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Susanne VenterPodpisano: 10:57, 27/02/2016
Nilon SimmonsPodpisano: 02:05, 07/12/2013
Eben SnymanPodpisano: 05:54, 07/12/2011
"The forces of the monetary system have gradually turned my beautiful home into a desperate slave of the western money markets.I am a citizen of Africa,proud to have been born so close to the cradle of mankind,being forced to watch as she is bled dry year after year.Western tourists are the first to comment on the fact that there is no sunrise like an African sunrise.Strange,considering we share the same sun.Not so strange,considering that Africa still maintains a natural environment.The West does not.It has been hollowed out to pay for the 1% to live in paradise while everyone else wallows in purgatory slowly turning into hell.The Church can not save us.More money will only drag us further toward disaster.We need change."
Ridwan SulemangiPodpisano: 12:49, 31/10/2011
"Join the zeitgeist movement"
paulo marquesPodpisano: 20:48, 10/07/2011

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