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Darren SharlandPodepsáno: 12:53, 13/08/2012
"I trust your vision and believe in your goal, however I believe that it can only be achieved with a bridging structure that would plant the seeds of this value system whilst migrating from the current one. I am eager to collaborate with a group of people to devise 'usage' currency that is an algorithm pegged directly to living area, population, resources, energy, time and more shared equally with it's participants at a minimum usage or 'free use' value. Additional contribution to the proliferation of the system and sustainability of the 'living area' would merit higher usage, but only to a maximum usage allowance deemed sustainable and only marginally higher than the minimum usage. It's a large idea that requires collaborative thinking and work to achieve, but is feasible as method of graduating from the free market system towards a sustainability currency until the need for a currency is obsolete altogether. I would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with skilled people to do this"

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