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Jack KirkPotpisani: 07:40, 24/02/2014
Tess McgPotpisani: 18:17, 16/02/2014
laura purcellPotpisani: 23:16, 02/02/2014
kate parkPotpisani: 18:41, 31/01/2014
Oisin ObrienPotpisani: 13:43, 29/01/2014
Cormac Ó BriainPotpisani: 13:34, 29/01/2014
Philip KelleherPotpisani: 19:51, 28/01/2014
"I would love for the four principles of Transparency, Accountability, Integrity/Justice and Sustainability to be considered as fundamental pillars and be an integral part of any future system of Politics, Business, Banking or Social development ! ~ Philip"
Ali AliPotpisani: 07:01, 23/01/2014
Claudia BurcaPotpisani: 22:17, 18/01/2014
Liviu LunguPotpisani: 20:22, 16/01/2014
"Let's make this happen!"
Igor FabrisPotpisani: 08:49, 16/01/2014
Ferdia O'BrienPotpisani: 01:11, 30/12/2013
Felipe RoquiniPotpisani: 15:02, 07/12/2013
John LennonPotpisani: 14:27, 07/12/2013
Ciaran O'FloinnPotpisani: 09:40, 28/11/2013
"Hi Colin. I have just read your last post detailing your attempt to travel the world for free. Firstly can I congratulate you for even making the attempt. Succeed or fail, it is an admirable thing indeed to attempt and even if you only planted the seeds of curiosity I those with whom you interacted, it surely would have been worth it. I have become entirely convinced of both the necessity and wisdom in this idea (access economy, RBE, free-world charter etc). I think like-minded people need to get organised and spread the word as much as possible. You have already attempted to do so during your travels and with this website. But I'd like to see what more of us can do if we got together. I would love the chance to discuss this further with you. Please do contact me at and let's see if we can't change this world for the better - together! Le meas, Ciaran."
Jason AdamsPotpisani: 11:12, 09/11/2013
stefan raduPotpisani: 16:14, 26/10/2013
Eileen PowerPotpisani: 13:16, 23/10/2013
james allenPotpisani: 02:54, 13/10/2013
Donal FitzgeraldPotpisani: 22:19, 12/10/2013
"Well done , I am in."
David OmenPotpisani: 12:28, 10/10/2013
Brigid TeehanPotpisani: 08:00, 08/10/2013
Brigid TeehanPotpisani: 07:59, 08/10/2013
padraig breandan o raghallaighPotpisani: 22:15, 30/09/2013
miro ivanoPotpisani: 05:22, 27/09/2013
Liliane MorantinPotpisani: 11:51, 09/09/2013
Vivienne MeadePotpisani: 22:36, 08/09/2013
Sean GilliganPotpisani: 18:27, 06/09/2013
"Common sense at last. "
Louisa MossPotpisani: 21:49, 24/08/2013
marianne slevinPotpisani: 15:11, 24/08/2013
Johan SloosPotpisani: 11:25, 24/08/2013
kevin ByrnePotpisani: 10:43, 17/08/2013
"Love the idea. The internet will unite us in our commonality. Someday we will select our leaders and discuss and vote on ideals via a world linked web site for the betterment of all. Singularity."
Shane GuerinPotpisani: 07:49, 02/08/2013
Cathal JamesPotpisani: 01:42, 02/08/2013
Mark Mark HigginbothamPotpisani: 21:49, 01/08/2013
"It's only our current monetary system that's preventing us from flourishing and discovering why we are:)"
Chris CassidyPotpisani: 10:24, 30/07/2013
"I am writing an anticapitalist novel, can I use this charter in it"
Mary McGranaghanPotpisani: 22:09, 29/07/2013
Glenn MartinPotpisani: 22:08, 29/07/2013
Fergal HardimanPotpisani: 13:19, 25/07/2013
shane mcnevinPotpisani: 12:56, 22/07/2013
Joe HarneyPotpisani: 13:38, 14/07/2013
Katherine FlynnPotpisani: 15:04, 09/07/2013
"I am looking for purpose in my travels and before reading this I would have just said I am a traveler who likes spending time with locals rather than hotels. But reflecting on my life and philosophies, as well as looking at the charter I believe I am a free world apprentice and these are goals that can help me on my way and keep my purpose in check. Also, a note on man made borders and citizenship. I am Australian, but my father was born in Ireland and hasn't been back in 52 years. This is my first day in Ireland although I have technically been a citizen for over 3 years, through holding a passport. I believe I am in a lucky and privileged position and think that more of the world's people should be able to travel as freely to as many countries as I can. I have selected Ireland, as this is the country I will reside in for the next 16 days."
Claire ThompsonPotpisani: 13:18, 09/07/2013
catherine HackPotpisani: 12:54, 09/07/2013
Stephen LowePotpisani: 09:40, 07/07/2013
"It's not a Utopia ...... It's now become a necessity!"
Russell BarnettPotpisani: 21:50, 10/06/2013
Sara HoganPotpisani: 01:27, 10/06/2013
Michelle ScallanPotpisani: 06:15, 08/06/2013
derek crowleyPotpisani: 14:53, 27/05/2013
Stewart DolleryPotpisani: 19:35, 24/05/2013

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