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Leelu TPotpisani: 20:15, 19/03/2020
Linda DohertyPotpisani: 14:55, 29/02/2020
Michael RusePotpisani: 10:41, 13/10/2019
Ryan GrayPotpisani: 18:22, 23/03/2019
John LawlorPotpisani: 15:03, 15/01/2019
Nóra Nic OireachtaighPotpisani: 16:36, 26/10/2018
"We have an opportunity for a bloodless revolution. All we have to do is stop consenting to the capitalist con. "
Donal DavidsonPotpisani: 13:37, 21/10/2018
"There is no limit to humanity in a world without currency."
Clare McLaughlinPotpisani: 11:29, 22/08/2018
Paddy PowerPotpisani: 15:34, 06/08/2018
Kilian GPotpisani: 14:42, 24/05/2018
Gerard O ReillyPotpisani: 22:23, 01/05/2018
Gavin KaarPotpisani: 14:45, 09/04/2018
G. RingPotpisani: 21:14, 15/12/2017
Matt BeesonPotpisani: 08:53, 29/10/2017
"Very interesting and hopeful document"
Cilian Mac LiamPotpisani: 02:12, 26/10/2017
"Wisdom for the prosperity of all "
Philip MortellPotpisani: 19:17, 09/10/2017
GLENNA CAWLEYPotpisani: 13:05, 27/08/2017
"The world I dream of is one where everyone can feel relaxed and give their gifts into the world with grace and ease. Received with respect and gratitude. Where people are conscious enough to see where their support can be of benefit and give it without expectation. To give is to receive."
Charley UttingPotpisani: 08:30, 01/08/2017
Donal FitzgeraldPotpisani: 23:00, 27/07/2017
Ellie EckersleyPotpisani: 09:09, 16/07/2017
Sharon MellonPotpisani: 01:21, 22/05/2017
"Everything happens for a reason"
Luke ByrnePotpisani: 00:29, 31/03/2017
Denis O' SullivanPotpisani: 21:45, 25/01/2017
Andrius MazeikaPotpisani: 19:01, 17/01/2017
"i bored, of wars, starvation, and illusion formed since our birth for someones interest. sad to see global worming of fossil fuels use... TheVenusProject is the thing with looks beter chose compare with this world we are now. government have no clue what they do. all is monay.... "
Claudia TomaPotpisani: 05:36, 09/01/2017
Donal CareyPotpisani: 01:07, 19/12/2016
Hugh RossPotpisani: 08:21, 15/12/2016
Matthew DohertyPotpisani: 21:09, 11/12/2016
Jack DavidPotpisani: 10:06, 07/12/2016
Beverley PeelPotpisani: 08:27, 10/11/2016
Gerard WilmotPotpisani: 10:35, 28/09/2016
Feidhlim O' FarrellPotpisani: 17:44, 22/09/2016
Seamus O'SheaPotpisani: 00:14, 14/09/2016
Boleslaw SzepielewiczPotpisani: 10:55, 03/09/2016
Olivia ByrnePotpisani: 11:29, 25/08/2016
Mary VERNONPotpisani: 12:45, 24/08/2016
karen collinsPotpisani: 23:22, 20/08/2016
John ShanahanPotpisani: 01:43, 24/07/2016
"Don't really know how you could go about this. I'm sure the transition itself even if it were ever to happen would become violent, a lot of people are greedy. It seems like an entirely new era of mankind, I'm not sure if the global population is capable of the conciousness shift required to embrace a world without money. "
Fabio LunardiPotpisani: 21:36, 15/06/2016
Thomas HardingPotpisani: 11:02, 15/06/2016
"Sadly, this Shangri La that we aspire to is but a mirage as long as that tiny minority in the evil Cabal that currently pull all strings are alive. When we cut off their heads their mindlees minions might then be forced to act more rationally and help instead of hinder our precious planetary jewel to prosper rather than suffocate in this current miasma of evil greed."
Ciarán NevillePotpisani: 14:47, 08/06/2016
"I personally feel trapped by today's society. It feels like there is a constant battle between people, fairness and greed and the self-justification of individuals greed. I think this is the fundamental flaw in current politics. I like to think of it from a management position, where the manager comes to his employees and says " sorry everyone I know you are struggling to feed your family but I had to get the new BMW” or the politician who says “I worked hard to get here I deserve the perks it’s your choice not to work as hard as me” even when he is supposed to be representing the people not himself. I believe in a future with 7 Billion politicians together making changes and doing what is best for everyone with no monetary system to enslave us."
Stephen MurphyPotpisani: 19:12, 06/06/2016
"It's only a matter of time. Viva le free world charter. "
peter peter mcconvillePotpisani: 14:56, 24/05/2016
"we need to unlearn"
Mark Fitzmaurice Potpisani: 13:20, 24/05/2016
Niall DonohoePotpisani: 11:18, 16/05/2016
Aleksandra MichalikPotpisani: 21:36, 13/05/2016
Marika O'ConnorPotpisani: 14:48, 28/04/2016
"It is hard to disagree with these principles BUT I would still need to understand how we uncouple ourselves from the capitalist system. This has clearly boxed itself into an unsustainable corner."
Regan HeaveyPotpisani: 15:36, 27/04/2016
Bernadette SmartPotpisani: 15:09, 25/04/2016
Daniel DonovanPotpisani: 13:59, 11/04/2016

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