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Diogo DuartePodepsáno: 19:26, 21/02/2012
"I'd like to know your opinion if I told you that there is a way to alleviate the need of money for people in the current system."
Pedro BarandaPodepsáno: 15:10, 21/02/2012
paulo jorgePodepsáno: 19:26, 20/02/2012
"aparenta a ser um sonho, mas há sonhos que se tornam realidade!..."
Bárbara GasparPodepsáno: 15:06, 18/02/2012
Rui NunesPodepsáno: 21:32, 16/02/2012
Frederico MartinsPodepsáno: 15:04, 14/02/2012
João CarvalhoPodepsáno: 14:17, 13/02/2012
Rafael Zamith PereiraPodepsáno: 03:35, 13/02/2012
mario medeirosPodepsáno: 17:54, 12/02/2012
Vasco AzevedoPodepsáno: 06:52, 10/02/2012
MARIA HELENANETO NETOPodepsáno: 23:33, 09/02/2012
Tiago CardosoPodepsáno: 22:44, 09/02/2012
isabel canholaPodepsáno: 20:53, 09/02/2012
Paulo AlvesPodepsáno: 20:27, 09/02/2012
ana fernandesPodepsáno: 19:47, 09/02/2012
Rui CardonaPodepsáno: 18:28, 09/02/2012
david sobreiroPodepsáno: 23:55, 08/02/2012
"for i am a citizen of the world , 1world1love"
Bruno ValentePodepsáno: 00:57, 07/02/2012
"We could create a parellell society without money, the contries or people could inscribe in it, and try, then smothly start to leave apart the money."
Rui CastroPodepsáno: 00:22, 07/02/2012
Aires Vilas BoasPodepsáno: 22:45, 06/02/2012
João PedroPodepsáno: 20:22, 05/02/2012
Inácio LamasPodepsáno: 18:15, 04/02/2012
Xeno FoxPodepsáno: 01:34, 03/02/2012
Paulo César Belchior MachadoPodepsáno: 23:28, 02/02/2012
"They, who command the monetary system only have one fear. That people would open their eyes and unite themselfs in the common goal of refusing to be money slaves. Change can not come soon enougth. Our planet and all life on it demands it. We owe it to our children to build a better world, free from the tirany of very few."
Mário CruzPodepsáno: 19:24, 02/02/2012
"I just wanted to say that is with projects like this that the people are going to start to change. We need to stop caring about our own confort and necessities and start realizing that we need to reconect to the nature, to your friends, to our big big FAMILY. We won't last much the way we are living. 'Be the change you want to see in the world'"
Marta NetoPodepsáno: 23:43, 01/02/2012
Catarina OliveiraPodepsáno: 01:22, 27/01/2012
Nuno RaposoPodepsáno: 05:38, 25/01/2012
"Let's free the world :)"
Nuno RicardoPodepsáno: 11:57, 24/01/2012
"As several men once said, we either learn to live together or die individually. This is the scenario we are living with more and more each day that passes."
hugo samuelPodepsáno: 10:01, 24/01/2012
"PLZZ now ! we need this now"
Diogo MoreiraPodepsáno: 23:16, 23/01/2012
Bárbara MeloPodepsáno: 00:19, 23/01/2012
Carlos RodriguesPodepsáno: 23:52, 22/01/2012
Carla de SousaPodepsáno: 10:57, 22/01/2012
Madalena PáscoaPodepsáno: 10:43, 22/01/2012
"I'm thrilled to see more and more people interested in the elimination of currency. It is, in fact, outdated, and a barrier to progress and equality. My concern is: how can we make it possible? How will we reach out to those who grew with the current mentality, and are unable (or unwilling) to think differently? It's meant to be a peaceful process, a natural evolution of the planet we're in. At least to me. I can't imagine the world handling much more of the monetary system: not without increasing war, scarcity and inequality. Let's strive and contribute to make the world a more balanced and equal place to live."
Pedro Lima de CarvalhoPodepsáno: 02:07, 22/01/2012
helena silvaPodepsáno: 02:02, 22/01/2012
"i still think this is utopic but i do wish this could be a dream that comes true someday!"
Hugo CostaPodepsáno: 18:45, 21/01/2012
Maria AguiarPodepsáno: 13:05, 21/01/2012
Filipe MonteiroPodepsáno: 18:58, 20/01/2012
francisco oneto nunesPodepsáno: 14:08, 19/01/2012
Ana CastilhoPodepsáno: 21:02, 18/01/2012
Sofia FreirePodepsáno: 19:52, 16/01/2012
"My only doubt is: What will we do to others who don't think like us and seek power?"
António AbernúPodepsáno: 17:12, 16/01/2012
Vitor AugustoPodepsáno: 15:05, 16/01/2012
Helena FerreiraPodepsáno: 11:26, 16/01/2012
Filomena CostaPodepsáno: 12:28, 15/01/2012
Susana BeatoPodepsáno: 11:59, 15/01/2012
José MendesPodepsáno: 12:56, 14/01/2012
"Time to shift Humanity"

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