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Charta Svobodného Světa

"Učiňme vše bezplatným a svobodným"

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Sara Sierra Rios Sierra Rios Podepsáno: 00:28, 12/02/2020
El FolletPodepsáno: 17:49, 18/11/2019
Joseph CriggerPodepsáno: 23:44, 19/09/2019
"The economic systems of the world will soon collapse, it is IMPERATIVE they are not allowed to be rebuilt. "
Adam SayyadeePodepsáno: 01:34, 03/02/2019
"Life goes on,so motivate yourself"
Adam SayyadeePodepsáno: 01:34, 03/02/2019
"Life goes on,so motivate yourself "
munsif mazloomPodepsáno: 08:19, 06/01/2019
Jei PratheeshPodepsáno: 16:07, 05/01/2019
Stephanie BellPodepsáno: 00:27, 31/08/2018
Daisy JohnsonPodepsáno: 05:36, 12/07/2018
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sCoia ceworPodepsáno: 11:40, 02/06/2018
Markus HolzhauerPodepsáno: 14:37, 15/05/2018
"I am working on the idea of TRUST as a currency http://www.trustos.org"
Paul BrunsPodepsáno: 16:39, 10/03/2018
adeline testartPodepsáno: 13:52, 17/01/2018
Aaron ImhofPodepsáno: 20:52, 05/10/2017
"if it isn't fun, why do it?"
WILSON MWITIPodepsáno: 06:27, 16/04/2017
frank aguieraPodepsáno: 00:35, 25/09/2014
djura vukelicPodepsáno: 08:54, 14/11/2013
John LatvalaPodepsáno: 11:20, 15/05/2013
Podepsáno: 14:13, 15/04/2013
Bruno MaioranaPodepsáno: 07:48, 23/02/2012
"I don't have a country and don't agree with countries or governmentss, I'm a global citizen, so why do I have to choose a country here above? ridiculous..."
Rex Harrison's HatPodepsáno: 03:44, 16/09/2011
"I can't believe someone hasn't thought of this before. In all of human history. Ever... Good job guys!"
Cas DavisPodepsáno: 07:57, 15/07/2011
Dr. Angelito InfinitoPodepsáno: 01:56, 11/06/2011
"The no money part is right on the money. http://goo.gl/OZJLI With all due respect underwater cities is a ludicrous idea which taints everything else, detracts from the otherwise excellent message, appeals to ignorant techno-snobbery. http://goo.gl/yrcQX The notion that crude oil isn't already in reality free & an excellent energy source being made to look otherwise by evil forces also shows engineering naivete, lack of understanding of how we got where we are, the real forces @ play, & the way forward. http://goo.gl/5GDIB http://goo.gl/Bian5 Excellent presentation with the above mentioned suggestions. Please check out our ideas here, feel free to incorporate them as you see fit, lets join forces Colin: http://goo.gl/xaWwA http://goo.gl/CQ0sZ http://goo.gl/mq3zh http://goo.gl/PMXU http://goo.gl/cCgX http://goo.gl/x8ZZ http://goo.gl/zSco http://goo.gl/p1lW http://goo.gl/GN4D http://goo.gl/6N8oO http://goo.gl/6VGza http://goo.gl/y8vtJ http://goo.gl/GjOuS"
alo baardlandPodepsáno: 12:52, 17/05/2011

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