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kiki loverixPodpisano: 23:14, 03/01/2012
pierre yves servatyPodpisano: 22:10, 03/01/2012
enid jansenPodpisano: 21:11, 03/01/2012
véronique docquierPodpisano: 21:00, 03/01/2012
Dagobert SondervanPodpisano: 20:59, 03/01/2012
Sandrine FievezPodpisano: 20:56, 03/01/2012
"peut être le nouvel ordre mondial, mais il faudra une vraie apocalypse pour que ces notions (censées être innées) s'intègrent dans l'esprit de tous"
Anton Van HaverPodpisano: 20:24, 03/01/2012
"Als dit Handvest ooit waarheid zal worden,dan kan het misschien nog goed aflopen,maar het moet wel snel gaan!! Stuur dit door en probeer zoveel mogelijk mensen te laten inzien dat zo een soort verandering nodig is om de switch naar een uitstootarme wereld echt maken."
Nick StrackxPodpisano: 20:01, 03/01/2012
Sophie MambourgPodpisano: 19:44, 03/01/2012
"The world did not need the money created by man so that we can live. The money is destroying us.We have to learn to live by respecting our environment as well as every human being on our planet. The money prevents us to it from it."
julien rambouxPodpisano: 17:17, 03/01/2012
"Un rêve que j'ai déjà fait :)"
Alexander BrouxPodpisano: 16:26, 03/01/2012
Wouter SchuttersPodpisano: 16:23, 03/01/2012
antoine hendrickPodpisano: 15:39, 03/01/2012
Pieter-Jan HollevoetPodpisano: 15:06, 03/01/2012
Jo LabensPodpisano: 14:34, 03/01/2012
bosselaers carolinePodpisano: 13:54, 03/01/2012
pascal henrionPodpisano: 13:45, 03/01/2012
"humain avant tout...le changement que nous attendons tous..."
Diana Van StrijdonckPodpisano: 23:37, 02/01/2012
Saskia DhoorePodpisano: 23:28, 02/01/2012
Narda BodemeijerPodpisano: 22:21, 02/01/2012
Jean DepiessePodpisano: 21:08, 02/01/2012
jacqueline baijensPodpisano: 19:16, 02/01/2012
Grimm Van GestelPodpisano: 19:15, 02/01/2012
Carla willemaersPodpisano: 17:25, 02/01/2012
Frédéric TolmatcheffPodpisano: 20:08, 01/01/2012
"Let's try humanity!"
Lennert Van HoofPodpisano: 11:54, 01/01/2012
Jeroen BernaersPodpisano: 14:16, 31/12/2011
Lorenzo AugustiPodpisano: 14:13, 31/12/2011
Thorr StevensPodpisano: 13:06, 31/12/2011
"This is the probably the ONLY solution to ending human problems such as war, pollution, murder, crime, and overpopulation. Because of one simple reason: When we, as a community, work towards removing the reasons why people do crime, pollute, etc... then the problems that came with them will also dissappear. This idea or concept is basically called a "Resource Based Economy" and has been greatly researched and documented by Jacque Fresco, who is founder of "The Venus Project". For those who wan't more info about this, please visit their website"
occupy brusselsPodpisano: 12:38, 31/12/2011
Jimmy SchepersPodpisano: 11:46, 31/12/2011
Sabrina demeyerPodpisano: 10:44, 31/12/2011
Julie CornettePodpisano: 10:36, 31/12/2011
hilde cuyversPodpisano: 08:39, 31/12/2011
"I am a citizen of the world. All of the people are my family and the earth ,with all that lives, is our home. I want my family to be happy and my home to be warm and confortable. I have no need for money or borders. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to suscribe."
Robbert SegersPodpisano: 11:39, 30/12/2011
wendy smoldersPodpisano: 11:26, 30/12/2011
frank aertsPodpisano: 23:59, 29/12/2011
Kathleen SwertsPodpisano: 21:03, 29/12/2011
Sofie WillemsPodpisano: 18:59, 29/12/2011
magda raemaekersPodpisano: 18:58, 29/12/2011
"De wereld is van en voor iedereen!"
Michael VPodpisano: 17:59, 29/12/2011
"The world can be free, we only have to make the choice together."
Kuniko OyakawaPodpisano: 17:57, 29/12/2011
"This is something I always wish to be realized. "
Katleen ForierPodpisano: 15:33, 29/12/2011
Marie-Jeanne PeetersPodpisano: 15:27, 29/12/2011
John ThijsPodpisano: 15:10, 29/12/2011
"I am more than willing to help tvp ! contact me please grtzz from belgium"
Fabian MossemenearPodpisano: 17:38, 25/12/2011
nady soetaertsPodpisano: 14:15, 24/12/2011
Nikkie van LieropPodpisano: 23:16, 23/12/2011
"I have had these exact thoughts for a long time and sincerely hope that one day we will live in that free world where people actually do things for each other, just because they feel connected. Money creates fear, greed and crime. What a waste... I believe we can do this. We simply have to, or there will be no future for our children and all generations yet to come. Thank you for this very important message."
roxane deschampsPodpisano: 16:30, 19/12/2011
Jean GrietenPodpisano: 19:28, 17/12/2011

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