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juhan mikkorPodepsáno: 13:58, 28/07/2016
"People need to wake up! :)"
Tanel LiibergPodepsáno: 16:18, 29/03/2016
Reilika LeonPodepsáno: 21:39, 31/07/2015
"To see the Charter in action, to have it change the world, will be my new dream. I will be sending positive energy to your cause and hope that this will come true. "
raul kannelaPodepsáno: 12:17, 21/07/2015
"hi. yeah i think if we can make world free no money then our life will be better than now. we have right now so lot of technics and then we not see the world around we cant see whats happend around us we are blinded by money and technics if they not exist then we see more around us we help and feel free i think so and i hope many people think same way! and nature will be much cleaner than now. so think again what will be your future it will be free or pain.."
Risto PrinsPodepsáno: 16:37, 12/07/2015
Robert ReinuPodepsáno: 09:00, 20/05/2015
"I so totally agree!!"
Jaanika LillenbergPodepsáno: 00:41, 17/07/2014
abdelatif mohammedPodepsáno: 03:27, 03/05/2014
" i agree all but how to do it the Earth full a There are people who not good and they could not work on the progress of this system and their knowledge can be because he does not have accounts from which to hold them accountable like (greedy - Self Love - Non-socialization of others at work - and a lot of Aci bad) "
Roman DmitrievichPodepsáno: 09:49, 20/02/2014
Anastasia SemjonovaPodepsáno: 11:04, 17/02/2014
Анна АндровнаPodepsáno: 22:12, 16/02/2014
"Я за то чтобы всё было бесплатным!!! "
Anni LemberPodepsáno: 10:15, 16/01/2014
Madis PõldsaarPodepsáno: 20:07, 04/11/2013
"My thought about our value: I love doing graphic design. Someone loves making coffee. Someone loves taking care of other people. Someone loves building. Someone loves to teach. We are at service to each other. What we have in common is the love. We truly love what we do. A lot of population is still asleep, having a job just to pay the bills, and accept their value as their profession "states." But who says that making coffee pays you that much? Who says that a janitor is less worth than the others? Or who says that doing graphic design has that much of a value? Who says that the banker, politician, money manipulator and many others are so great that they earn the most? That they have the most value? That they are more important than the rest. We can't give value to this feeling, to something we love to do. This love is equal. We all love what we do, we do what we love and its value is the same. Really soon we will have that world. We can just be and do what we love."
Oliver MürkPodepsáno: 16:58, 01/11/2013
oliver reinartPodepsáno: 17:48, 17/09/2013
"Greed will still be a problem, unless the education system adapts. If all needs are met freely, some people will merely want more and more. The change in thinking may take several generations."
Carmen PoldingPodepsáno: 08:14, 04/08/2013
Rein RebanePodepsáno: 07:31, 19/05/2013
"I am afraid the only hindering brake here is the human factor. Many people favour inequality, luxurity, slavement, etc. I wish all people started actually caring about each other."
Sven RatnikPodepsáno: 14:41, 16/05/2013
Maris KuusikPodepsáno: 11:43, 27/03/2013
Vahur PihlakasPodepsáno: 11:24, 27/03/2013
Siim KaselaPodepsáno: 15:07, 23/03/2013
"I've always felt that something is wrong with the world we're living in. When I was young I didn't understand, why people behave like they do. Why greed, poverty, violence, glamour etc.? But thanks to the Internet I've found out that I'm not alone with my thoughts, that there are actually amazing movements that promote lifestyles I support like the zeitgeist movement, the venus project. So I really hope this charter makes some kind of difference and helps to promote the idea of living in peace."
jkkl inbnPodepsáno: 04:32, 14/02/2013
Paavo EensaluPodepsáno: 16:14, 24/01/2013
Annika TellismaaPodepsáno: 11:34, 09/01/2013
Indrek KerboPodepsáno: 09:42, 29/12/2012
Deivo LooritsPodepsáno: 17:40, 19/12/2012
"We need big changes...If this will success there be lot of better people too. Angry ones are the richest who dont value other...."
Taavi KaskPodepsáno: 08:57, 19/12/2012
Maksim ShiloPodepsáno: 13:10, 13/07/2012
Mari TuulikPodepsáno: 02:50, 10/07/2012
Kaspar MinnPodepsáno: 22:31, 04/05/2012
Janek MarrandiPodepsáno: 13:11, 13/04/2012
lehari jargPodepsáno: 10:20, 27/03/2012
LILIAN MORISPodepsáno: 23:20, 14/03/2012
"este es el mundo en el que quiero vivir!!!"
Priit KünnapuuPodepsáno: 14:18, 30/01/2012
Sirli VaarikPodepsáno: 17:15, 27/01/2012
Kaspar RaudsooPodepsáno: 09:50, 25/01/2012
Tauri AzojanPodepsáno: 13:56, 07/01/2012
Anu TammPodepsáno: 22:22, 02/01/2012
Teilo Tonn LondonPodepsáno: 07:43, 02/01/2012
hendrik petersonPodepsáno: 07:57, 03/11/2011
Sulev KranichPodepsáno: 17:08, 24/10/2011
Erik-Silver ToomerePodepsáno: 13:13, 03/10/2011
Rauno LagenõmmPodepsáno: 15:07, 21/09/2011
"Power to the people"
Keido KurbergPodepsáno: 20:20, 20/09/2011
"I guess it's quite impossible to apply those principles everywhere at once. But could it sustain a community in smaller area to prove for everyone that it really works?"
Erik PahlbergPodepsáno: 18:59, 19/09/2011
Ilona Marken-KruusmägiPodepsáno: 15:06, 19/09/2011
"I have no doubt that this is all going to be the reality very soon."
Kerto KasenurmPodepsáno: 18:57, 17/09/2011
"I like how it feels."
Andry AgardPodepsáno: 00:50, 27/08/2011
Vallo ArumäePodepsáno: 14:43, 26/08/2011
"We have all resources on the planet available to make this happen. The only thing missing is people's will. We can now also reach all people through technology. "
Henry GinterPodepsáno: 12:42, 25/08/2011

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