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Mark Hutchinson Unterzeichnet: 02:05, 10/03/2017
Ranald HooperUnterzeichnet: 00:46, 10/03/2017
"I would like to train troubled youth in the realities of life."
jayson bedardUnterzeichnet: 07:10, 03/03/2017
"happy to see im not the only who see what the world could be instead of remaining in the "well thats how it is " mindstate "
jason campbellUnterzeichnet: 12:47, 19/02/2017
Dezmond ParkerUnterzeichnet: 08:01, 06/02/2017
"please help us succeed "
Tanya BeamUnterzeichnet: 17:25, 05/02/2017
"I believe the world is becoming more greedy and less in tune with our earthly home. The big companies and certain world leaders are pushing stupidity and less critical thinking apon its "citizens", causing them to focus on their ego, pride, and other things to distract them from the dying world. They distract people with ego centered music and television programs. They pay other companies to suppress critial and important questions. I hope one day all humans will work together for the sake humanity, share knowlegde and realize every part of the world is our home. We can live off the world for free and advance more quickly together becoming wiser in the process. I believe in this planet and wish to make a difference in any way I can. :)"
Dean Paul Joseph BallegeerUnterzeichnet: 02:16, 02/02/2017
Edoardo PavarinUnterzeichnet: 23:26, 01/02/2017
Helene LevasseurUnterzeichnet: 01:52, 26/01/2017
Monique GlineauUnterzeichnet: 11:28, 25/01/2017
Trinda SavardUnterzeichnet: 03:59, 25/01/2017
Ginette CoderreUnterzeichnet: 03:52, 25/01/2017
Julie BrunetUnterzeichnet: 03:15, 25/01/2017
grard st-pierreUnterzeichnet: 02:40, 25/01/2017
Jean HudonUnterzeichnet: 02:31, 25/01/2017
David ZantolasUnterzeichnet: 20:04, 16/01/2017
"I've been hoping someone would start putting these ideas together. We need to move forward fixing our world, it's the only one we have."
Craig LewisUnterzeichnet: 07:17, 13/01/2017
"I Craig G, Lewis, will do, above and beyond my own abilities, and capabilities, to Stand and Support the Free World Chater. It is ALL our Futures. Craig G. Lewis Friday 13, 2017 Well it's Friday 13, 2019 Time we get reconnected :) Blessing for this oppertunity to Server, Share and Save, our World! "
Josanne SinclaireUnterzeichnet: 16:44, 02/01/2017
Chris MacdonaldUnterzeichnet: 00:50, 01/01/2017
Fedor TcherkachineUnterzeichnet: 18:20, 30/12/2016
Sandra ScowUnterzeichnet: 00:30, 23/12/2016
Walter DullemondUnterzeichnet: 22:48, 11/12/2016
Frans DullemondUnterzeichnet: 22:37, 11/12/2016
"Let us get rid of money and banks!"
Bailee ClowesUnterzeichnet: 03:22, 10/12/2016
Matthew SmithUnterzeichnet: 19:31, 09/12/2016
"This is brilliant! Thank you so much for doing this. You have summed up my beliefs in totality. I would love to help promote this cause. Best of wishes, Matt "theProphet" Smith CEO and Founder of The Infidel Netwerk Artist, Musician, and Philospher Collective - http://www.theinfidelnetwerk.com"
Ryan WhittekerUnterzeichnet: 20:34, 04/12/2016
Tibor RozsahegyiUnterzeichnet: 23:43, 26/11/2016
Anna PascalUnterzeichnet: 11:53, 26/11/2016
Richard WrightUnterzeichnet: 03:54, 18/11/2016
"The Galactic Federation is here to assist us with this plan. I am 100% certain we will attain these goals. "
Lloyd Allan MacPhersonUnterzeichnet: 22:20, 17/11/2016
"Hey, I've been a hard-core contributionist since 2009. I've logged thousands of hours of volunteer work towards music, photography, video, historic property restoration, and fund raising - I want to flip the paradigm and create fundraisers for municipal units to do so. "
Tyson ShamanUnterzeichnet: 15:26, 11/11/2016
Maureen CollinsUnterzeichnet: 15:55, 10/11/2016
Robert GrammerUnterzeichnet: 09:02, 03/11/2016
richard benoitUnterzeichnet: 22:14, 30/10/2016
"pour l volution sa c est gnial, la pleine libert pour tous et mettre ses talents au service de la socit..bravo."
Cynthia McMillanUnterzeichnet: 14:18, 29/10/2016
Lori MellomUnterzeichnet: 11:30, 29/10/2016
Andrew HallUnterzeichnet: 00:46, 27/10/2016
James LottUnterzeichnet: 18:04, 26/10/2016
"I'm ready for revolution."
Ibrahim AbdurazagUnterzeichnet: 17:53, 19/10/2016
"Free World. we need to make this happen and every one needs to wake up "
Adam ChammouryUnterzeichnet: 03:45, 19/10/2016
"This needs to be shared to every single human being on this planet so we can finally overthrow the elite 1% and reclaim our planet as a new evolved species of human. "
Jacob ScowUnterzeichnet: 19:27, 11/10/2016
Hila RussUnterzeichnet: 23:40, 09/10/2016
K TUnterzeichnet: 21:06, 09/10/2016
Deanna LaValley Unterzeichnet: 17:03, 09/10/2016
Byron BarwickUnterzeichnet: 16:56, 09/10/2016
carol seligUnterzeichnet: 13:28, 09/10/2016
Stefan SeligUnterzeichnet: 13:19, 09/10/2016
Derryl ReidUnterzeichnet: 18:19, 06/10/2016
Nathan Isbister Unterzeichnet: 17:42, 04/10/2016

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