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Eddie O'StrangePodepsáno: 18:07, 17/06/2023
Steve MartinPodepsáno: 06:34, 16/06/2023
Kim KnightPodepsáno: 20:19, 24/07/2022
Alejandro MonrealPodepsáno: 04:34, 13/06/2022
Alexander Thomas McAlpinePodepsáno: 23:38, 09/04/2022
Gabriel HurfordPodepsáno: 21:42, 11/03/2022
Gali Hadar GanePodepsáno: 23:20, 17/02/2022
Alastair McDowellPodepsáno: 05:06, 05/02/2022
Bernard PullonPodepsáno: 01:30, 08/07/2021
Peter Allison Podepsáno: 01:48, 30/01/2021
Imogen GujaPodepsáno: 16:29, 27/01/2021
David BroughtonPodepsáno: 13:02, 22/09/2020
David TildesleyPodepsáno: 18:07, 16/05/2020
Vera Green-BargiacchiPodepsáno: 09:50, 04/05/2020
"I am a firm believer in the values of the Venus Project and of Jacque Fresco ..."
Kareena AnnanPodepsáno: 19:49, 02/05/2020
Jorn BettinPodepsáno: 01:36, 25/04/2020
keryn faulknerPodepsáno: 10:39, 28/01/2020
Jan SuldovskyPodepsáno: 05:20, 14/12/2019
Sven EdwardsPodepsáno: 00:01, 21/10/2019
"Q3. How is a consensus on what the common good is, reached? How do you get nation states to comply? Q4. How would nation states maintain their autonomy? How would this affect migration and what is the step by step process to get to a world without borders? Q5. What would be incorporated into school curriculums? How is it decided and how would it be applied internationallly? Is it a one size fits all? Is the Montessori system of education a consideration? Would philosophy and an understanding of workability in relationships be a imperative? What does it look like specifically? Q6. What are the prerequisites for obtaining more than the basic minimum of goods required to support life? (Luxuries) Is there an application of meritocracy? Q8. Do you advocate for a technocracy? What would an ideal system of governance look like? How would issues of a social/ethical nature be decided and by who? Q9. For those unable to contribute, what are their civic/social responsibilities?"
Malcolm Frost Podepsáno: 22:37, 19/09/2019
"Human kind has definitely lost its way and needs to take a step back toward basic values. Cooperation rather than competition. Self determination. Community spirit. "
Anna-Marie GwiltPodepsáno: 11:25, 10/09/2019
Jocelyn TrezisePodepsáno: 15:30, 30/07/2019
Jamie ProutPodepsáno: 22:05, 31/01/2019
Jamie ProutPodepsáno: 21:47, 31/01/2019
"Kia ora! I'm a nature lover, musician, photographer, scientist based in Dunedin :) "
Blair MorpethPodepsáno: 22:49, 18/11/2018
"Bring on a new world"
Andreas BorgerPodepsáno: 12:12, 07/10/2018
"Let's make the change happen."
Joseph CookPodepsáno: 12:13, 28/09/2018
"A universal form of government could be established to ensure that the ideals of the charter do not come under attack by minority interests aiming to centralize and acquire resources. A judicial system that is appropriate could be established to overrule any decisions by government that would not respect the charter. Would then minorities be targeted by the majority at any time? Again the charter could be further developed to enshrine such rights. Paragraph 3 seems difficult to uphold, no more meat eating? What about if people start fighting over resources? Again we would return to the same problem as under the money system? Anyway, some good ideas to be developed I feel."
kelvin mckenziePodepsáno: 09:14, 07/06/2018
John TaxPodepsáno: 10:15, 22/04/2018
"Time to end the superstition that money has value. It is only our own labor producing goods and services that has value. The rest are just leaches!"
Karla Lee Patricia Te TauPodepsáno: 06:55, 16/12/2017
"It is time the welfare of life on this planet is nurtured and recognised as sacred. Decisions need to based on sustainability, moral and ethical principles. "
Davina MoffatPodepsáno: 04:34, 13/12/2017
Lesley RimesPodepsáno: 07:46, 20/11/2017
Rosanne HyndmanPodepsáno: 06:49, 01/11/2017
lyn nyPodepsáno: 06:33, 01/11/2017
Lizzie GrayPodepsáno: 02:43, 30/10/2017
Nicholas BrucePodepsáno: 12:30, 27/10/2017
Helle StierPodepsáno: 20:42, 17/10/2017
"i hope i see this in my lifetime."
Pujari DicksonPodepsáno: 07:41, 30/09/2017
"Epic common sense...thank you"
Helen BlackPodepsáno: 22:16, 28/09/2017
Annette JoelPodepsáno: 21:34, 28/09/2017
Dion TilleyPodepsáno: 02:20, 10/09/2017
"And, to add, we must eliminate Nuclear weapons, anything that can destroy humanity, that includes groups, religions, scriptures that incite hate towards another person. Lastly, we must eliminate money, but first create a one world currency and a little later, no money where robots will do all the work for us, with a few humans working for the love of work."
Liam AndersonPodepsáno: 05:32, 28/08/2017
"Head researcher at the New Zealand Institute For Resource Based Economics. "
Malani ErwinPodepsáno: 04:34, 22/08/2017
"Go lightly, go gently"
Jennifer RumorePodepsáno: 20:18, 19/08/2017
"There is only Love. This is the most succinct phrase I have found to convey orienting to "Everything is a cry for love, or Love." When I organise myself around this I act congruently with my values. This site is in alignment with freely giving and receiving, making it easier to choose love rather than fear, and supporting the lived experience of trusting in and being carried by Grace. I'm up for that!"
Scott AndrewPodepsáno: 08:43, 18/07/2017
Jeremy BridgerPodepsáno: 07:32, 15/07/2017
Cj DonaldsonPodepsáno: 01:32, 06/07/2017
"Paving a path to a free world "
Cheryl ReidPodepsáno: 11:41, 22/06/2017
"For our futures."
Matthew NolanPodepsáno: 11:44, 24/05/2017
"I believe in a Free world for all."
Rex VerityPodepsáno: 10:54, 18/04/2017

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