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Charta Svobodného Světa

"Učiňme vše bezplatným a svobodným"

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Alexandra MoyseyPodepsáno: 01:51, 08/04/2020
Lasse KofodPodepsáno: 19:59, 19/03/2020
Morten HenricksenPodepsáno: 13:53, 13/03/2020
David BrüelPodepsáno: 12:34, 15/10/2019
Mette Woodcock Podepsáno: 05:35, 02/07/2019
Carl Emil Emanuel PerssonPodepsáno: 00:00, 01/07/2019
"Great summarization of what should be the goal of all who support TVP, TROM; whatever, just the Resource-based Economy idea, and all the social, technological etc... additions needed, to implement such a solution. "
Idun VarvinPodepsáno: 20:33, 10/05/2019
Jon UssingPodepsáno: 08:21, 04/05/2019
shubham sethiPodepsáno: 00:19, 27/03/2018
"I am still curious to know about the motivation people would need to work for a collective evolution, if not money, the motivation factor has to come from somewhere as not every individual is self-motivated."
Stefan ChristoffPodepsáno: 19:25, 07/03/2018
Kirsten HagelundPodepsáno: 14:34, 19/02/2018
Conni AndersenPodepsáno: 09:33, 15/01/2018
Benjamin JacobsenPodepsáno: 20:56, 06/01/2018
Karen DrewPodepsáno: 20:48, 26/10/2017
Bruno MathiasenPodepsáno: 09:24, 03/01/2017
Mistyorila MistyorilaPodepsáno: 22:19, 10/11/2016
"XRumer 12.0 is a modern multifunctional software for mass posting/inviting/liking/registering on the: + Facebook + forums + blogs + soc.nets + different CMS's with a totally automatic captcha breaking."
Bent ValeriusPodepsáno: 10:04, 24/06/2016
nikolaj henriksenPodepsáno: 15:52, 13/05/2016
"Sharing is caring giving is living and receiving is healing"
Patricia AmoabengPodepsáno: 09:46, 11/04/2016
Allan nosa Omonuwa Hansen Podepsáno: 08:55, 05/04/2016
Anne LundgreenPodepsáno: 22:35, 09/03/2016
David PedersenPodepsáno: 08:41, 11/02/2016
Lesley ChristensenPodepsáno: 16:41, 29/12/2015
"My signature is CONDITIONAL that I - and everyone else - can maintain individual rights to deviate from common opinion - regardless of community opinion. For example, when to get up in the morning, eat meat, interact socially. There is nothing worse than being mobbed into behavior that one finds objectionable. "
Camilla DinesenPodepsáno: 01:24, 18/12/2015
Heidimaja Carolina Estella FogetPodepsáno: 08:58, 08/12/2015
Jonathan RosenbergPodepsáno: 17:38, 25/11/2015
"Peace! No Borders No Nations ☯"
Eggert DreiøPodepsáno: 22:57, 13/11/2015
heinrich v.weydePodepsáno: 20:14, 24/10/2015
"hørt sich heute noch utopisch an, aber ich weis es ist møglich . ich bin dabei, heinrich."
Mikkel JensenPodepsáno: 11:00, 20/09/2015
Niels Peter B. NielsenPodepsáno: 21:48, 16/09/2015
Nicole BenrosPodepsáno: 20:48, 16/09/2015
Michael FrostPodepsáno: 20:37, 16/09/2015
Wojciech WawrzynskiPodepsáno: 09:33, 20/08/2015
MetteWind RamsgaardPodepsáno: 15:39, 28/07/2015
Martin AremarkPodepsáno: 09:52, 19/07/2015
"This will happen all by it self. Capitalisem can't last. It is build in to the very fabric of the system. At some point, it will self destruct, because people will loose Faith in it, and the believe that money is actually worth anything. Simply because things are getting cheaper all the time. Some things are already free, like music and art. More things will follow. People all over the world are trading goods and services indstead of selling them. And that way of thinking, is what will undo the intire system."
Rasmus SchultzPodepsáno: 09:20, 19/07/2015
Steffen NielsenPodepsáno: 21:47, 11/07/2015
Jane HansenPodepsáno: 21:47, 11/07/2015
Ronni Grosen SørensenPodepsáno: 20:14, 10/07/2015
"Der skal arbejdes hårdt for at få folk til at vågne op, info og vilje er vejen frem, sundfornuft og logik er værktøjerene til at vise folk på jorden hvad den sande vej er, https://www.thevenusproject.com/en/"
Christel Janine Holmegaard Podepsáno: 08:17, 07/07/2015
"These words of value are beautiful and I really hope that they all will come true one day soon!"
Thomas Krogh JensenPodepsáno: 03:23, 07/06/2015
Olaf JappPodepsáno: 18:18, 06/06/2015
Richard AndersenPodepsáno: 05:06, 27/05/2015
"The logical solution!"
Nicolas VallatPodepsáno: 17:28, 31/03/2015
Thomas KorholmPodepsáno: 22:26, 20/01/2015
"Today I had to tell some people, that we are not taking dontaions for our non-profit work, because it's free, and against the terms of agreement for the project. That made one so suspicious, he thought we must have some hidden backing from one of the alphabet soup agencies. We need this now!"
Frederikke ThorningPodepsáno: 21:40, 23/11/2014
Lilian MellemgaardPodepsáno: 13:55, 23/11/2014
Allan JaxPodepsáno: 05:03, 23/11/2014
Peter BryrupPodepsáno: 21:07, 22/11/2014

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