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jeevan raiPodepsáno: 13:10, 27/05/2019
Sohan RanjitPodepsáno: 02:21, 20/01/2017
"I'm with this principles. Let it be well flourished worldwide , I'm ready to do my part. Thank you to all initiators."
Upendra SinghPodepsáno: 11:36, 22/12/2015
subash shahiPodepsáno: 00:55, 13/10/2015
"I always imagine life without money and regret my parents get seperated for it to get proserous life style but ended up with fucked up divorce relation."
SushoVeet ShresthaPodepsáno: 07:56, 26/09/2015
"I want to be a positive change to the World and all i care about is the truth sometimes it is not the clean and easy way but my soul calls for it. We can bring the change if we have clear vision, positive attitude and determination. Most of all we need to be "united" for one puropose and that is for our freedom as a human being or citizen of the planet Earth not as a citizen of a particular nation."
Upendra TuladharPodepsáno: 16:39, 08/07/2015
Sabina KhatriPodepsáno: 12:37, 21/06/2015
Ramesh ThapaliyaPodepsáno: 15:59, 11/12/2014
Bimal AryalPodepsáno: 01:44, 24/02/2014
"As we think so shall we r.it's a good idea to keep the whole Mother Earth alive so that our future generation do not be the victim of mass destruction as in past n present domestic n world war.we only need non violence ; cheerfulness ;compassion ;happiness to keep the eternal right of LOVE n PEACE of all beings in this world.There've already been maximum sins n miseries in this beautiful planet due to discrimination among people .The seed of this is monetary system.we should have the real rt. of freedom .we r being deprived of real freedom .one is made Homeless due to lack of money. Another has to die because of Money why? If there be another way of living in this world without money ,it''ll be like a paradise where we all can live with entire peace in mind & full of Love on Heart.let's make this dream come true.nothing is impossible let's arise ,awake n do something acc.to each one's capacity to make world money Free in order to live the happiest life like up above in Astral World :)"
Sijan ManandharPodepsáno: 19:22, 16/01/2014
"I believe this, there must an equality for all. Every human being are same. Money is the only thing which separate levels in us. The whole system must change soon and i believe there won't be any war,hate,and rich/poor. Every body will be judge equally."
Rojesh ShakyaPodepsáno: 10:57, 16/01/2014
Dolraj Paudyal Podepsáno: 10:09, 15/09/2013
"We are in despare need of new system, since our systems in run are somehow old and the world technology is changing fast. I am agree with the points mentioned above. The world population and the consumption pattern and our careless activeties are putting pressure on our fragile environmental and ecological system of world. Our traditions and cultures are not useless. They are valuable to find the way to future. We must preserve the cultural and natural diversity. "
Krity ShresthaPodepsáno: 10:45, 17/05/2013
Basanta PaudelPodepsáno: 10:30, 17/05/2013
susmita shakyaPodepsáno: 17:35, 15/05/2013
DEV RAJ PAUDELPodepsáno: 15:14, 15/05/2013
dibya ghimirePodepsáno: 10:10, 15/05/2013
Samir NepalPodepsáno: 07:54, 15/05/2013
Tina TurnerPodepsáno: 17:01, 08/05/2013
"More of this! Dig deeper."
raghab dhakalPodepsáno: 16:36, 27/03/2013
Amrit Rajbhandari Podepsáno: 15:42, 23/03/2013
Ranjan YadavPodepsáno: 08:19, 03/10/2012
Anup Khattri ChettriPodepsáno: 21:49, 15/07/2012
"I am very glad to have discover this. Before I was clever so I was hell bent on changing the world. Now I am wise and chaning myself. The Change comes from within. After my awakening I have already started most of the thing that is stated here. I am vegetarian and wanna be vegan. I have reduced by consumption to bear minimum. I am still working as I am an engineer still need to learn there much and in future i want to help in sustainable development projects. I dont drink, dont smoke, live healthy life with different hobbies and do charity work that makes my life colourful. I send you guys good energies Anup P.S:Being an activisit does not only mean shouting, being serious and being rude to others who don't understand, its about celebrating our short existence on earth with all earthlings and doing our part. Being the agent of change with peace of mind so the energy flows and induces others automatically."
Subas RegmiPodepsáno: 12:57, 10/07/2012

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