I am in school or at work, the time I put in goes into an account. This "time" can be subtracted from the account when receiving an item. Yes I understand it is like money, but because everyone has been raised doing something they LOVE, the whole perception would be different. If all of society does what they love, they will be happy to make what they love and give it away to the people who have contributed to that society.* I would leave NOW and join ANYONE to promote this and take the steps to seeing this through! ASK ME and I will! This is the onlyway"
Eva Toth PalUnterzeichnet: 04:26, 09/07/2015
Thierry MathisUnterzeichnet: 23:23, 07/07/2015
Al MUnterzeichnet: 12:28, 06/07/2015
Kenneth WesselUnterzeichnet: 12:16, 05/07/2015
Chris BrownUnterzeichnet: 09:15, 02/07/2015
"good stuff....would be a better place without money....."
Vlad MoraruUnterzeichnet: 16:32, 29/06/2015
André LeblondUnterzeichnet: 19:46, 28/06/2015
ed darwinUnterzeichnet: 15:32, 25/06/2015
" carry forward under your banner. Good wishes for DS. Name is relevant for us (Ed Darwin). For DSji, name is not relevant. DS says, name is not relevant as much as the cause is and he wants you to roar forward with the cause ...it is worth living and fighting for. THE ORIGINAL PLACE FROM where all this CHARTER arrives ... search it on google and u will find the ed darwin posts for cashless cooperatives with date as well. cashlesscooperatives . blogspot . ca cashlesscooperatives . blogspot . in "
Marc D'AndreisUnterzeichnet: 02:11, 25/06/2015
"Let us no focus on things that go boom. "
André Lalancette Unterzeichnet: 22:24, 23/06/2015
"My wish is to live free of stress that this world is putting us through! That the poor and hungry never have to go though life without food shelter and clothing. That we all live in peace for the common goal of humanity equal rights to all citizens of the world. May this day come soon. For humanity looks bleak."
Jean PaquetUnterzeichnet: 22:16, 23/06/2015
Rita DoucetUnterzeichnet: 05:08, 20/06/2015
alan bunceUnterzeichnet: 09:33, 19/06/2015
Louis AyotteUnterzeichnet: 02:15, 18/06/2015
Roy WallaceUnterzeichnet: 18:21, 16/06/2015
Leda CedarUnterzeichnet: 16:39, 16/06/2015
"So glad to see this and well done so as to prevent trolls from skewing the focus."
Karley EhrmanUnterzeichnet: 06:48, 16/06/2015
"Absolutely Brilliant! I have been searching for this exact community my whole life! Nice to know there are 50,192 others who think like me. :)"
Bob WalkerUnterzeichnet: 00:52, 16/06/2015
"I wish to discuss the "Intentional Community" lifestyle. Specifically ideas on a 'Charter', or 'By-Laws' for a community to govern itself simply. I have Land and open to interested parties to live/work/share."
Teri McMillanUnterzeichnet: 19:01, 15/06/2015
HEATHER SargentUnterzeichnet: 01:07, 15/06/2015
Cynthia SmithUnterzeichnet: 11:17, 13/06/2015
Bronwyn ClaireUnterzeichnet: 21:39, 11/06/2015
Ian RobinsonUnterzeichnet: 00:42, 11/06/2015
Pamela Lynn~ F.Unterzeichnet: 16:12, 10/06/2015
Cynthia PaynterUnterzeichnet: 12:58, 10/06/2015
Diane Beatty-WearingUnterzeichnet: 12:35, 10/06/2015
Dean HammondUnterzeichnet: 14:44, 09/06/2015
"Certainly this IS the answer, I hope it is not a dream too big. It`s hard to have all the answers, we do know, the elite will not like this. *there are elite on so many levels. It takes away the power their accomplishments have provided. But nothing happens without a dream and without imagination. Happy to sign this charter. Truth light and love Dean H. "
jocelyn baronUnterzeichnet: 03:56, 09/06/2015
jeff majorUnterzeichnet: 13:34, 06/06/2015
Craig BrownUnterzeichnet: 12:00, 06/06/2015
Christine MisztalUnterzeichnet: 11:25, 06/06/2015
A D MitchellUnterzeichnet: 20:20, 05/06/2015
Lua MiazgaUnterzeichnet: 15:58, 05/06/2015
"This gives me hope in humanity :)"
Tanisha PattersonUnterzeichnet: 02:31, 30/05/2015
alysia hammellUnterzeichnet: 02:07, 30/05/2015
Marie CarsonUnterzeichnet: 23:41, 29/05/2015
"Love will save us all."
Rachel AdairUnterzeichnet: 21:53, 29/05/2015
Paul HaslemUnterzeichnet: 13:09, 29/05/2015
Susan DrydenUnterzeichnet: 13:08, 29/05/2015
jaki fraserUnterzeichnet: 10:44, 29/05/2015
Barb HoltUnterzeichnet: 06:13, 29/05/2015
"When I was a young girl I knew the planet belonged to all, and that we all should be allowed free of charge to fly around it and explore. Our inherent love shows us to feed a baby, care, and feel for eachother and So much more. Love is known to our hearts and doable. This resolves impoverish acts.... and greed....Love is the answer. Im all in for working for the betterment of all and would rest so peacefully knowing you have what you need. Sharing abound...........Peace be unto you......"

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