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William NiedduPodepsáno: 10:18, 09/11/2012
antonello messinaPodepsáno: 10:14, 09/11/2012
"Dobbiamo fare in fretta, c'è tanta disperazione nel mondo."
Luca ChevalierPodepsáno: 23:37, 08/11/2012
"Ditemi luogo ora e data e io ci sarò."
francesco bruschiPodepsáno: 00:05, 07/11/2012
Davide FioriniPodepsáno: 21:20, 05/11/2012
"That's a beatiful Idea, but I don't really think that could be easy to do.. T.T"
Francesco PaoloniPodepsáno: 21:00, 05/11/2012
jamshid askariPodepsáno: 02:25, 05/11/2012
"e possibile ma se riusciamo totte col eguismo 0% o che comanda il mondo un solo uomo vero che detto soltanto totta la verita da guando e nato e pronto a morire per totte ma nessono more per lui e sara totto possibile"
Jan StortiPodepsáno: 15:52, 31/10/2012
Mauro BattistaPodepsáno: 11:52, 25/10/2012
"I hope it will help someway..."
marco silipoPodepsáno: 11:28, 25/10/2012
Massimo DisaròPodepsáno: 21:51, 23/10/2012
Gianluca De SimonePodepsáno: 13:29, 21/10/2012
"Desidero immensamente una sorta di paradiso terrestre....."
Massimo BortolottoPodepsáno: 20:25, 20/10/2012
Veronika PöhlPodepsáno: 20:32, 19/10/2012
Sabrina ChiesaPodepsáno: 09:48, 17/10/2012
Massimo NicoliPodepsáno: 22:07, 15/10/2012
Letizia ArgenzianoPodepsáno: 13:56, 15/10/2012
Letizia ArgenzianoPodepsáno: 13:54, 15/10/2012
Sivio BerlocoPodepsáno: 13:48, 15/10/2012
vincenzo castroPodepsáno: 11:25, 09/10/2012
elis causevicPodepsáno: 13:06, 05/10/2012
"un mondo così sarebbe l'ideale per tutti"
Loris giovanni De Jesus Da RoldPodepsáno: 20:45, 04/10/2012
Tania SaraccoPodepsáno: 18:13, 04/10/2012
Michele PallaverPodepsáno: 14:18, 04/10/2012
"We have to think about green energy reachable from everybody with "0" impact for the enviroment. We have to focus our efforts on cold fusion, solar system, wave and wind energy without paying for it."
Daniele BennewitzPodepsáno: 09:40, 04/10/2012
Sandra QuartuccioPodepsáno: 21:39, 02/10/2012
Marzia FalconePodepsáno: 10:45, 27/09/2012
PIERANGELO RIVELLINIPodepsáno: 19:27, 26/09/2012
Giuseppe MennellaPodepsáno: 08:35, 26/09/2012
"sapere se esiste un piano di gestione dei beni o se possa esistere una sola classe senza privilegi individuali "
Elisa SiboldiPodepsáno: 00:06, 26/09/2012
Andrea BacchettiPodepsáno: 16:52, 24/09/2012
marco saglioPodepsáno: 00:43, 24/09/2012
ernesto castellaniPodepsáno: 22:40, 23/09/2012
Curzio CarlàPodepsáno: 14:35, 23/09/2012
"Money is only a jail for mind...nobody is free if our needs are linked to money. "
Lorenzo MasiPodepsáno: 14:08, 22/09/2012
Patrick Edgar ReginiPodepsáno: 19:51, 21/09/2012
"Trust, Education, Sincerity, Emigration, Language, Productivity. I am very interested in participating and having in depth discussions, as well as a chance to contribute and collaborate to the development of this philosphy. The idea is certainly now new. People who have understood how swiftly easy it is to avoid dealing with and facing our shortcomings and our pains or "evils" through the conspiring combination of money and power, have been conceiving for over a hundred years ways in which we can maintain "all this", continue progressing and not use cash any more. They would always end up coming up with some kind of moral system system of duty because the origin of our nature had never been reached. It is a very interesting discussion, one which I would enjoy tremendously being involved in face to face, in an assembly or gathering of some kind. I feel I have seen the source area, and the irremediable facts of our singular predicament as a species. And yes, there is a better way"
maria paganoPodepsáno: 12:42, 21/09/2012
Christina LechnerPodepsáno: 19:37, 19/09/2012
andrea Lo RePodepsáno: 00:14, 17/09/2012
"Il mondo e di tutti , e'ora di fare un salto successivo di evoluzione .. riappropriamoci di tutto cio 'di cui habbiamo bisogno. vivere in armonia nella luce. ritorniamo a casa. "
francesca dalla benettaPodepsáno: 15:34, 16/09/2012
"thanks for the Charter!"
manuel manoxPodepsáno: 18:55, 10/09/2012
Isabella PesariniPodepsáno: 10:45, 08/09/2012
oliviero barboglioPodepsáno: 19:44, 06/09/2012
Gianluca Boi lucaPodepsáno: 21:17, 05/09/2012
Maria Diana Maria DianaPodepsáno: 12:36, 05/09/2012
antonio primativoPodepsáno: 18:29, 04/09/2012
tito santanaPodepsáno: 14:28, 04/09/2012
"Search about "magnetic motor", it's a free and perpetual energy idea, so better than solar, wind etc: Energia gratutita, illimitata e pulita: PC Windows open source: More at my italian site:"
Astrid Maria Alvernia HernandezPodepsáno: 14:38, 03/09/2012
massimo gandolfiPodepsáno: 09:16, 03/09/2012
Andrea B.Podepsáno: 21:45, 30/08/2012
"Quando si comincia?"

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