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Catalin MarchisPodepsáno: 21:35, 19/01/2014
virgil oroianPodepsáno: 19:26, 19/01/2014
Carolina DanceaPodepsáno: 17:42, 19/01/2014
ioan flenheaPodepsáno: 17:18, 19/01/2014
clisu sebastian-liviuPodepsáno: 16:28, 19/01/2014
"good work! i am happy to be here with you"
Laura NPodepsáno: 15:45, 19/01/2014
Nicoleta TulceanuPodepsáno: 15:44, 19/01/2014
"E societatea perfecta."
Mihaela ArchangelPodepsáno: 15:42, 19/01/2014
nicoleta bordeaPodepsáno: 14:43, 19/01/2014
Tomescu Ion DanutPodepsáno: 14:32, 19/01/2014
Eduard IrimieaPodepsáno: 14:00, 19/01/2014
Talan ClaudiaPodepsáno: 13:31, 19/01/2014
"This is my dream!"
ALEXUTA APETREAPodepsáno: 12:49, 19/01/2014
BUZEA RADU FLORINPodepsáno: 11:48, 19/01/2014
"All together united in love, peace, tolerance and harmony, for a world full of joy, without borders, a world of LOOOOVE!!!"
ION OPREAPodepsáno: 10:37, 19/01/2014
"We can do it !! We have to do it !!!"
marian stancuPodepsáno: 09:23, 19/01/2014
Catalin TrandafirPodepsáno: 07:01, 19/01/2014
Mihai VerzeaPodepsáno: 23:31, 18/01/2014
Barbos TudorPodepsáno: 23:14, 18/01/2014
Sitariu OvidiuPodepsáno: 23:06, 18/01/2014
Leonard ChescaPodepsáno: 22:55, 18/01/2014
Adrian BuciumanPodepsáno: 13:27, 18/01/2014
Adrian SavulescuPodepsáno: 15:40, 16/01/2014
Marcu Ionut AlexandruPodepsáno: 12:12, 16/01/2014
Eliza AnghelPodepsáno: 12:06, 16/01/2014
Barbinta DanielaPodepsáno: 11:22, 16/01/2014
Marko TolleaPodepsáno: 09:00, 16/01/2014
"Not only a natural step forward, but a necessity in our evolution."
cosmin horhoceaPodepsáno: 08:16, 16/01/2014
Marius OncescuPodepsáno: 07:50, 16/01/2014
Dan PascalauPodepsáno: 06:30, 16/01/2014
"i hope we will live in a free and better world"
tunaru alexPodepsáno: 01:59, 16/01/2014
PADUREAN GABRIELPodepsáno: 15:32, 07/01/2014
bobo janPodepsáno: 01:59, 07/01/2014
Gabriel StanPodepsáno: 23:53, 05/01/2014
"Let’s free ourselves from the bankers and the reign of money!"
felix rusuPodepsáno: 11:24, 05/01/2014
Cosmo TipPodepsáno: 19:19, 02/01/2014
Iulian AgapiePodepsáno: 23:20, 26/12/2013
"Without money also crime and corruption will be obsolete. Arts and creativity will flourish. Your default state of mind is joyfulness, not stressed."
Tudor CarstoiuPodepsáno: 19:41, 18/12/2013
roman florinPodepsáno: 07:10, 30/11/2013
"Bafta pe mai departe!!!!!!!"
Daday ZoltánPodepsáno: 21:28, 19/11/2013
"Almost completely convinced, but these 10points might not be enough. Also the obligation to contribute part might need some elaboration. Technology is not yet up to this task, but I believe if it would be of every living human's intrest, technology would quickly reach the necessary level of development. Definitely in this decade."
Ioan BoldisPodepsáno: 09:28, 19/11/2013
ionescu mariusPodepsáno: 22:27, 17/11/2013
"yes i whant a better world! whe all need a better whorld without discrimination,wwithout hunger,without sicknes that creat money, i whant to heal that sick that we call it money! "
Bogdan claudiuPodepsáno: 13:52, 13/11/2013
MIRCEA PAGUBAPodepsáno: 09:08, 03/11/2013
Ionel BodeaPodepsáno: 16:36, 23/10/2013
"Sono d'accordo con tutto e condivido."
Cosmin Bogdan PavelPodepsáno: 12:06, 08/10/2013
"Proclamata declaratia Drepturilor Univrsale ale Pamantului in Parlamentul Romaniei "
Sima Catalin-FlorinPodepsáno: 09:50, 08/10/2013
"How many people are a part of this so far? Have you made any progress on taking this information to the street as well? Newspapers, televisions? Everywhere people have no access to the cyber world... Whatever happens, never let go of this idea... EVER! Take it from an adept of welfare through progress. "
pricope ioana emanuelaPodepsáno: 19:23, 07/10/2013
"I wish for this world.a world where we can enjoy nature at its fullest and cherish one another."
Ladislau MatePodepsáno: 01:43, 30/09/2013
"Not sure how will you guys solve the lazy people problem :) I work daily, this year most of my weekends nights and free time was used up for extra work, i can't complain i got payed more but still others don't work at all, so how can those people be motivated without needs and force (money and police or army)? We will end up with a ton of people doing nothing, yes machines feed them but living just to consume resources contradicts your 7 th point regarding "limits of nature", using resources for "un-useful people". Also birth rights should be implemented, cause allowing us to reproduce like rabbits is not a good idea :) Also there should be some sort of police and punishment for robbers/killers and so on , a free world does not free us of psychopaths. I'm not sure who would volunteer to keep law and order in a free world :) Some form of motivation is required , im curious what would your solution be to these problems."
viorel negrutPodepsáno: 18:30, 29/09/2013

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