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"Učiňme vše bezplatným a svobodným"

braja kumarPodepsáno: 06:02, 04/08/2013
"Survival of humans is dependent on the intelligence behind nature. That intelligence is part and parcel of god. God needs to be at the centre of our community, of our consciousness. Without his grace this universe does not exist! this world is temporary. So we need a deeper understanding into the purpose of our existence, and that understanding should be the centre of our education, Where the correct practice of utilising our consciousness for elevation is taught and performed, by this process we become whole! also When we do this a compassionate understanding of life is awaken, and we leave a very minimal impact on the planet and others! When the consciousness of an individual is awaken and aligned with god, then love freedom and fulfilment is provided for all. Just as you water the roots of a tree the whole tree benefits! Water the roots of the universe by loving god and all will be provided! "

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