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"Učiňme vše bezplatným a svobodným"

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Ziad J.khanPodepsáno: 20:47, 01/06/2018
Sujit SethumadhavanPodepsáno: 07:06, 27/12/2017
Christopher KrigePodepsáno: 11:42, 04/06/2016
"keep on fighting.."
Joseph Jean Baptiste JolicoeurPodepsáno: 16:48, 02/05/2016
Dominique NGPodepsáno: 18:55, 25/10/2015
Mattarooa NeelPodepsáno: 09:06, 13/07/2015
"Lets go for it humanity!!"
canhye josilaPodepsáno: 18:07, 12/07/2015
Kemal NUJJOOPodepsáno: 03:06, 06/07/2015
Lukas SkowronskiPodepsáno: 06:53, 18/01/2015
"It is obvious that human beings can't produce/create anything without taking it or part of it from mother Earth. The way we distribute those products, is completely wrong, time to change it and make it more efficient and sufficient. All we need is food clothes and shelter...."
nishta goopeePodepsáno: 06:49, 26/10/2014
Kervin ThanacodyPodepsáno: 03:41, 02/08/2013
Murden HenriPodepsáno: 11:04, 11/06/2013
Maiyan KaridiPodepsáno: 13:24, 27/05/2013
Dayal GajendrarajPodepsáno: 08:52, 19/12/2012
"Money, root of all evil. "
veronique pomponPodepsáno: 11:39, 18/04/2012
veronique pomponPodepsáno: 11:39, 18/04/2012
veronique pomponPodepsáno: 11:30, 18/04/2012
"each one of us is a walking universe each step , each heartbeat is a pligrim with each step,i go deeper into myself each step takes me closer to my inner sacred self on my path through memory, i meet .. bees and butterflies .. whales and dolphins . sunny blooming gardens . deep heavy forests .. wolves and lambs ... i dance on plains and mountains . i see men and women wearing colours of the rainbow. laughing children playing under the rain with each step , i'm part of it all with step,all is part of me . for , i am star dusts and sunrays flowing water and wind s breath . with each heartbeat, i m. meeting new living souls on my path to love and humility ..... veronyx. \ eau-coulee . mauritius .. 18.14.12 "
dev JeeniaPodepsáno: 22:10, 25/03/2012
"keep it up....admire what you are doing."
Patrik JuriensPodepsáno: 17:57, 09/01/2012
"Bons vents a cette belle Charte."
Richard MunisamyPodepsáno: 06:13, 04/01/2012
"I broadly agree with the above except for the following: 8. Individual and community development has a psycho-spiritual component which is not amenable to the scientific method as currently defined. 9. Within nature, those who are not able to contribute to their communities, for example due to infirmity or old age are generally eliminated by predators or retire from their communities to die. The enlightened neither permit themselves to be a long-term burden nor are they afraid of death."
Jean Francois VirginiePodepsáno: 05:57, 25/08/2011
Li Yuk Lo MichaelPodepsáno: 14:00, 01/07/2011
Juslaine ChongPodepsáno: 13:53, 23/05/2011
Mary YuenPodepsáno: 12:42, 23/05/2011
Yanish VeerahooPodepsáno: 12:52, 17/05/2011
"Without money we'd all be rich "
Mary YuenPodepsáno: 14:27, 06/03/2011

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