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David SaiandaPodepsáno: 22:34, 15/11/2011
José PedroPodepsáno: 23:57, 14/11/2011
"Resource Bases Economy"
Isabel RodriguesPodepsáno: 22:11, 12/11/2011
"Fim à exploração e escravidão"
Anita PitcockPodepsáno: 18:43, 07/11/2011
"We have to try another way to all live in this world..we all have a right to..have a roof over our heads..food in our bellies... basic needs...and to live without fear and isolation..we need to remember that we should treat everyone the way that we would want to be treated. Greed is our downfall...doing the right thing by all is our only hope for happy.. healthy..peaceful future for us and our loved ones after us."
Tatiana SilvaPodepsáno: 17:27, 04/11/2011
Luís AlmeidaPodepsáno: 15:21, 04/11/2011
"O Mundo é uma colónia dos Banqueiros... Reina a Solidariedade entre Banqueiros... Os povos assistem impávidos e serenos aos crimes cometidos no mundo por Ordem dos Mesmos!!!"
Pedro PintoPodepsáno: 10:04, 04/11/2011
Andre BárbaraPodepsáno: 03:16, 04/11/2011
"Make this world a better place to live!!! Love to you all!!!!"
Gonçalo GasparPodepsáno: 02:16, 04/11/2011
Joao CaldasPodepsáno: 20:14, 03/11/2011
Ricardo PereiraPodepsáno: 22:38, 02/11/2011
"This is just another fight for freedom, and like our ancestors did it with weapons to achiev it we shal use the best we have in our current days for it, KNOWLEDGE Peace out"
Rafael TeixeiraPodepsáno: 11:04, 01/11/2011
"Sign it, or just let it die!"
vladimir vazPodepsáno: 15:11, 22/10/2011
magda sofiaPodepsáno: 12:02, 17/10/2011
Ricardo SousaPodepsáno: 04:32, 16/10/2011
joana correiaPodepsáno: 00:58, 16/10/2011
Cristina MeloPodepsáno: 14:48, 15/10/2011
Nuno AlexandrePodepsáno: 13:29, 15/10/2011
Silvio FerreiraPodepsáno: 01:51, 15/10/2011
Ricardo PoeirasPodepsáno: 12:55, 12/10/2011
Violeta Pinto LeitePodepsáno: 16:15, 11/10/2011
Joaquim LourençoPodepsáno: 11:18, 11/10/2011
"I want to help on taking out this to general population. "
Ricardo OliveiraPodepsáno: 01:59, 10/10/2011
Raul PessoaPodepsáno: 15:53, 04/10/2011
"We are one planet! let's unite our efforts and make a better world for everyone! Do you know the zeitgeist movement? and the venus project? all these ideas are one and the same, we all should be working together effectively and actively. I am in!"
patricia lealPodepsáno: 20:18, 03/10/2011
Rui Pedro MoreiraPodepsáno: 16:23, 03/10/2011
Luís RochaPodepsáno: 12:16, 03/10/2011
Frederico NascimentoPodepsáno: 18:58, 02/10/2011
Michael VieiraPodepsáno: 00:01, 30/09/2011
Tiago EstevãoPodepsáno: 16:13, 27/09/2011
Ricardo SaltaPodepsáno: 23:53, 19/09/2011
Carla AuroraPodepsáno: 18:26, 19/09/2011
André LopesPodepsáno: 17:09, 18/09/2011
mario rijoPodepsáno: 16:41, 18/09/2011
Ricardo SilvaPodepsáno: 12:42, 18/09/2011
Daniel Filipe MartinsPodepsáno: 13:29, 10/09/2011
Luis SantosPodepsáno: 14:22, 04/09/2011
Rafael RumaneiroPodepsáno: 20:01, 30/08/2011
"Let´s destroy the monetary system.... money it´s nothing just a piece of paper or metal alloy.... it´s the resources of the planet that interest us.... resources based economy..... it is not so hard.... let´s wake up world....!!!!!!"
silvano stabilePodepsáno: 13:43, 29/08/2011
Natacha MouraPodepsáno: 00:49, 28/08/2011
"The Time is Now! =)"
Joana pinhoPodepsáno: 21:35, 27/08/2011
Hath HoorPodepsáno: 18:49, 27/08/2011
Rafael DuartePodepsáno: 14:30, 27/08/2011
"Nothing is ever going to change if we don't give it a try."
Hugo EstevesPodepsáno: 13:40, 27/08/2011
"This page expresses what goes in my mind. Thank you for that!"
Susana FariaPodepsáno: 20:19, 26/08/2011
Sérgio CustódioPodepsáno: 17:51, 26/08/2011
"evolution is the path of the humanity and the enviroment, renegate it is being auto-distructive and unhuman"
Ricardo FernandesPodepsáno: 01:05, 25/08/2011
Sara AugustoPodepsáno: 23:21, 24/08/2011
Diogo NovaisPodepsáno: 23:19, 24/08/2011
Ana Isabel SantosPodepsáno: 22:37, 24/08/2011
"We have a great responsibility with ourselfs and all the life of the planet earth. I will do my part. :) Peace and Light"

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