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Hans BernertUnterzeichnet: 04:10, 18/06/2016
Judy FavidsonUnterzeichnet: 16:26, 17/06/2016
"As many begin to awaken from the matrix, we can take our power back in peace and cooperation and in fair, care and share virtues. As a visionary, I see a bright new future starting here and now. Many are coming together to create this now. New systems are in place and are unfolding. This is a glorious time to live in and to be part of the evolution that is now taking place. Namaste to all Judy "
Tyler VansonUnterzeichnet: 18:40, 16/06/2016
Monika WrightUnterzeichnet: 13:29, 16/06/2016
Brad Tomlinson Unterzeichnet: 21:18, 15/06/2016
"We need to take care of the planet and avoid being too materialistic. "
TODD WATSONUnterzeichnet: 02:16, 15/06/2016
Deborah PirzkUnterzeichnet: 20:08, 14/06/2016
"This is great use for social media...the more we stop & think the better off this planet we call home will be for future generations http://onegreenplanet.org/crushplastic It saddens me to know more than 40% of species hav or r on the brink of extinction....all within my lifetime of 5 decades.. Now future generations will never know the many jewels of the animal kingdom that had an important role in Mother Natures perfect balance. We may not speak their language but our fellow creatures understand us better than we ourselves can. Let us be their voice for their right to compassion & freedom to live without fear of mankinds maddness, greed & undeserving entitlement to mother earths resources. http://www.collective-evolution.com/2016/06/13/elite-scientists-sign-declaration-stating-animals-have-conscious-awareness-just-like-humans/ ~♡~ A soul remains unawake until touched by the love of an animal ~ a soul is born to walk in peace & with kindness to all creation...~♤~ "
Diane adolphUnterzeichnet: 04:01, 14/06/2016
Kevin PedersenUnterzeichnet: 21:14, 13/06/2016
Maja RajacicUnterzeichnet: 20:58, 13/06/2016
"I am very happy that such organization exists...we have to start changing... Very happy to be part of it. Thank you."
Angelika MolosnikovUnterzeichnet: 16:10, 13/06/2016
Benjamin Jackson Unterzeichnet: 08:26, 06/06/2016
Yovan ReverUnterzeichnet: 00:24, 06/06/2016
David KingUnterzeichnet: 00:23, 06/06/2016
Line HacheUnterzeichnet: 05:19, 05/06/2016
Ray DzuganUnterzeichnet: 20:10, 04/06/2016
"Finally some common sense in an increasingly crazy world. Looking forward to learning more...and helping out where I can with these important issues that our society is facing. I encourage everyone to spread the word."
ANTIONETTA FEDELEUnterzeichnet: 12:07, 03/06/2016
Peter Martin Unterzeichnet: 16:04, 02/06/2016
Connor FishersUnterzeichnet: 17:50, 30/05/2016
"Excellent, I support this movement fully. The only thing I cannot understand is, who will do the horrible jobs? The jobs that cannot yet be done by a machine? I run a rubber mill in a rubber mixing plant. Its hot, dirty, and poses health risks from exposure to chemicals. We need rubber for all sorts of tech, we will continue to need it in whatever future we create? I cannot see the incentive for anyone to do that job (or any number of pedestrian factory jobs) in this proposed system with no money. I would like to know your plan to get around this. I don't think machines are so helpful yet that we can all just do jobs we like."
keesha clarkeUnterzeichnet: 13:37, 25/05/2016
Jessica ReidUnterzeichnet: 04:27, 22/05/2016
Daniel TurcotteUnterzeichnet: 03:18, 22/05/2016
emil dimitrovUnterzeichnet: 20:05, 21/05/2016
"Who is running the organization? How are you planning to get the rich people to agree to such a society? Revolution...Guns...We as Human beings have to change our way of thinking...it is the only and the way I see it...impossible!!!"
les SalterUnterzeichnet: 14:22, 21/05/2016
penny beggsUnterzeichnet: 19:27, 19/05/2016
val whiteUnterzeichnet: 06:03, 19/05/2016
Grazyna MielczarekUnterzeichnet: 19:29, 13/05/2016
Lise BoisvertUnterzeichnet: 04:09, 12/05/2016
"Paix Amour Harmonie Sant pour tout les peuples de la terre et de l'Un ivers!!!"
Heather DevineUnterzeichnet: 02:08, 12/05/2016
Dwayne RobbieUnterzeichnet: 18:08, 11/05/2016
"We must evolve or surely we shall perish. "
howard derksonUnterzeichnet: 21:57, 08/05/2016
"take a giant walk outside of your mind,earth belongs to every animal born on this planet"
Tina Ms.TUnterzeichnet: 20:12, 07/05/2016
Luc DucharmeUnterzeichnet: 02:50, 04/05/2016
Dennis KittmerUnterzeichnet: 12:54, 03/05/2016
LEA PietracupaUnterzeichnet: 16:23, 01/05/2016
Isaac SlemkoUnterzeichnet: 18:20, 30/04/2016
"I think that this charter would help the world a lot, it would get rid of starvation, the homeless and much more. Thank you for making this charter, and I encourage people to sign it."
Mike SlemkoUnterzeichnet: 16:50, 28/04/2016
"I apologize if I've already signed and registered through my little bits of help on the sidelines of co creating this wonderful website, charter, and everything else that goes with it. "
Catherine JeanUnterzeichnet: 17:52, 27/04/2016
Karine CloutierUnterzeichnet: 17:16, 27/04/2016
Steve BretonUnterzeichnet: 16:49, 27/04/2016
"La principale proccupation de l'humanit est de cultiver l'Amour pour en faire bnficier l'ensemble du vivant et du non vivant."
mlanie fortinUnterzeichnet: 16:16, 27/04/2016
Nancy KomoUnterzeichnet: 17:35, 26/04/2016
"Been having this vision of a free world since I was a teenager (I am now 50), but the damage of the economic system is anchored too deep and the ramifications have spread in every layer of the system... I am afraid there is no way back and world leaders will never let go or change this system that maintains their wealthy status and their power. Also, modern humans have been so brainwashed and accustomed to this way of living (consumer society $$$), that most have lost the ability to see things differently... Unfortunately, the real power to change things reside in the hands of those who maintain us in this web of economic chaos."
REI ANN HUANGUnterzeichnet: 16:06, 25/04/2016
Janet MiszczyszynUnterzeichnet: 19:53, 24/04/2016
"I was dreaming about this, since I was 10 years old, I remember asking my father why we need money, we can just exchange things. "
Lisa SavaugeUnterzeichnet: 21:19, 23/04/2016
Sarah SmithUnterzeichnet: 23:52, 22/04/2016
Yves ThomassinUnterzeichnet: 18:13, 22/04/2016
Troy MegillUnterzeichnet: 17:41, 22/04/2016
"Thank you for doing this, it is time for all of us to sign off on the corporate trap of consumerism, and sign up on our own sovereign doctrine that serve humanity at its highest, with everything considering our home planet"
Ez oUnterzeichnet: 19:01, 20/04/2016
"I and so happy i found this and Im all for it in every possible way but I am a engineering student and Im not too sure me and 90% of my peers would be in engineering if it weren't for the job benefits. Because it really is stressful. University and working for a diploma can take the life out of you so im just not too sure that all this new technology that is going to reduce labour will actually be provided. It is me and my lazy generation who will be designing and producing these things. If we think we can get through life lounging around because there is nothing well need to do to survive, then nothing will get done. Because too few have a passion for hyperbolic functions crazy math things that mostly involve memorizing Unless the curriculums are changed. But who is going to plan and map out this new society? I have also tried to explain SEVERAL times to people how all humans are equal. and we are the same animal with 99% same DNA we want all the same things. but people dont agree"
Michael Vandenberg Unterzeichnet: 13:03, 20/04/2016

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