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Adela NistoraFirmato: 16:31, 26/07/2012
Cristian AndreiFirmato: 08:30, 18/07/2012
Ionescu Dan RobertFirmato: 05:22, 16/07/2012
"Its a nice idea but i dont think it will happend verry soon , and if this happens can it bring chaos? disorder?"
Derzsi Janos AttilaFirmato: 20:49, 15/07/2012
"Don't really see how this will make a big difference, but i hope small waves can make big storms in the long run. Good luck to us all :) "
Alexandrian NegrilaFirmato: 13:00, 12/07/2012
"In the mean time let's make the world better"
Birzu AlinFirmato: 15:17, 11/07/2012
Anamaria AgostonFirmato: 07:26, 11/07/2012
Nelu ParleaFirmato: 14:58, 10/07/2012
Ivan Petras DanielFirmato: 12:25, 09/07/2012
Flavia CapraruFirmato: 07:23, 09/07/2012
ANAMARIA CARAMANGIUFirmato: 13:13, 08/07/2012
"As I child and later as an adult I have often looked around me and saw unnecessary, illogical inequities and mistakes in the way we govern ourselves. The fact that our world relies on money, individual interests and obsessions rather than the desire to become better human beings, wars and mass manipulation, is something that does not help us evolve and is a disgrace for our species. We should use our intelligence and other skills we are endowed with to help ourselves and those around us. There are many problems in our world and for some the solutions are visible, but somehow because of money or politics. It's time to make changes, even small ones, rather than be silent and powerless accomplices of a sick system. Doing good, solving problems and learning in order to become superior beings should be our objectives, not getting money and social influence. "
razvan dinuFirmato: 20:36, 29/06/2012
"I want to do my part. We change or die!"
vlad capraruFirmato: 18:54, 26/06/2012
Ana-Maria PetcuFirmato: 14:08, 25/06/2012
Anita CosmaFirmato: 14:32, 08/06/2012
florin cherechesFirmato: 18:33, 05/06/2012
FLORENTIN ISPASOIUFirmato: 14:28, 28/05/2012
VICTOR DUICAFirmato: 09:44, 28/05/2012
IULUIAN tomaFirmato: 11:58, 21/05/2012
"why does it sound like we would all (have to) be vegetarians in a free world? more technical details will be needed"
Diana LazeaFirmato: 15:40, 14/05/2012
sandu ripanFirmato: 19:17, 13/05/2012
Nourescu ManuelaFirmato: 10:59, 08/05/2012
sorin barboiFirmato: 22:36, 06/05/2012
falcescu marianFirmato: 21:32, 01/05/2012
DRAGOS COSTEAFirmato: 12:19, 27/04/2012
Boros NoemiFirmato: 16:04, 22/04/2012
Horia VacarescuFirmato: 18:55, 18/04/2012
Bogdan PaicuFirmato: 22:15, 10/04/2012
Butnaru Eduard LouisFirmato: 03:03, 08/04/2012
Nedelcu DominicFirmato: 12:07, 01/04/2012
Claudia IuscoFirmato: 03:54, 01/04/2012
"habría que ver cómo sería la educación. es decir, cómo se convertiría uno en medico, por ejemplo... ¿cuál sería el criterio? estoy intentando de entender el proyecto, pero he nacido con este sistema, y a veces cuesta. pero pienso que a alguna persona le gustará ser medico, solo por el hecho de serlo. pero ... como sería su preparación? lo que entendí del punto 5 "
Cosmin GeluFirmato: 14:38, 26/03/2012
Vlad ArsinteFirmato: 22:04, 25/03/2012
Piatra BolovanFirmato: 15:31, 19/03/2012
Gabriel FavianFirmato: 18:13, 09/03/2012
Andra MincaFirmato: 12:50, 08/03/2012
Daniel LascuFirmato: 14:21, 07/03/2012
Dorinel DumaFirmato: 11:16, 28/02/2012
Ariel rFirmato: 19:36, 26/02/2012
Neculai George-AlexandruFirmato: 15:56, 26/02/2012
"I wish a free world,with people to understand and peacefull all,indierent to sex,religion,nation,colour of skin."
Ghergic Raul DorianFirmato: 15:45, 24/02/2012
Piratul NeinfricatFirmato: 15:52, 23/02/2012
marian popescuFirmato: 14:55, 23/02/2012
Brunner AndreasFirmato: 13:49, 23/02/2012
Luca Ionut RazvanFirmato: 11:44, 23/02/2012
Ovidiu ValentinFirmato: 08:36, 23/02/2012
Mihaiu FlorinFirmato: 14:30, 22/02/2012
Iosif FettichFirmato: 08:45, 22/02/2012
"Schön... Ob wir das auch verinnerlichen und dann danach handeln können ...?"
Catalin PatrichiFirmato: 19:41, 21/02/2012
liviu razvan grosuFirmato: 13:00, 21/02/2012

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