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Darío Álvaro MedranoPodepsáno: 14:12, 14/01/2019
"Acabo de publicar un libro, "De la Civilización al Humanismo Superior", ver en Google, el que considero es complementario con el de Turner C., titulado "economía abierta, ambos aconsejo se deben leer como sustento de la Carta al Mundo Libre."
Alejandro Bejarano OrdoñezPodepsáno: 08:10, 14/02/2018
"Los ejes estratégicos son buenos, giren la tuerca y lleguen a una visión más laser y eso seria el item 1 y ahora para la implementacion del enfoque aereo ,se vincula a la integración (item 2), yo les puedo dar una mano, sugeriría implementarlo mediante un piloto para que sufra stress y ganemos expertise. Abrazos"
Randi MedranoPodepsáno: 17:42, 12/07/2016
Gary MartinezPodepsáno: 00:33, 03/02/2016
Shay HennessyPodepsáno: 00:51, 22/08/2015
alex copaPodepsáno: 01:11, 22/01/2015
"Cambiar al mundo hoy"
Arturo MarínPodepsáno: 14:43, 23/09/2014
"The money is the principal cause of all the misery and negative energy on the planet."
wilmer delgado mendezPodepsáno: 08:11, 20/09/2014
"Es posible un mundo sin fronteras "
BRANDON VARGASPodepsáno: 22:22, 29/07/2014
"el objetivo es que todos estemos en este plan.... "
Mauricio IrigoyenPodepsáno: 22:49, 25/10/2012
"I know this is a common issue when speaking about these solutions, the transition is mostly the most difficult part to achieve, it may be possible if some closed experimental areas where these principles are implemented jointly with science. In order to maintain these societies stable external funding must exist (at least initially) which could be attained by donations or personal funding. In that case showing an example (like in a experimentation) of how would look like to live in a RBE (for example, and in a lower scale) promoting these type of society, perhaps. "
Daniel SilesPodepsáno: 18:57, 07/09/2012
Maya CorminboeufPodepsáno: 09:13, 06/08/2012
Carlos Mur TellezPodepsáno: 00:22, 17/07/2012
"I want this free world for everybody just to enjoy the most important thing... LIFE, with the FREE World every human will be born to enjoy Life, travel free by self commanded Airplanes, move by self commanded Trains, repairs made by robots locating the problems, the machines will do everything from cutting the wheat to baking in big quantities and transport all the bread to the different locations to be collected Free, all the work that we used to do before will be done by computers, machines, I mean technology, a robot can mantain another robots and just serve the Human, the creator."
Sergio RodasPodepsáno: 23:42, 06/07/2012
Luis Marcelo Arce MosqueraPodepsáno: 22:40, 06/07/2012
Rocio Renee Bustamante ZentenoPodepsáno: 19:05, 06/07/2012
constantino escobarPodepsáno: 03:16, 22/04/2012
"Una causa que la humanidad no puede eludir es precisamente una nueva sociedad, cualitativamente superior a la existente"
Carola CespedesPodepsáno: 15:11, 09/03/2012
Pedro DuráPodepsáno: 02:05, 04/03/2012
David Rojas ElbirtPodepsáno: 23:57, 02/12/2011
"I'll gladly share my crops, knowledge, and network, and most importantly, my love for a world where humans learn to connect with Nature and with themselves."
Andrés PovedaPodepsáno: 01:45, 08/11/2011
Osgur Ó CiardhaPodepsáno: 23:01, 29/06/2011
"Irish but living in Bolivia. More of this please."
Chris LinwoodPodepsáno: 18:57, 26/03/2011

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