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Chernoa ChapplePodepsáno: 14:37, 08/04/2012
"~I have waited since the age of 4 for this. After wandering off up into the shopping centre age 4, 15mins walk from home i then returned home to find everyone in a panic of searching for me. My mother asked where on earth have you been stressing her concern for my where abouts? I replied with a golden story book in hand, i have been shopping! My mother asked ? With what money did you buy that golden book you are holding? I replied, NO money been shopping, why do you need money when we grow our own vegetables & your sister in the next street has chickens that lay eggs she gives to us then you give her some of our vegetables, & the lady next door makes our cloths for repairs to her house & mowing her lawns that my big brother does for her, & we get fresh milk from the farmer neighbour,then you make his butter for us & him, so why do you need money? My mother said when you grow up you will understand. I'm now 59 & still feel money is the wrong way in how to live."

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