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herve richaudUnterzeichnet: 03:46, 16/04/2018
" I donated The New Human Rights Movement to Vancouver Island Libraries"
Shirley WalshUnterzeichnet: 04:23, 11/04/2018
Justin GoodwinUnterzeichnet: 15:10, 03/04/2018
"It’s time to fix the world and the people. Change needs to happen now. We need to drop our current system and work towards a common goal that brings us together not separates us further like our current system. "
Matthew DastiUnterzeichnet: 21:32, 26/03/2018
Corey HermkensUnterzeichnet: 11:19, 25/03/2018
"Generosity and Gratitude Prosperity and Abundance Unity Peace and Dignity So be it! So be it! So be it! And so it is! Amen"
Patricia BeausejourUnterzeichnet: 21:58, 24/03/2018
"Sincerely hope that the big majority of people living on Earth will sign this Chart. Patricia Beauséjour"
Kelly LiuUnterzeichnet: 16:13, 17/03/2018
Trevor BatiukUnterzeichnet: 15:00, 28/02/2018
Caelan HartUnterzeichnet: 04:48, 20/02/2018
"I'm sad that this has to be a "movement". I hope that one day, compassion and cooperation is just how humans operate."
Teddy GrovenUnterzeichnet: 06:50, 15/02/2018
"When we look at the mind set and body stress that we currently have in our social systems,the way we operate on a day to day basis we think we have to have more,we have to get ahead,hence we have to strive harder. We do all of this just to see or believe one thing-we are better than our fellowman. "
Marie-Hélène Carette Unterzeichnet: 17:13, 13/02/2018
Mathew EddyUnterzeichnet: 20:11, 06/02/2018
Ian MacPheeUnterzeichnet: 10:33, 29/01/2018
"I Believe in You and the Natural Contributions you offer the World. Through Peace and Advanced thinking in an Awakened World, We can All make a difference Together. Equal opportunities,food, security and a warm place to sleep should be available to everyone.Namaste"
Shahla NygaardUnterzeichnet: 17:03, 25/01/2018
Denis BretonUnterzeichnet: 17:44, 16/01/2018
"Dans l'ensemble j'adhère à votre proposition de charte. Toutefois, on spécifie 'sans obligations' : au sens de 'sans contrainte', ça me paraît excellent. Par ailleurs, je crois qu'il faut affirmer la responsabilité de chacun : nous avons des droits et des devoirs."
Joe TUnterzeichnet: 20:45, 14/01/2018
"Make it happen, Venus project style or otherwise "
Benjamin MooreUnterzeichnet: 03:47, 12/01/2018
Carole BissonnetteUnterzeichnet: 23:43, 08/01/2018
"Pourquoi ne pas expérimenter ce nouveau genre de communauté basée sur des valeurs beaucoup plus saines et de partage. La compétition, l'argent et le pouvoir ça ne fait que séparer les êtres humains. "
Marie HudonUnterzeichnet: 18:01, 08/01/2018
Thérese Guenette-BeaulieuUnterzeichnet: 01:07, 08/01/2018
GUY PARADISUnterzeichnet: 00:45, 08/01/2018
Réal PépinUnterzeichnet: 23:13, 07/01/2018
Brigitte BourgetUnterzeichnet: 22:32, 07/01/2018
Jean HudonUnterzeichnet: 21:47, 07/01/2018
"Je viens de publier votre excellente Charte à l'attention des 160,000+ abonnés de https://www.facebook.com/EditionsAriane/posts/1769190159771818. Je vous invite à aller y lire comment je l'ai introduite. "
caroline harveyUnterzeichnet: 11:21, 04/01/2018
frank tomeoUnterzeichnet: 03:52, 30/12/2017
Stephan BourgetUnterzeichnet: 15:56, 12/12/2017
Paul MurphyUnterzeichnet: 16:52, 11/12/2017
Rob McWilliamUnterzeichnet: 05:13, 02/12/2017
Joel DenisUnterzeichnet: 00:06, 02/12/2017
Dominique CyrUnterzeichnet: 05:21, 01/12/2017
Joao PereiraUnterzeichnet: 08:02, 20/11/2017
Sanjeev TugnaitUnterzeichnet: 02:07, 16/11/2017
"i wish life was like this"
Robert MowreyUnterzeichnet: 00:31, 13/11/2017
Serge BlouinUnterzeichnet: 16:29, 11/11/2017
"Merci pour cette charte !"
James DeanUnterzeichnet: 23:51, 06/11/2017
Jamie HortonUnterzeichnet: 05:09, 05/11/2017
Takura PatrickUnterzeichnet: 23:16, 04/11/2017
Ernie MacAulayUnterzeichnet: 14:57, 02/11/2017
Chris MacInnisUnterzeichnet: 18:05, 01/11/2017
"The most important idea for humanity since we stopped following the herds and developed agriculture."
Jeannine SchulzUnterzeichnet: 16:29, 01/11/2017
Meghan Wilson Unterzeichnet: 05:59, 01/11/2017
Patrick PaquetteUnterzeichnet: 05:14, 30/10/2017
"freeworlder represents such a great idea - but if it isn't enough, I'll keep working on the Registry: http://www.pppp.ca/registry"
claus gnaedigUnterzeichnet: 22:39, 25/10/2017
"I am all the way with you"
Bhavani BaiUnterzeichnet: 18:04, 25/10/2017
Jori AdankUnterzeichnet: 03:21, 23/10/2017
"Money will enslave you, weather you have it or not"
Dwayne RobbieUnterzeichnet: 14:05, 19/10/2017
"Sick and tired of ALL "ism" economic systems that only benefit a few, while economically enslaving the majority. I envision a world of people encouraged and supported to live up to their maximum potential, rather than being suppressed, controlled and subdued by the systems intentionally designed to keep them economically enslaved. "
Bruce DicksonUnterzeichnet: 21:44, 15/10/2017
Matt KilfoilUnterzeichnet: 05:42, 12/10/2017
"Live like you're dying, and sleep like you just got laid."
Kevin RainbowUnterzeichnet: 19:37, 07/10/2017

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