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Michael SmallcombePodepsáno: 10:38, 30/03/2011
"1. Extinction is a natural process of evolution and we should not stop it if it does not involve us 2. Parasitism as mentioned in The Venus Project forum is a key problem with providing free goods to community. Maybe might be reduced in future culture of communities but remains a problem with current population as we aim to make life easier with various products and organisations. 3. With regards to The Venus Project, machines producing goods, organizing resources etc will need to be maintained and will not last forever. Therefore will there be certain areas of specialty like todays society for such tasks and will there be some sort of system for working? 4. Language? Will we retain our native languages or will they die out? 5. A major flaw in The Venus Project is the lack of creative freedom (i think this was mentioned). For example not everyone will like the 'self erecting' structures purely because they do not like the style of design. Good Work and Good Luck for the fu"

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