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Ryan ScottPodepsáno: 15:49, 17/01/2013
"Extremely interesting you know kind of reminds me of a computer game minecraft (tekkit) of wich I love being part of there are several servers were every one is free to do what Thayer like and the main goal is to better every one and the server throw building techknowlegy starting from a plank world with nothing but what simulated nature has provided,ie trees for wood,coal,ores,seeds,and animals. In the real world would be the best thing to happen to mand kind and the earth we must depend on. our Curiosety would stop things from not going further as far as techknolegy as it what drives as to invent new things .how ever inventing comes at cost here now there are meny Greate minds that just waiting to be found. It would many no only help to answer how we are but how we all can have a full-filling is very easy to get know then it ever was thanks to the internet probley the best technical invention heave ever made I do not think a moneyless world could not work with out it "

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