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Tomass K.Podpisano: 14:56, 04/03/2018
"Being a human has always been confusing to me. Mostly because of the way we function. Simply doesn’t seem reasonable or fair to me. Borders, reward systems and all the ideologies that we ‘wear’ to justify them has caused and continue to cause way too much suffering. I think that with this age of technological advancements we have had an opportunity to take a better look at ourselves as whole and that simply upgrading our old ways is not enough. When I considered human potential and possible alternatives I came to somewhat similar views but quickly became discouraged by my pessimism. I am very glad to see that some didn’t. I hope that someday humans will be proud to be humans without deluding themselves, that we learn to make wiser decisions and to share this planet equally. We are potentially an amazing creature. I’ve seen it in my dreams, as I am sure - many of You have. Best of luck wherever time may take You."
Georgijs KurisPodpisano: 18:26, 21/08/2017
Laura ZablockaPodpisano: 17:09, 12/08/2017
Viktors ŠteinsPodpisano: 15:07, 17/09/2016
"Go on , for success and better future !"
Lasma ArtmanePodpisano: 13:32, 15/07/2016
Ineta BaltaPodpisano: 22:21, 09/04/2016
Nils SelgaPodpisano: 09:25, 01/06/2015
Norberts JēgersPodpisano: 01:49, 31/05/2015
Guntis VeiskatsPodpisano: 17:02, 18/12/2014
"Let's make the world a better place! And I would add one more point: Living by the Heart. Which culminates in universal Love."
Aleksandra KabakovaPodpisano: 19:23, 21/06/2014
Dairis PutninsPodpisano: 02:52, 16/01/2014
liga klavinaPodpisano: 09:10, 10/01/2014
"GReat article!!!! I'm scared of futuristic world today, technology how it works today will kill human, i wish we were living by these rules. "
Jānis OtaņķisPodpisano: 15:51, 13/11/2013
"i really like your idea`s"
Varis SvikšaPodpisano: 17:35, 13/08/2013
Arseny SomrovPodpisano: 13:23, 06/06/2013
Anonymous AnonymousPodpisano: 13:32, 15/05/2013
"If you are going to do something really good, do it anonymously."
john saulstariPodpisano: 08:01, 15/05/2013
Rihards SpolePodpisano: 23:05, 14/05/2013
Kristaps ZelavsPodpisano: 18:45, 28/03/2013
Maris BecersPodpisano: 11:42, 27/03/2013
Artūrs VēverisPodpisano: 11:38, 27/03/2013
"FAQ under each section would be great, as there are many ideas to be discussed on how to achieve these goals."
Ģirts SpuraPodpisano: 11:19, 27/03/2013
ARTJOMS ORLINSKISPodpisano: 11:12, 27/03/2013
"I really hope we can make this happen "
Ilze RakverePodpisano: 22:59, 26/03/2013
"kruti, ka tik daudz piekriteeju man. nevaru nevienu taadu pashu lv atrast. zheel fuck the sistem. dont be a sheep/slave no more!! "
Marta KlintsPodpisano: 22:55, 26/03/2013
"just keep movin' also, we could just burn down the money"
Emīls HlevickisPodpisano: 16:54, 24/03/2013
"Thank you. I love you. "
Martins SabulisPodpisano: 16:17, 23/03/2013
Dan SnopPodpisano: 21:00, 21/02/2013
Vera. BahuraPodpisano: 08:50, 30/12/2012
Aivis ZiemanisPodpisano: 16:19, 23/12/2012
"No Money = No Problems"
Arnis BrunovsPodpisano: 16:01, 23/12/2012
"Everything is free!"
Yuris GraubergersPodpisano: 08:40, 19/12/2012
Dzintars RepinsPodpisano: 00:37, 16/12/2012
Janis AkermanisPodpisano: 21:02, 06/12/2012
Arnis BrunovsPodpisano: 16:58, 05/12/2012
"number 6...activate now!"
Rihards FeldmanisPodpisano: 11:47, 25/10/2012
Raivis UlmanisPodpisano: 11:57, 03/08/2012
RITA JUSE-CIRKSEPodpisano: 08:35, 26/07/2012
"I really hope, the number of people with this consciousness is high enough some day, so that this becomes real"
Ilja KaplansPodpisano: 21:21, 25/07/2012
"No turning back, this becoming reality is just a matter of time."
Peteris KalninsPodpisano: 11:18, 10/07/2012
"Idea is awesome, but I don't think that we ever will be able to put it in to the practice. People who have money likes it and they don't want to step down."
Roland Abou YounesPodpisano: 11:48, 28/05/2012
Emil Blums - BlumanisPodpisano: 14:30, 19/04/2012
"Good Luck, we need this."
Ģirts LepersPodpisano: 13:30, 19/04/2012
Iveta BlömerPodpisano: 16:51, 14/02/2012
"Biologisch gesehen ist der Mensch auch nur einer Art - Säugetier. Er unterscheidet sich von anderen Tieren nur durch das Bewusstsein. Mit einem Tierbewusstsein kommt man zur Welt ... ab Pubertät erwachen viele Gefühle und Emotionen, und bis zum ~32 - 33 Lebensjahr kann das Bewusstsein menschlich werden ... oder sogar göttlich ... schade, dass so viele Menschen beim räuberischen Tierbewusstsein stecken bleiben, oder nur das Affenbewusstsein erreichen. "Hohe Moralbegriffe sind Gewohnheitssache. Wir werden gerecht durch gerechtes Handeln, maßvoll durch maßvolles Tun, und tapfer durch tapferes Verhalten." "
Anta SparinskaPodpisano: 05:27, 02/02/2012
"It is not the easy target and there will be many problems to solve till best way for sustainable and happy survival will be find. The hardest point is change of thinking in all levels, nationalities and cultures. And new system which replace monetary one must be very clever and simple. Anyway, I would like participate in evolution of Society with these principles of Life. "
Laura UlanovaPodpisano: 13:52, 29/01/2012
Vilnis McnksPodpisano: 22:22, 16/01/2012
Inga kalacePodpisano: 17:34, 16/01/2012
" i hope that more and more people will woke up,and open their understood who are we and why we are here:) that any each off us is Special.there is no better or worse.we are all the same. Change the way you look at things, And the things you look,Will change Love,forgive,and be at Peace......:) "
Gints RudzitisPodpisano: 12:09, 10/11/2011
"keep on doing the good work, let's free our planet of the green eyed monster"
Laura ArelePodpisano: 11:29, 10/11/2011

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