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Mircea TecueanuPodepsáno: 22:59, 15/05/2013
Voinopol EduardPodepsáno: 09:46, 15/05/2013
Jozsef BariczPodepsáno: 05:33, 15/05/2013
Preda MihaiPodepsáno: 22:23, 14/05/2013
ion voicuPodepsáno: 14:32, 13/05/2013
Galetaru Elena NicoletaPodepsáno: 14:17, 13/05/2013
"I love life! I do not need money to love, to care and to have a decent, happy life. I wish a world without money and complicated systems of sclavity! Thank you for this oportunity to express my feelings about how I would like to live, nobody have asked me before... but I do pay for stuff I don´t need... :) <3"
Vlad AndreeaPodepsáno: 14:19, 10/05/2013
Viorel LupuPodepsáno: 07:07, 08/05/2013
florin vincaPodepsáno: 17:48, 17/04/2013
FLORIN BOTOIPodepsáno: 10:46, 12/04/2013
Isar AlexandruPodepsáno: 18:53, 08/04/2013
Mircea Constantin GeanogluPodepsáno: 02:39, 08/04/2013
"I think that at least we could do is educate the next generation according to theese principles. They will have their chances to heal greed, competition and violence. Our job is to prepare the world for them and we should do it starting today, because a ten thousand miles journey always begins with one step."
Ioana PiteaPodepsáno: 13:29, 05/04/2013
Ana Catalina PopescuPodepsáno: 15:38, 02/04/2013
"Everything was free before we made it cost money"
Catalin PopescuPodepsáno: 15:36, 02/04/2013
"One world, one human species to work together for a better future without money, priests, politicians and pollution"
John StevenPodepsáno: 12:57, 02/04/2013
"I fully agree. Fuck the banks, the corporations, the dynastic families, the rich, their puppet politicians that control the whole slave market economy."
Adriana BuiaPodepsáno: 17:10, 28/03/2013
"I truly believe that this revolution in thinking and acting should take place, it ensures our evolution."
Livia TolocanPodepsáno: 15:04, 28/03/2013
anca ciupaPodepsáno: 19:05, 27/03/2013
Daniel CiunguPodepsáno: 14:49, 27/03/2013
ALINA CRIVEANUPodepsáno: 12:47, 27/03/2013
Madalin StefircaPodepsáno: 11:22, 27/03/2013
Robert Marian BrataPodepsáno: 10:58, 27/03/2013
Ramona LibardiPodepsáno: 10:45, 27/03/2013
Vlad RadulescuPodepsáno: 10:44, 27/03/2013
Freeman DrakePodepsáno: 10:35, 27/03/2013
Merlusca PaulPodepsáno: 09:30, 27/03/2013
"This is how I always felt about life about our planet and about people. A world without money, without debt where we all help each other and driven by common sense."
Alin Mihai MireaPodepsáno: 06:25, 27/03/2013
Razvan BudPodepsáno: 22:45, 26/03/2013
Alexandra MuduraPodepsáno: 22:22, 26/03/2013
"I admire your work! Don't give up! Thank you for standing up!"
ANA VANATUPodepsáno: 23:17, 24/03/2013
"Is great that your organisation exists! Is a deep fresh breath.... "
Nicolae Florin buhaciucPodepsáno: 21:16, 24/03/2013
"a 1000 times yes!"
Iulia MeirosuPodepsáno: 11:01, 24/03/2013
yvo paunPodepsáno: 07:44, 24/03/2013
"who knows if we will have the luck to live such times,it would mean for each individual to wake up on his own to see the reality and yet the individual must wake up at the same time with all ohter individuals to be able to take care of everything that this planet provides for us. I strongly agree with the fact that our society will evolve and grow from all points of view and yet Im asking when will this magic journey will actually be possible to start? when will all the people wake up and unite to create an era of meaningful actions and flourishing life? We dont need to change anything to do all of this except our MINDS AND WILL...and still I wonder again and again.....when we will stop dreaming of infinite versions of utopias and realise that all we have is ready for us and right in front of us, the only thing that is missing is our eyes to see and our minds to comprehend. We have lost ourselves and i wonder again how will all of us wake up in the same time to actually live this?"
Daraban FelixPodepsáno: 07:24, 24/03/2013
"Whell I'm in, where do we start? :)"
Anamaria AndronePodepsáno: 23:15, 23/03/2013
"Thank you for this initiative :)"
lelea danielPodepsáno: 19:24, 23/03/2013
"this is what 7 bilion people whants ..."
Toader IonutPodepsáno: 17:05, 23/03/2013
"This would be something extremely great if it's going to be achieved !"
Angel MudurePodepsáno: 15:26, 23/03/2013
Lucian GrozavPodepsáno: 15:18, 23/03/2013
"Turn the face back to ourselves"
Mocanu OvidiuPodepsáno: 14:31, 23/03/2013
"these things will not happen unless people have faith."
nicolae-teodor ciocPodepsáno: 14:22, 23/03/2013
claudiu ciocPodepsáno: 15:11, 15/03/2013
Scortan Costa-TeodorPodepsáno: 12:08, 15/03/2013
daniela vesaPodepsáno: 10:50, 15/03/2013
Cezar PopescuPodepsáno: 01:47, 15/03/2013
Ionel Adrian AntonescuPodepsáno: 17:23, 14/03/2013
"I am very much intrested in the venus progect , and I would like more informatin on that subject , allsoo I would like too offer my help four this project in anny way I'm able too doo it . I truly know wee nead this change too become a reality as soon as posible ! ! ! "
David SilvianPodepsáno: 11:45, 13/03/2013
dragan consantinPodepsáno: 07:00, 13/03/2013
Visan MadalinaPodepsáno: 14:25, 11/03/2013

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