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Karianne MadsenFirmato: 10:55, 06/06/2013
Hilde FlobergseterFirmato: 11:14, 19/05/2013
borje sundbakkenFirmato: 11:29, 18/05/2013
Rigmor Synnøve SølbergFirmato: 09:26, 18/05/2013
"Let us make a better world! It`s just in time!"
Thomas Alexander SkogFirmato: 13:24, 17/05/2013
Christoffer BorsheimFirmato: 17:01, 16/05/2013
"These should be brought to light in the media, and in the higher ranking people within the hierarchy of political power!"
Tara Karlsen HauglandFirmato: 16:00, 16/05/2013
"I've longed for this. Just wish it would happen faster. I hope my vote/voice will mean something. :)"
Martin AastrupFirmato: 23:22, 02/05/2013
Joakim EllingsenFirmato: 17:34, 03/04/2013
"Money should be abolished!"
Amir Farid MirfarsiFirmato: 16:47, 27/03/2013
"New ages ten commandments!!!"
Christian EideFirmato: 12:20, 27/03/2013
John CrockerFirmato: 11:51, 27/03/2013
Theodor TzvetkovFirmato: 11:44, 27/03/2013
"These are the mere beginnings of this movement, but keep up the good work. A new level of consciousness, wasn't-built-in-a-day!;)"
mohammed sghirFirmato: 10:36, 27/03/2013
Joachim VabøFirmato: 10:28, 27/03/2013
Sonja Helene KnutsenFirmato: 09:45, 27/03/2013
Hans HeumFirmato: 12:17, 25/03/2013
Laure DelmasFirmato: 10:57, 25/03/2013
Marcus PieterseFirmato: 11:22, 24/03/2013
"This is indeed a far better way of life. I really don't know what's keeping us back. Its benefits are for the many and its cutbacks are for the few. It must be old ways of thinking that's slowing progress. That being said there are still some unsettled issues with this approach. How will the new legal and political systems be like? How do we prevent overpopulation? How will transportation go about until there's an environmentally friendly option available? What will happen to extremism, fundamentalism and religion? The careerdriven education certaintly didn't manage to chop of those ugly heads."
Unni AlsvikFirmato: 17:24, 23/03/2013
Raphael VaxelaireFirmato: 12:29, 07/03/2013
marie hFirmato: 22:00, 05/03/2013
Trond R. TunheimFirmato: 11:28, 02/03/2013
Karina Rydland NorumFirmato: 20:08, 24/02/2013
"Together we stand, divided we fall. Heal the world <3"
Roger FossheimFirmato: 10:17, 24/02/2013
Margareth Lundhaug MakrisFirmato: 15:04, 15/02/2013
"For The Best for all living creature"
SPIROS JARENFirmato: 15:01, 15/02/2013
Edvin HofstadFirmato: 18:49, 28/01/2013
Anna-Marija StreckerFirmato: 18:28, 24/01/2013
sturle holstadFirmato: 16:34, 24/01/2013
Kay Asle Grimelid BirkelandFirmato: 13:49, 24/01/2013
Tuva JohannaFirmato: 14:01, 23/01/2013
"May we be free from delusion and may we see clearly who we are. "
Charlotte HagenFirmato: 22:28, 22/01/2013
Chanett JensenFirmato: 14:09, 20/01/2013
"Lets make a change."
Markus JohnsenFirmato: 18:41, 14/01/2013
"This is what humanity need! Living peacefully together, sharing resources evenly between the people. Money doesn't make people happy, I think seeing no people struggling to survive, and no war will make us a happier species! The only thing standing between us and freedom is greed. We are destroying or planet for paper with no real value, we need to start working for a better world, where we do not exploit nature, but live side by side with it."
Christian SørensenFirmato: 17:09, 02/01/2013
Øyvind GrimstadFirmato: 08:58, 19/12/2012
Eli DynnaFirmato: 10:57, 05/12/2012
Åse Granaas HansenFirmato: 10:39, 05/12/2012
malen lonnFirmato: 09:39, 04/12/2012
Martin StangnesFirmato: 23:52, 27/11/2012
Tom ThorstensenFirmato: 14:27, 23/11/2012
Askjell SolstrandFirmato: 22:30, 22/11/2012
Asbjørn ForsøgetFirmato: 11:13, 18/11/2012
Eric ZagonFirmato: 15:04, 27/10/2012
stig ormøyFirmato: 20:31, 25/10/2012
Simen EkebergFirmato: 10:56, 25/10/2012
Monica Lise BoeresenFirmato: 12:00, 05/10/2012
Viktor LavikFirmato: 14:16, 15/09/2012
"We have to change our attitude or face extinction"
Kristin SkjervoldFirmato: 11:23, 11/09/2012

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