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Gunther VoetPodpisano: 19:58, 27/05/2012
"Money seems to be dirtier than crude oil; available only truely to a small part of the population. The global industry is remodelling our life towards unification, while humans are always deemed to be versatile. I think; people aren't looked enough upon for their true qualities, while having a hold of a big pack money isn't a quality but rather an achievement. A world without money might be the next step in evolution, where wars won't fund the next century. Rather where emotions and feelings; but also creativity and professionality can help each one of us."
Yassin MoustahfidPodpisano: 17:31, 26/05/2012
"I'm very happy that there are people who still care, think and act for the sake of our future"
Gielen AnitaPodpisano: 17:32, 22/05/2012
julien valPodpisano: 08:41, 19/05/2012
"Thank you for trying to start a gift economy as it existed in Spain beginning of 20 th century in a large area."
David DellPodpisano: 00:18, 17/05/2012
"Sooner or later this will happen, rather sooner than later don't you think...?"
Isabelle Van AckenPodpisano: 23:38, 16/05/2012
seggio stephaniePodpisano: 20:00, 12/05/2012
danielle lekimePodpisano: 18:23, 12/05/2012
CARMEN GONZALEZPodpisano: 09:53, 12/05/2012
"Il est temps d'évoluer vers un monde meilleur pour tous. "
Angélique MartinPodpisano: 19:57, 11/05/2012
"Nous pouvons construire un monde meilleur."
André dos SantosPodpisano: 19:14, 11/05/2012
"I still find it fascinating how effortlessly and meticulously people tend to point out alleged shortcomings of a global Resource Based Economy and not realize how the current system's problems overshadow the latter by far but the same level of critical thinking is completely absent."
Olivier MoussaPodpisano: 12:13, 11/05/2012
Fanny MartinPodpisano: 08:57, 11/05/2012
Esther PierrePodpisano: 06:04, 11/05/2012
Poels GatienPodpisano: 22:32, 10/05/2012
folie laurentPodpisano: 10:50, 10/05/2012
Maik PierrePodpisano: 22:25, 09/05/2012
Andrée MATHESEPodpisano: 22:22, 09/05/2012
Marc SchattenPodpisano: 19:57, 09/05/2012
"Je dirais même plus : absolumently !!! Merci pour cette initiative qui rend mes apprentissages heureux et concrets. Merci à Roxanne Meadows, Jacque Fresco, Peter Joseph et à tous ceux qui oeuvrent avec compétence à ce projet commun. Merci à Henri Laborit aussi... NB : enseigner la biologie fondamentale dans les écoles, que les enfants comprennent objectivement ce qu'ils sont, avant de tomber dans le piège égotiste de l'extrême individualisme.. "comprendre c'est transformer ce qui est" , indeed !"
Christoph MarckxPodpisano: 16:50, 09/05/2012
Dirk VerreyckenPodpisano: 16:56, 06/05/2012
Gautier RavetPodpisano: 19:16, 05/05/2012
Thérèse DelhayePodpisano: 17:01, 05/05/2012
Guerin JeremiePodpisano: 20:13, 04/05/2012
Anneke DijkstraPodpisano: 00:00, 03/05/2012
Jozef De VoghtPodpisano: 20:04, 28/04/2012
"Eindelijk de wereld waarvan ik heb gedroomd!"
philippe bonnetPodpisano: 09:57, 28/04/2012
LUIGI LIGUOROPodpisano: 04:02, 25/04/2012
dirk mariënPodpisano: 21:12, 23/04/2012
jorre vandenbusschePodpisano: 18:45, 23/04/2012
Gwenaël Heks LouisPodpisano: 13:27, 20/04/2012
kristien janssoonePodpisano: 10:31, 19/04/2012
"prachtig vooruitzicht!"
Crista LinePodpisano: 09:36, 17/04/2012
Julien LahayePodpisano: 09:27, 17/04/2012
Martine HenkartPodpisano: 08:15, 16/04/2012
luk sipsPodpisano: 10:01, 14/04/2012
Els MartensPodpisano: 17:12, 09/04/2012
Nicole MallefaitPodpisano: 17:07, 09/04/2012
jona gauthierPodpisano: 11:52, 09/04/2012
"un autre monde est possible :)"
Leon AxelPodpisano: 08:39, 07/04/2012
Anne CanivetPodpisano: 08:08, 05/04/2012
Naima LalamiPodpisano: 12:14, 04/04/2012
Frédéric MarchalPodpisano: 11:21, 04/04/2012
Charline LancelPodpisano: 11:03, 04/04/2012
"Merci pour cette charte, je m'engage à la faire circuler."
Séverine EvelynePodpisano: 22:19, 02/04/2012
Juan Antonio MenendezPodpisano: 19:35, 02/04/2012
Anne HumbletPodpisano: 18:10, 02/04/2012
saskia schoetersPodpisano: 14:21, 02/04/2012
"great! I hope will will soon get into this kind of world!!! If there is already a community like this, I would be pleased to be a member of it (and also my dog will be) "
christina gensPodpisano: 10:05, 02/04/2012
Luc PintensPodpisano: 09:40, 02/04/2012
"Love Unity Consciousness"

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