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Peter CooperPodepsáno: 18:58, 02/08/2013
"I strongly support the kind of society advocated, as my signature indicates. Thank you for the opportunity to register this support. Allow me to note that I consider some of the supporting explanatory material, provided elsewhere on the website, to be somewhat inaccurate. In particular: (i) Public "debt" and ongoing budget deficits do not pose a solvency problem for sovereign currency issuers who allow their currency's external exchange rate to float and refrain from borrowing in foreign currencies. Provided such deficit expenditure does not cause demand to outstrip the productive capacity of the economy, it will not in itself be inflationary. (In line with the work of modern monetary theorists.) (ii) The charter is not apolitical. Nor could it be. Nevertheless, I support the political positions taken regarding the elimination of money and interest, free distribution of goods and services, environmental sustainability, etc."

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